The Preserve At Trollingwood in Pelzer

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PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
5 Pine Knot Drive$65,000100.00%27 days
6 Pine Knot Drive$65,000100.00%2 days
112 Cherry Plum Way$90,000100.00%27 days
224 Granite Hill Trail Way$65,000100.00%29 days
105 Cherry Plum Way$75,000115.38%7 days
208 Granite Hill Trail$65,000100.00%18 days
101 Cherry Plum Way$407,900100.00%6 days
9 Pine Knot Drive$65,000100.00%28 days
109 Cherry Plum Way$65,000100.00%24 days
113 Cherry Plum Way$65,000100.00%8 days
14 Pine Knot Drive$344,61999.92%12 days
101 Cherry Plum Way$55,000100.00%6 days
220 Granite Hill Trail$65,000100.00%1 days
10 Pine Knot Drive$324,900101.56%14 days
205 Granite Hill Trail$55,000100.00%19 days
100 Cherry Plum Way$55,000100.00%30 days
104 Cherry Plum Way$55,000100.00%4 days
201 Granite Hill Trail$374,075102.49%5 days
201 Granite Hill Trail$55,000100.00%27 days
14 Pine Knot Drive$55,000100.00%28 days
10 Pine Knot Drive$55,000100.00%27 days