The Retreat in Simpsonville

The Retreat Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
Private Address$377,975100.00%1 days
200 Holly Branch Place$377,395100.00%7 days
14 Cromarty Lane$367,790100.00%4 days
9 Cromarty Lane$369,950100.00%22 days
11 Cromarty Lane$335,00098.57%26 days
103 Ingrid Place$367,170100.00%28 days
20 Cromarty Lane$363,395100.00%21 days
215 Holly Branch Place$350,00096.37%2 days
202 Holly Branch Place$337,000100.69%9 days
15 Cromarty Lane$321,400100.85%25 days
18 Cromarty Lane$329,700100.00%undefined days
12 Cromarty Lane$349,90095.92%23 days
213 Holly Branch Place$352,50098.62%17 days
101 Ingrid Place$368,70098.31%7 days
204 Holly Branch Place$337,075100.00%11 days
3 Cromarty Lane$363,000100.00%20 days
5 Cromarty Lane$317,52098.37%7 days
10 Cromarty Lane$379,300100.61%17 days
8 Cromarty Lane$323,70091.86%1 days
6 Cromarty Lane$319,90089.94%5 days
17 Cromarty Lane$318,00091.14%3 days