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Sought after neighborhood of River Walk, this charming 4 BR-3 1/2 BA brick home is located in the desirable Five Forks area. The open floor plan provides for a spacious living area that includes two master suites and two additional bedrooms on the second level. Rarely do you find double Master bedroom suites and especially in this highly rated community. Enjoy cooking in the recently updated kitchen with all new top of the line stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops and the most modern fixtures. Step down to the great room that has a fireplace complete with gas logs that overlooks the backyard, patio with grilling area and firepit with seating area nestled under mature trees. New carpet throughout the house. The neighborhood includes 3 plus miles of trails that route around the river and are great for jogging, biking, or dog walking. It’s close to award winning public, charter, and private schools, as well as dining, medical offices, and shopping. This will not last long. Schedule your showing today.
6 Hidden Oak Terrace
Hardwood Floors, Natural Gas, Brick
Under Contract
This inviting 4 BR/3 BA brick home is located in the desirable community of River Walk in the Five Forks area. The floor plan provides for a spacious living area with a master suite and guest bedroom on opposite sides of the main level for privacy. Enjoy cooking on the recently updated kitchen appliances. The family room includes a gas fireplace and 17” ceilings. The second level has two additional bedrooms plus a spacious bonus room. Take breakfast or dinner outside to the deck under the canopy of a beautiful large oak. This home showcases beautiful trim/moldings, custom designed cabinetry, custom closet systems, hardwood floors, granite countertops, pre-wired for speakers in certain areas, and full irrigation. The neighborhood includes 3 plus miles of trails that route around the river and are great for jogging, biking, or dog walking. It’s close to award winning public, charter, and private schools, as well as close to dining, medical offices, and shopping.
315 Parkside Drive
Master on Main, Bonus Room, Fireplace, Hardwood Floors, Natural Gas, Natural Gas, Brick
Under Contract
Northwest architecture home located in River Walk community across from Gilder Creek. Exterior landscaping is designed as private park with large boulders, garden spaces, Japanese Maples and Chinese Elm Trees. Interior spaces are framed by architectural straight lines and right angles. Large rooms with 2800sf maple hardwood flooring and trim, spread over 3 floors with large windows to provide year-round natural light. Home includes a finished basement with rec room, full bath and office. Outdoor living spaces are screened patio and deck in backyard, and two large decks at front of home overlooking park area. Master bedroom and bath have vaulted ceilings and dual fireplace between rooms. The home adjoins the River Walk trail (3+ miles) for walking dogs and talking with neighbors. Community has large pool with a swim team, tennis courts, weight room, event room and park areas. Live by a park, and in a park.
103 Parkside Drive
Bonus Room, Screened Porch, Hardwood Floors, Full Finished Basement, Natural Gas

River Walk Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
13 Wolf Run Drive$528,00096.17%6 days
103 Gilderview Drive$458,600101.91%14 days
1012 River Walk Drive$421,50088.74%8 days
343 Parkside Drive$465,000100.00%18 days
103 River Point Court$427,50090.00%25 days
116 Gilderview Drive$469,900100.00%22 days
341 Parkside Drive$451,000101.35%17 days
11 Gilderview Drive$440,00097.80%8 days
105 Maple Brook Court$549,900100.00%7 days
209 River Walk Drive$447,00099.55%29 days
4 Gilder Point Court$439,900100.00%13 days
99 Parkside Drive$397,00099.25%9 days
17 Gilder Point Court$432,00096.00%7 days
5 Broken Pine Court$500,00095.24%20 days
12 Bramblewood Terrace$375,00098.94%18 days
319 Parkside Drive$445,100103.54%26 days
208 River Walk Boulevard$509,000100.00%24 days
303 River Walk Drive$416,00099.07%22 days
1003 River Walk Drive$435,000100.00%20 days
200 Greenside Court$509,900100.00%5 days
105 Silver Fox Trail$455,00094.20%6 days
108 Maple Brook Court$514,00098.85%12 days
333 Parkside Drive$410,000100.00%7 days
17 Wolf Run Drive$475,000100.00%5 days
221 River Walk Drive$365,000101.39%19 days
323 Parkside Drive$462,00098.51%3 days
Private Address$525,000100.00%10 days
311 Parkside Drive$370,00098.69%21 days
209 Walnut Trace Court$504,00099.21%2 days
912 River Walk Drive$398,50099.63%13 days
22 Deer Track Road$492,00098.60%7 days
105 Hidden Oak Terrace$469,00095.91%11 days
212 River Walk Boulevard$465,00095.09%15 days
106 Hidden Oak Terrace$428,00097.29%23 days
14 Gilderview Drive$374,00093.50%undefined days
39 Deer Track Road$470,00098.95%6 days
111 Hidden Oak Terrace$520,00095.41%23 days
215 River Walk Drive$429,00098.62%26 days
3 Laurel Oak Trail$473,50099.16%23 days
504 River Walk Drive$475,000100.00%15 days
301 River Walk Drive$361,00096.27%10 days
9 Walnut Trace Court$465,000100.00%22 days
203 River Walk Boulevard$425,00096.61%26 days
230 River Walk Drive$390,000100.03%8 days
2 Laurel Oak Trail$392,90098.25%undefined days
7 Hidden Oak Terrace$460,00098.92%8 days
311 River Walk Drive$355,00093.67%2 days
104 Hidden Oak Terrace$440,00093.09%7 days
316 Parkside Drive$540,00098.36%28 days
235 River Walk Drive$423,00096.16%8 days
219 Walnut Trace Court$517,00097.73%1 days
5 Deer Track Road$400,00097.56%6 days
10 Deer Track Road$470,00098.95%15 days
103 Maple Brook Court$434,90098.86%9 days
3 Walnut Trace Court$435,00096.69%10 days
4 Maple Brook Court$338,000100.00%27 days
4 Broken Pine Court$465,00097.89%13 days
321 Parkside Drive$420,00098.38%1 days
14 Gilder Point Court$449,900100.00%24 days
1011 River Walk Drive$532,00098.54%2 days
11 Bramblewood Terrace$354,90098.61%12 days
207 River Walk Court$475,900100.21%29 days
8 Bramblewood Terrace$420,00098.82%3 days
105 River Walk Drive$470,00098.95%9 days
231 River Walk Drive$387,00096.77%13 days
108 River Point Court$414,00097.43%27 days
232 River Walk Drive$325,00093.39%30 days
221 River Walk Boulevard$470,20098.99%16 days
108 Maple Brook Court$480,00096.29%3 days
104 River Walk Drive$412,00099.52%2 days
341 Parkside Drive$380,00096.20%13 days
105 Maple Brook Court$429,90091.27%11 days
115 Laurel Oak Trail$359,00093.86%15 days
50 Deer Track Road$397,00099.27%9 days
105 Parkside Drive$393,00098.27%1 days
Private Address$457,00094.25%28 days
109 Hidden Oak Terrace$450,00094.74%21 days
112 River Point Court$397,50093.53%1 days
18 Gilderview Drive$385,00096.49%11 days
4 Bramblewood Terrace$372,50096.78%25 days
11 Hidden Oak Terrace$375,00092.59%23 days
106 Rockberry Terrace$435,00097.10%8 days
209 Walnut Trace Court$468,00090.02%24 days
208 River Walk Drive$450,00095.77%5 days
106 Hidden Oak Terrace$387,50096.90%10 days
15 Gilderview Drive$395,00096.36%26 days
4 Black Pine Court$365,50096.44%10 days
103 Rockberry Terrace$466,50096.19%17 days
106 Laurel Oak Trail$449,50098.42%27 days
Private Address$25,90051.80%5 days
216 River Walk Drive$380,00097.44%30 days
212 River Walk Drive$415,00096.51%30 days
4 River Walk Drive$400,000100.00%14 days
205 River Walk Boulevard$300,00077.94%0 days
326 Parkside Drive$474,00097.33%16 days
1114 River Walk Drive$405,00092.26%25 days
300 Parkside Drive$467,50096.39%1 days
1009 River Walk Drive$475,00087.96%24 days
111 Gilderview Drive$368,000100.03%1 days
219 River Walk Drive$429,00098.64%13 days
108 River Walk Boulevard$340,00091.92%13 days
22 Deer Track Road$450,00097.85%8 days
4 Bramblewood Terrace$338,00091.60%7 days
106 Wolf Run Drive$425,00095.51%18 days
102 River Walk Terrace$368,00096.87%10 days
5 Hidden Oak Terrace$390,00097.50%0 days
223 Walnut Trace Court$470,00094.02%8 days
336 Parkside Drive$565,00096.60%11 days
101 Maple Brook Court$340,00091.92%27 days
116 Gilderview Drive$385,00092.77%3 days
39 Deer Track Road$425,00095.51%26 days
104 River Point Court$385,00089.74%7 days
329 Parkside Drive$387,900100.00%21 days
604 River Walk Drive$376,000100.27%13 days
18 Gilderview Drive$360,00098.39%16 days
207 River Walk Court$432,50092.04%18 days
3 Broken Pine Court$405,00095.29%15 days
205 Walnut Trace Court$516,000101.18%3 days
15 Gilder Point Court$357,50097.95%15 days
501 River Walk Drive$430,00093.68%5 days
1011 River Walk Drive$525,00095.63%5 days
7 Black Pine Court$430,00096.22%22 days
211 River Walk Boulevard$369,900100.00%19 days
Private Address$380,00095.00%6 days
10 Deer Track Road$450,00098.25%6 days
101 Wolf Run Drive$459,00094.66%24 days
221 River Walk Boulevard$423,00095.27%28 days
322 Parkside Drive$484,00099.81%25 days
49 Deer Track Road$440,00093.82%25 days
505 River Walk Drive$370,000102.21%19 days
337 Parkside Drive$323,00098.78%24 days
107 Rockberry Terrace$471,00099.16%24 days
16 Gilder Point Court$392,00098.00%8 days
54 Deer Track Road$413,000100.73%4 days
5 Laurel Oak Trail$349,900100.00%5 days
111 River Point Court$318,00097.85%15 days
6 Broken Pine Court$488,00097.60%1 days
105 Hidden Oak Terrace$441,500100.57%1 days
9 Hidden Oak Terrace$465,00099.25%16 days
15 Deer Track Road$380,00095.02%3 days
221 Walnut Trace$489,900100.00%21 days
914 River Walk Drive$418,00098.35%3 days
2 Laurel Oak Trail$319,00093.85%21 days