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4 BR, 2.5 BA. 2 STORY PARTIAL BRICK HOME. ~2,000 SQFT. OUTBUILDING IN BACKYARD. HARDWOOD FLOORING. GAS LOG FIREPLACE. NEIGHBORHOOD AMENITIES INCLUDE SWIMMING POOL, TENNIS COURTS, PLAYGROUND. MINUTES FROM I-385. Imagine yourself in this 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home today! This 2 story home is found in the Saddlers Ridge subdivision of Simpsonville and boasts ~2,000 sqft of comfortable living space for you to enjoy for years to come. This corner lot home’s curb appeal is enhanced by a sturdy, partial-brick exterior and spruce landscaping. Providing additional storage options is a handy outbuilding, found in the backyard. Its interior features great elements like hardwood flooring, generously sized bedrooms, and a cozy gas log fireplace to curl up next to on cold Winter nights in the Upstate. And the amenities don’t end at your front door. In this neighborhood, you’ll love the swimming pool in the Summer, the sounds of fun and games on the playground, and, of course, the tennis courts. This highly desirable location is only minutes from I-385, providing easy access to travel throughout the Upstate. From here, you’re also only a short trip from popular shopping and dining destinations on Woodruff Road. Cabela’s, REI, Bad Daddy Burger Bar, Eastside Guitar and Drums, Walmart, Home Depot, Kohl’s; whatever your need is, Woodruff Road will likely be able to meet it. It can all be yours here! Call to schedule your showing today!
100 Windy Meadow Way
Hardwood Floors, Natural Gas, Brick

Saddlers Ridge Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
17 Leighton Court$255,00012750000.00%12 days
103 Windy Meadow Way$260,00013000000.00%4 days
114 Saddlemount Lane$248,00012400000.00%14 days
5 Middlefield Court$282,00014100000.00%8 days
408 Windy Meadow Way$225,00011250000.00%4 days
118 Saddlemount Lane$228,50011425000.00%1 days
404 Windy Meadow Way$213,00010650000.00%10 days
108 Saddlemount Lane$239,90011995000.00%15 days
200 Windy Meadow Way Drive$245,00012250000.00%15 days
108 Windy Meadow Way$260,00013000000.00%8 days
8 Equestrian Court$211,73810586900.00%15 days
5 Leighton Court$225,00011250000.00%14 days
514 Windy Meadow Way$253,50012675000.00%13 days
300 Windy Meadow Way$189,50018950000.00%26 days
116 Saddlemount Lane$205,00010250000.00%20 days
11 Leighton Court$168,00016800000.00%4 days
21 Middlefield Court$230,00011500000.00%7 days
14 Equestrian Court$230,00011500000.00%19 days
3 Middlefield Court$203,50010175000.00%9 days
5 Wild Oat Way$185,00018500000.00%15 days
7 Leighton Court$175,00017500000.00%7 days
509 Windy Meadow Way$189,00018900000.00%24 days
100 Saddlemount Lane$155,00015500000.00%2 days
9 Equestrian Court$174,00017400000.00%14 days
7 Wild Oat Way$185,40018540000.00%23 days
21 Leighton Court$190,02119002100.00%13 days
3 Equestrian Court$180,00018000000.00%12 days
306 Windy Meadow Way$181,00018100000.00%29 days
120 Saddlemount Lane$190,00019000000.00%9 days
416 Windy Meadow Way$188,00018800000.00%4 days
2 Wild Oat Way$180,00018000000.00%21 days
410 Windy Meadow Way$192,00019200000.00%26 days
414 Windy Meadow Way$176,90017690000.00%6 days
120 Windy Meadow Way$169,50016950000.00%4 days
108 Windy Meadow Way$197,00019700000.00%9 days
307 Windy Meadow Way$168,00016800000.00%5 days
402 Windy Meadow Way$170,50017050000.00%1 days
502 Windy Meadow Way$204,25010212500.00%undefined days
400 Windy Meadow Way$166,00016600000.00%12 days
8 Leighton Court$162,40016240000.00%21 days
111 Saddlemont Lane$177,90017790000.00%8 days
3 Equestrian Court$172,00017200000.00%28 days
311 Windy Meadow Way$158,00015800000.00%27 days
408 Windy Meadow Way$155,00015500000.00%8 days
316 Windy Meadow Way$148,50014850000.00%18 days
100 Saddlemount Lane$144,00014400000.00%22 days
309 Windy Meadow Way$155,50015550000.00%10 days
108 Saddlemount Lane$166,00016600000.00%15 days
311 Windy Meadow Way$142,00014200000.00%2 days
7 Wild Oat Way$147,00014700000.00%24 days
415 Windy Meadow Way$155,00015500000.00%29 days
6 Wild Oat Way$144,00014400000.00%18 days
8 Middlefield Court$155,00015500000.00%9 days
407 Windy Meadow Way$137,50013750000.00%27 days
8 Saddlemount Lane$154,70015470000.00%11 days
10 Equestrian Court$160,50016050000.00%24 days
119 Saddlemount Lane$150,50015050000.00%18 days
11 Leighton Court$136,00013600000.00%0 days
104 Saddlemount Lane$157,82515782500.00%24 days
114 Saddlemount$137,50013750000.00%6 days
514 Windy Meadow$173,00017300000.00%21 days
112 Windy Meadow Way$165,00016500000.00%4 days
301 Windy Meadow Way$144,90014490000.00%5 days
202 Windy Meadow Way$124,40012440000.00%22 days
100 Saddlemount Lane$102,5001138888.89%6 days
6 Saddlemount Lane$127,20012720000.00%15 days
7 Saddlemount Lane$163,00016300000.00%27 days
401 Windy Meadow Way$126,00012600000.00%14 days
307 Windy Meadow Way$145,00014500000.00%25 days
21 Leighton Court$152,00015200000.00%23 days
413 Windy Meadow Way$115,00011500000.00%28 days
7 Leighton Court$135,50013550000.00%22 days
17 Leighton Court$132,50013250000.00%5 days
4 Equestrian Court$139,90013990000.00%17 days
3 Leighton Court$130,00013000000.00%13 days
21 Middlefield Court$158,50015850000.00%22 days
311 Windy Meadow Way$120,00012000000.00%20 days
120 Windy Meadow Way$132,50013250000.00%0 days
120 Saddlemount Lane$145,00014500000.00%14 days
4 Middlefield Court$145,00014500000.00%26 days
19 Equestrian Court$141,90014190000.00%14 days
19 Leighton Court$146,00014600000.00%11 days
504 Windy Meadow Way$135,00013500000.00%18 days
8 Wild Oat Way$131,00013100000.00%10 days
2 Wild Oat Way$136,00013600000.00%10 days
403 Windy Meadow Way$134,90013490000.00%14 days
406 Windy Meadow Way$125,00012500000.00%22 days
108 Windy Meadow Way$137,00013700000.00%25 days
309 Windy Meadow Way$105,00010500000.00%30 days
513 Windy Meadow Way$140,00014000000.00%1 days
5 Wild Oat Way$113,85011385000.00%28 days