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Welcome to this gorgeous 3 bed 2 bath home in the heart of Simpsonville with over 1700 square feet! As the weather gets cooler it is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful gas fireplace in the living room with the high vaulted ceilings. There is also a huge dining/living space which is perfect for family gatherings. This home is located in the fantastic Powderhorn neighborhood, only about 4 minutes off 385 and all the shopping and dining you could possibly need! Dont wait - make an appointment to view this before it is gone!
104 Frankfort Court
Single Level, Master on Main, Hardwood Floors
Dont miss out on this brand new 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Powderhorn. Ceramic tile, granite and or quartz countertops, center kitchen island and stainless steel microwave, stove, and dishwasher. Spacious floor plan. Large master closet with ceramic tile in the master bath and tile shower. Estimated completion date 11/30.Optional Builder Incentive: Use our preferred lender and we will pay 4k towards closing costs. Lender will also pay additional amount toward closing costs. Same day pre approval.
106 Harpers Ferry Court
Single Level, Master on Main
Dont miss out on this brand new 4 bedroom 2 bath home in Powderhorn. Ceramic tile, granite and or quartz countertops, center kitchen island and stainless steel microwave, stove, and dishwasher. Spacious open floor plan. The family room features electric fireplace and coffered ceiling in the dining area. Master bedroom features a large walk in closet with built in shelving. Estimated completion 11/30. Please use extreme caution when visiting as this is an active construction site. Optional Builder Incentive: Use our preferred lender and we will pay 4k towards closing costs. Lender will also pay additional amount toward closing costs. Same day pre approval.
108 Harpers Ferry Court
Single Level, Master on Main

Powderhorn Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
104 Harpers Ferry Court$374,90012496666.67%8 days
103 Harpers Ferry Court$375,00012500000.00%24 days
1021 Powderhorn Road$410,00010250000.00%29 days
216 Harrisburg Drive$365,00012166666.67%6 days
108 Appomattox Drive$365,50012183333.33%7 days
807 Powderhorn Road$329,00010966666.67%5 days
304 Manassas Drive$244,00012200000.00%19 days
110 Lexington Court$248,00012400000.00%10 days
102 Shiloh Court$280,00014000000.00%23 days
104 Harpers Ferry Court$31,6661055533.33%4 days
106 Harpers Ferry Court$31,6671055566.67%4 days
108 Harpers Ferry Court$31,6671055566.67%4 days
1021 Powderhorn Road$52,000866666.67%11 days
209 Appomattox Drive$350,00011666666.67%14 days
103 Fredericksburg Drive$250,00012500000.00%20 days
1011 Powderhorn Road$394,00013133333.33%16 days
212 Manassas Drive$260,00013000000.00%24 days
1007 Powderhorn Road$30,000750000.00%14 days
1105 Powderhorn Road$325,00010833333.33%undefined days
1022 Powderhorn Road$295,00014750000.00%1 days
210 Appomattox Drive$268,00013400000.00%19 days
105 Lexington Court$235,00011750000.00%10 days
303 Rainwood Drive$180,00018000000.00%undefined days
109 Appomattox Drive$330,00011000000.00%2 days
106 Frankfort Court$200,00010000000.00%19 days
902 Powderhorn Road$270,00013500000.00%2 days
101 Lexington Court$262,50013125000.00%8 days
106 Canebreak Lane$235,00011750000.00%8 days
209 Manassas Drive$220,00011000000.00%22 days
108 Appomattox Drive$322,00010733333.33%9 days
102 Chickamauga Lane$225,00011250000.00%6 days
309 Rainwood Drive$245,00012250000.00%29 days
114 Harpers Ferry Court$50,0001000000.00%6 days
210 Chickamaugua Lane$202,00020200000.00%8 days
108 Vicksburg Court$281,00014050000.00%25 days
214 Manassas Drive$195,00019500000.00%19 days
212 Harrisburg Drive$258,00012900000.00%7 days
1008 Powderhorn Road$237,50011875000.00%26 days
903 Powderhorn Road$230,00011500000.00%9 days
204 Fredericksburg Drive$185,00018500000.00%7 days
112 Canebreak Lane$207,00010350000.00%19 days
Private Address$227,90011395000.00%21 days
302 Canebreak Lane$224,00011200000.00%1 days
306 Rainwood Drive$187,50018750000.00%11 days
405 Manassas Court$168,75016875000.00%29 days
110 Appomattox Drive$215,00010750000.00%4 days
1103 Powderhorn Road$229,90011495000.00%26 days
106 Harrisburg Drive$245,00012250000.00%16 days
105 Frankfort Court$256,79812839900.00%24 days
100 Harrisburg Drive$195,00019500000.00%11 days
1020 Powderhorn Road$190,0009500000.00%8 days
1031 Powderhorn Road$236,00011800000.00%5 days
214 Appomattox Drive$245,00012250000.00%16 days
107 Gettysburg Court$218,00010900000.00%28 days
203 Manassas Drive$209,00010450000.00%24 days
104 Fredericksburg Drive$165,00016500000.00%14 days
203 Manassas Drive$208,00010400000.00%8 days
105 Richmond Court$230,00011500000.00%8 days
115 Lexington Court$195,50019550000.00%4 days
112 Canebreak Lane$198,00019800000.00%24 days
218 Chickamauga Lane$193,00019300000.00%25 days
110 Harpers Ferry Court$20,5001025000.00%23 days
1011 Powderhorn Road$12,0001200000.00%17 days
218 Appomattox Drive$209,00010450000.00%11 days
210 Chickamaugua Lane$175,00017500000.00%11 days
1007 Powderhorn Road$14,500725000.00%16 days
103 Appomattox Drive$191,50019150000.00%22 days
1009 Powderhorn Road$220,00011000000.00%10 days
105 Concord Court$156,00015600000.00%23 days
209 Manassas Drive$181,00018100000.00%18 days
116 Harpers Ferry Court$205,00010250000.00%9 days
212 Fredericksburg Drive$175,90017590000.00%11 days
212 Harrisburg Drive$206,50010325000.00%15 days
105 Yorktown Court$178,00017800000.00%29 days
106 Concord Court$75,0001071428.57%26 days
804 Powderhorn Road$171,00017100000.00%2 days
109 Appomattox Drive$250,00012500000.00%15 days
212 Manassas Drive$177,00017700000.00%21 days
3 Chickamaugua Lane$175,00017500000.00%16 days
215 Chickamauga Lane$175,10817510800.00%3 days
1105 Powderhorn Road$209,50010475000.00%7 days
100 Appomattox Drive$195,0009750000.00%21 days
104 Shiloh Court$175,00017500000.00%27 days
1107 Powderhorn Road$209,00010450000.00%6 days
210 Harrisburg Drive$210,00010500000.00%2 days
206 Harrisburg Drive$216,50010825000.00%11 days
105 Lexington Court$157,00015700000.00%12 days
103 Vicksburg Court$192,00019200000.00%6 days
216 Chickamauga Lane$156,00015600000.00%8 days
1018 Powderhorn Road$210,00010500000.00%26 days
804 Powderhorn Road$162,00016200000.00%16 days
105 Concord Court$136,00013600000.00%15 days
102 Gettysburg Court$150,00015000000.00%25 days
104 Rabon Court$156,00015600000.00%17 days
215 Appomattox Drive$210,00010500000.00%4 days
214 Appomattox Drive$225,00011250000.00%13 days
101 Fredericksburg Drive$159,00015900000.00%16 days
303 Canebreak Lane$152,00015200000.00%5 days
207 Fredericksburg Drive$166,00016600000.00%3 days
216 Harrisburg Drive$231,50011575000.00%30 days
218 Manassas Drive$154,90015490000.00%27 days
201 Canebreak Lane$138,00013800000.00%20 days
107 Gettysburg Court$172,00017200000.00%22 days
206 Manassas Drive$156,90015690000.00%4 days
1024 Powderhorn Road$161,15716115700.00%25 days
113 Harpers Ferry Court$164,00016400000.00%15 days
212 Chickamauga Lane$163,90016390000.00%23 days
205 Appomattox Drive$159,33015933000.00%3 days
1020 Powderhorn Road$168,90016890000.00%17 days
104 Appomattox Drive$165,00016500000.00%8 days
106 Appomattox Drive$170,00017000000.00%5 days
106 Vicksburg Court$133,90013390000.00%10 days
304 Rainwood Drive$118,90011890000.00%21 days
215 Chickmauga Lane$129,45012945000.00%24 days
102 Fredericksburg Drive$105,29910529900.00%0 days
103 Harrisburg Drive$166,50016650000.00%13 days
108 Harrisburg Drive$180,00018000000.00%8 days
111 Manassas Drive$149,50014950000.00%4 days
116 Harpers Ferry Court$181,00018100000.00%18 days
1010 Powderhorn Drive$158,00015800000.00%15 days
110 Appomattox Drive$160,00016000000.00%22 days
1105 Powderhorn Road$138,00013800000.00%21 days
204 Fredericksburg Drive$145,00014500000.00%4 days
212 Fredericksburg Drive$149,90014990000.00%3 days
105 Frankfort Court$185,50018550000.00%21 days
213 Fredericksburg Drive$127,20012720000.00%27 days
207 Fredericksburg Drive$158,00015800000.00%9 days
Private Address$149,00014900000.00%20 days
306 Rainwood Drive$139,90013990000.00%7 days
116 Harpers Ferry Court$180,00018000000.00%2 days
109 Harrisburg Drive$189,90018990000.00%21 days
106 Frankfort Court$126,50012650000.00%11 days
207 Manassas Drive$138,90013890000.00%13 days
103 Richmond Court$142,00014200000.00%24 days
302 Canebreak Ln$148,00014800000.00%9 days
101 Gettysburg Court$123,00012300000.00%15 days
112 Lexington Court$125,00012500000.00%17 days
218 Appomattox Drive$145,00014500000.00%0 days
107 Gettysburg Court$125,35012535000.00%21 days
212 Harrisburg Drive$120,00012000000.00%30 days
219 Chickamaugua Lane$134,00013400000.00%3 days
207 Fredericksburg Drive$127,00012700000.00%18 days
111 Harrisburg Drive$165,50016550000.00%21 days
106 Appomattox Dr$146,50014650000.00%23 days
207 Appomattox Drive$135,00013500000.00%15 days
100 Appomattox Drive$120,00012000000.00%7 days
203 Appomattox Drive$152,50015250000.00%29 days
204 Manassas Dr$132,00013200000.00%18 days
101 Lexington Court$139,50013950000.00%9 days
103 Harpers Ferry Court$175,00017500000.00%9 days
107 Rabon Court$128,00012800000.00%26 days
304 Manassas Dr$90,0001000000.00%20 days
109 Harrisburg Drive$133,00013300000.00%11 days
104 Brandon Ct$65,000928571.43%4 days