Looking for a new build, great location, and a gated community?  Check out The Reserve At Asheton Lakes first.

The Reserve At Asheton Lakes in Simpsonville

The Reserve At Asheton Lakes Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
804 Asheton Commons Lane$370,00012333333.33%3 days
15 Sweetspire Lane$310,00010333333.33%4 days
812 Asheton Commons Lane$309,90010330000.00%3 days
11 Sweetspire Lane$305,00010166666.67%25 days
804 Asheton Commons Lane$319,50010650000.00%3 days
824 Asheton Commons Lane$305,00010166666.67%16 days
3 Sweetspire Lane$300,00010000000.00%30 days
207 Bay Laurel Way$301,40010046666.67%12 days
812 Asheton Commons Lane$269,00013450000.00%undefined days
11 Sweetspire Lane 13a$274,70013735000.00%1 days
15 Sweetspire Lane 13b$265,90013295000.00%10 days
817 Asheton Commons Lane$277,50013875000.00%17 days
5 Sweetspire Lane$278,70013935000.00%21 days
804 Asheton Commons Lane$288,70014435000.00%23 days
816 Asheton Commons Lane$300,00010000000.00%8 days
3 Sweetspire Lane$284,00014200000.00%23 days
828 Asheton Commons Lane Unit 3a$298,0009933333.33%10 days
7 Sweetspire Lane$287,46514373250.00%2 days
9 Sweetspire Lane$301,25510041833.33%23 days
213 Bay Laurel Way$290,96514548250.00%17 days
212 Bay Laurel Way$274,67013733500.00%21 days
814 Asheton Commons Lane$315,00010500000.00%8 days
815 Asheton Commons Lane$312,00010400000.00%11 days
206 Bay Laurel Way$300,00010000000.00%12 days
200 Bay Laurel Way$312,48010416000.00%20 days
818 Asheton Commons Lane$301,00010033333.33%3 days
823 Asheton Commons Lane$307,00510233500.00%17 days
802 Asheton Commons Lane$282,00014100000.00%21 days
210 Bay Laurel Way$283,37014168500.00%23 days
211 Bay Laurel Way$278,75513937750.00%2 days
205 Bay Laurel Way$301,10015055000.00%14 days
208 Bay Laurel Way$287,53014376500.00%8 days
207 Bay Laurel Way$284,95514247750.00%13 days
209 Bay Laurel Way$285,28514264250.00%11 days
828 Asheton Commons Lane$299,50014975000.00%3 days
820 Asheton Commons Lane$299,25514962750.00%16 days
204 Bay Laurel Way$288,77514438750.00%4 days
202 Bay Laurel Way$266,83513341750.00%12 days
821 Asheton Commons Lane$276,20513810250.00%23 days
817 Asheton Commons Lane$266,45513322750.00%25 days
819 Asheton Commons Lane$267,09513354750.00%27 days
808 Asheton Commons Lane$297,89514894750.00%28 days
824 Asheton Commons Lane$273,52113676050.00%29 days
826 Asheton Commons Lane$276,00613800300.00%18 days
822 Asheton Commons Lane$298,78014939000.00%1 days
800 Asheton Commons Lane$288,85014442500.00%29 days
818 Asheton Commons Lane$314,19515709750.00%11 days
816 Asheton Commons Lane$277,13613856800.00%26 days
812 Asheton Commons Lane$258,80512940250.00%24 days
814 Asheton Commons Lane$285,25714262850.00%16 days
810 Asheton Commons Lane$301,51510050500.00%16 days
806 Asheton Commons Lane$257,46512873250.00%26 days
802 Asheton Commons Lane$259,00012950000.00%5 days