Neely Farm in Simpsonville

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Under Contract
Sitting on over .25 acres and surrounded by lush landscaping and mature trees, this regal home is waiting for you! Brick steps lead onto a cozy front porch. Entering through a bright, cheery door you are welcomed by high ceilings in the foyer and handsome hardwood floors. Throughout this well-maintained home you will find beautiful touches such as crown moulding and a charming chair rail. Large windows in every room allow natural light to stream through and brighten every space! Imagine preparing meals in your large kitchen which boasts ample storage, matching stainless steel appliances and a pantry. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee in your cozy breakfast nook while looking through a beautiful bay window into your backyard. In the large living room you will find a stunning fireplace, plush carpeting and multiple ceiling fans. Upstairs you will find a primary bedroom with a high vaulted ceiling, walk in closet and attached en suite. Two additional, generous sized bedrooms share access to a full bath. Out back you will discover a large deck overlooking a relaxing backyard oasis. Conveniently located just a short drive to the heart of Simpsonville allows you to enjoy delectable dining, exciting entertainment and the culture of this sweet Southern town! You wont want to miss this, schedule your showing today!
235 Neely Crossing Lane
Fireplace, Hardwood Floors
Under Contract
This Simpsonville two-story cul-de-sac home offers a patio, granite countertops, and a two-car garage.
11 Southbridge Court
Hardwood Floors, Natural Gas

Neely Farm Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
608 Neely Farm Drive$435,00010875000.00%16 days
402 Wild Horse Creek Road$365,00012166666.67%20 days
409 Neely Farm Drive$445,00011125000.00%2 days
4 Deer Spring Lane$485,00012125000.00%7 days
5 Chestnut Hill Place$450,00011250000.00%27 days
105 Wild Horse Creek Drive$320,00010666666.67%undefined days
4 Bridlestone Court$400,00013333333.33%17 days
Private Address$380,00012666666.67%9 days
3 Gelding Way$350,00011666666.67%undefined days
232 Neely Crossing Lane$319,90015995000.00%16 days
204 Farming Creek Drive$440,00011000000.00%1 days
Private Address$363,00012100000.00%1 days
227 Deer Spring Lane$443,00011075000.00%3 days
223 Deer Spring Lane$401,00010025000.00%30 days
301 Deer Spring Lane$375,00012500000.00%4 days
6 Falling Ridge Court$438,50010962500.00%undefined days
201 Quail Ridge Drive$455,00011375000.00%24 days
303 Farming Creek Drive$400,00013333333.33%4 days
218 Deer Spring Lane$425,00010625000.00%18 days
300 Wild Horse Creek Road$331,00011033333.33%14 days
308 Wild Horse Creek Drive$354,90011830000.00%12 days
120 Whiffletree Drive$317,00015850000.00%5 days
300 Farming Creek Drive$362,50012083333.33%21 days
815 Worchester Place$365,00012166666.67%1 days
629 Neely Farm Drive$340,00011333333.33%11 days
4 Hedgefield Court$332,50011083333.33%1 days
324 Neely Crossing Lane$329,90010996666.67%25 days
103 Gelding Way$300,00010000000.00%9 days
217 Quail Ridge Drive$425,00014166666.67%3 days
3 Moss Spring Court$300,00015000000.00%9 days
9 Southbridge Court$313,00010433333.33%3 days
101 Gelding Way$260,00013000000.00%16 days
300 Neely Crossing Lane$316,50010550000.00%18 days
6 Wandflower Court$390,00013000000.00%11 days
5 Crested Owl Place$340,00011333333.33%3 days
Private Address$350,00011666666.67%2 days
3 Braywood Court$370,00012333333.33%11 days
204 Quail Ridge Drive$401,00013366666.67%10 days
115 Deer Spring Lane$321,50016075000.00%18 days
14 S Bridge Court$256,05012802500.00%8 days
9 Crowsnest Court$386,00012866666.67%1 days
6 Indian Laurel Court$295,0009833333.33%18 days
11 Hammel Court$300,00015000000.00%28 days
105 Deer Spring Lane$366,50012216666.67%30 days
209 Neely Crossing Lane$310,00015500000.00%6 days
4 Red Gate Court$326,00010866666.67%undefined days
305 Neely Farm Drive$350,00011666666.67%11 days
Private Address$266,50013325000.00%9 days
111 Whiffletree Drive$340,00011333333.33%1 days
22 Crowsnest Court$350,00011666666.67%16 days
205 Worchester Place$355,00011833333.33%1 days
19 Crowsnest Court$335,00011166666.67%16 days
3 Taunton Court$260,00013000000.00%7 days
6 Whiffletree Drive$275,00013750000.00%4 days
216 Wild Horse Creek Drive$249,90012495000.00%8 days
5 Indian Laurel Court$277,95013897500.00%27 days
500 Farming Creek Drive$272,00013600000.00%25 days
3 Chestnut Hill Place$309,90010330000.00%undefined days
6 Woodbluff Place$300,00010000000.00%12 days
4 Windchime Court$240,00012000000.00%8 days
8 Moss Spring Court$275,00013750000.00%25 days
Private Address$335,00011166666.67%24 days
513 Worchester Place$316,00015800000.00%9 days
111 Deer Spring Lane$250,00012500000.00%25 days
509 Worchester Place$342,00011400000.00%8 days
3 Brightleaf Court$296,00014800000.00%25 days
102 Deer Spring Lane$266,00013300000.00%19 days
7 Treecrest Court$339,00011300000.00%21 days
803 Farming Creek Drive$284,90014245000.00%24 days
315 Neely Crossing Lane$276,00013800000.00%22 days
707 Farming Creek Drive$330,50011016666.67%9 days
5 Braywood Court$280,00014000000.00%27 days
4 Saddle Club Court$265,50013275000.00%28 days
803 Neely Farm Drive$280,00014000000.00%24 days
200 Neely Crossing Lane$289,90014495000.00%24 days
216 Neely Crossing Lane$253,00012650000.00%6 days
215 Quail Ridge Drive$335,00011166666.67%6 days
105 Worchester Place$330,00011000000.00%undefined days
235 Deer Spring Lane$311,00010366666.67%8 days
4 Taunton Court$270,00013500000.00%25 days
505 Worchester Place$305,00010166666.67%13 days
115 Whiffletree Drive$272,00013600000.00%26 days
9 Southbridge Court$242,00012100000.00%8 days
207 Quail Ridge Drive$310,00010333333.33%19 days
7 Moss Spring Court$259,90012995000.00%20 days
5 Whiteside Court$280,00014000000.00%17 days
19 Dapple Gray Court$279,00013950000.00%20 days
501 Worchester Place$297,5009916666.67%10 days
804 Neely Farm Drive$296,00014800000.00%29 days
109 Neely Crossing Lane$274,90013745000.00%29 days
5 Whiffletree Drive$350,00011666666.67%5 days
806 Worchester Place$298,0009933333.33%11 days
507 Neely Farm Drive$315,00010500000.00%25 days
324 Neely Crossing Lane$232,00011600000.00%29 days
6 Mallard Ridge Place$310,00010333333.33%30 days
604 Wild Horse Creek Drive$229,00011450000.00%20 days
616 Neely Farm Drive$299,0009966666.67%21 days
817 Worchester Place$290,00014500000.00%2 days
344 Neely Crossing Lane$245,00012250000.00%29 days
3 Wandflower Court$299,0009966666.67%3 days
7 Whiffletree Drive$288,00014400000.00%15 days
1005 Farming Creek Drive$296,00014800000.00%14 days
2 Windchime Court$253,90012695000.00%4 days
6 Elias Court$220,00011000000.00%26 days
502 Wild Horse Creek Drive$205,00020500000.00%2 days
503 Worchester Place$275,00013750000.00%17 days
3 Gelding Way$225,00011250000.00%4 days
412 Wild Horse Creek Drive$214,90010745000.00%26 days
5 Taunton Court$232,50011625000.00%4 days
8 Huntsman Court$339,90011330000.00%25 days
309 Neely Farm Drive$258,00012900000.00%20 days
4 Windchime Court$217,50010875000.00%17 days
217 Quail Ridge Drive$326,00010866666.67%17 days
915 Farming Creek Drive$304,90010163333.33%26 days
10 Huntsman Court$278,00013900000.00%6 days
6 Elias Court$195,0009750000.00%22 days
6 Falling Ridge Court$260,00013000000.00%30 days
105 Wild Horse Creek Drive$245,00012250000.00%21 days
2 Neely Crossing Lane$253,75012687500.00%30 days
340 Neely Crossing Lane$229,90011495000.00%4 days
20 Dapple Gray Court$295,0009833333.33%8 days
807 Worchester Place$285,00014250000.00%30 days
107 Deer Spring Lane$278,00013900000.00%19 days
301 Worchester Place$290,0009666666.67%24 days
9 Indian Laurel Court$265,00013250000.00%26 days
1200 Farming Creek Drive$247,00012350000.00%1 days
7 Hammel Court$249,90012495000.00%13 days
5 Whiffletree Drive$222,50011125000.00%24 days
305 Quail Ridge Drive$289,50014475000.00%19 days
223 Neely Crossing Lane$249,90012495000.00%29 days
14 Whiteside Court$275,00013750000.00%26 days
5 Indian Laurel Court$245,00012250000.00%8 days
404 Wild Horse Creek Drive$234,00011700000.00%7 days
209 Worchester Place$299,5009983333.33%28 days
3 Hidden Fawn Place$270,00013500000.00%15 days
307 Farming Creek Drive$284,50014225000.00%4 days
404 Worchester Place$290,00014500000.00%5 days
5 Wandflower Court$289,00014450000.00%26 days
12 Whiffletree Drive$265,00013250000.00%27 days
709 Neely Farm Drive$302,40015120000.00%4 days
6 Mallard Ridge Place$289,90014495000.00%20 days
214 Wild Horse Creek Drive$213,50010675000.00%9 days
Private Address$360,00012000000.00%29 days
309 Deer Spring Lane$264,00013200000.00%8 days
331 Neely Crossing Lane$239,90011995000.00%5 days
4 Hedgefield Court$245,00012250000.00%14 days
204 Deer Spring Lane$325,00010833333.33%17 days
600 Wild Horse Creek Drive$238,90011945000.00%1 days
6 Dapple Gray Court$305,00015250000.00%1 days
316 Farming Creek Drive$275,00013750000.00%17 days
Private Address$285,00014250000.00%23 days
240 Neely Crossing Lane$240,00012000000.00%20 days
400 Deer Spring Lane$250,00012500000.00%23 days
8 Windchime Court$250,00012500000.00%15 days
304 Neely Farm Drive$274,90013745000.00%22 days
308 Farming Creek Drive$276,90013845000.00%15 days
228 Neely Crossing Lane$212,00010600000.00%28 days
4 Glen Hawk Court$284,00014200000.00%23 days
504 Wild Horse Creek Drive$243,00012150000.00%7 days
315 Neely Crossing Lane$245,00012250000.00%10 days
112 Deer Spring Lane$292,50014625000.00%17 days
Private Address$207,50010375000.00%4 days
200 Neely Crossing Lane$247,50012375000.00%16 days
207 Worchester Place$318,90010630000.00%20 days
602 Farming Creek Drive$315,00010500000.00%20 days
701 Farming Creek Drive$279,00013950000.00%12 days
300 Neely Farm Drive$236,00011800000.00%27 days
303 Wild Horse Creek Drive$221,00011050000.00%17 days
6 Treecrest Court$259,90012995000.00%10 days
400 Wild Horse Creek Drive$229,50011475000.00%24 days
707 Farming Creek Drive$269,90013495000.00%10 days
8 Crowsnest Court$299,00014950000.00%11 days
506 Worchester Place$340,00011333333.33%15 days
5 Atchison Way$305,00010166666.67%8 days
216 Quail Ridge Drive$252,00012600000.00%7 days
104 Quail Ridge Drive$271,00013550000.00%28 days
3 Whiffletree Drive$264,90013245000.00%7 days
212 Wild Horse Creek Drive$215,00010750000.00%10 days
4 Taunton Court$242,00012100000.00%13 days
304 Wild Horse Creek Drive$238,00011900000.00%undefined days
4 Deer Spring Lane$310,00010333333.33%24 days
218 Deer Spring Lane$276,00013800000.00%19 days
220 Neely Crossing Lane$249,90012495000.00%17 days
5 Dapple Gray Court$303,00015150000.00%25 days
5 Hedgefield Court$235,00011750000.00%23 days
8 Dapple Gray Court$264,90013245000.00%29 days
900 Neely Farm Drive$270,00013500000.00%12 days
306 Farming Creek Drive$267,50013375000.00%4 days
4 Whitehurst Way$249,90012495000.00%3 days
7 Crowsnest Court$287,50014375000.00%2 days
10 Whiffletree Drive$191,10019110000.00%12 days
208 Wild Horse Creek Drive$231,00011550000.00%11 days
809 Worchester Place$266,90013345000.00%9 days
15 Featherwood Court$250,00012500000.00%24 days
14 Indian Laurel Court$242,50012125000.00%17 days
7 Whiffletree Drive$262,50013125000.00%10 days
808 Worchester Place$270,00013500000.00%1 days
608 Neely Farm Drive$277,30013865000.00%22 days
202 Wild Horse Creek Drive$204,00010200000.00%14 days
5 Braywood Court$256,50012825000.00%13 days
214 Quail Ridge Drive$257,00012850000.00%24 days
219 Neely Crossing Lane$246,45012322500.00%7 days
306 Wild Horse Creek Drive$235,00011750000.00%22 days
108 Neely Crossing Lane$225,00011250000.00%8 days
819 Worchester Place$256,50012825000.00%17 days
6 Hedgefield Court$210,00010500000.00%22 days
504 Farming Creek Drive$226,50011325000.00%20 days
22 Dapple Gray Court$268,50013425000.00%8 days
200 Neely Crossing Lane$225,00011250000.00%15 days
4 Dapple Gray Court$282,00014100000.00%11 days
621 Neely Farm Drive$275,00013750000.00%3 days
4 Sparrow Point Court$275,00013750000.00%22 days
1001 Farming Creek Drive$245,00012250000.00%30 days
4 Falling Ridge Court$230,50011525000.00%6 days
304 Farming Creek Drive$256,50012825000.00%10 days
14 Whiteside Court$268,90013445000.00%13 days
501 Worchester Place$275,90013795000.00%3 days
19 Dapple Gray Court$260,00013000000.00%7 days
Private Address$202,00010100000.00%17 days
601 Neely Farm Drive$279,50013975000.00%30 days
227 Deer Spring Lane$275,00013750000.00%23 days
1003 Farming Creek Drive$312,50010416666.67%29 days
204 Worchester Place$260,00013000000.00%25 days
1005 Farming Creek Drive$273,50013675000.00%26 days
115 Neely Crossing Lane$222,00011100000.00%26 days
412 Wild Horse Creek Drive$187,40018740000.00%7 days
3 Taunton Court$214,90010745000.00%17 days
4 Weatherly Court$267,00013350000.00%12 days
10 Brook Run Court$274,90013745000.00%16 days
507 Neely Farm Drive$255,00012750000.00%2 days
805 Worchester Place$250,00012500000.00%0 days
5 Indian Laurel Court$215,00010750000.00%9 days
3 Woodbluff Place$263,00013150000.00%27 days
3 Brightleaf Court$250,00012500000.00%22 days
503 Worchester Place$262,90013145000.00%23 days
Private Address$266,25013312500.00%10 days
107 Whiffle Tree Drive$280,00014000000.00%20 days
600 Wild Horse Creek Drive$226,00011300000.00%23 days
4 Southbridge Court$196,5009825000.00%15 days
405 Farming Creek Drive$229,00011450000.00%4 days
8 Moss Spring Court$208,00010400000.00%1 days
701 Worchester Place$313,00010433333.33%18 days
4 Foxglen Court$285,00014250000.00%3 days
201 Neely Crossing Lane$204,00020400000.00%4 days
6 Wandflower Court$270,00013500000.00%14 days
201 Deer Spring Lane$227,00011350000.00%17 days
612 Neely Farm Drive$264,90013245000.00%19 days
6 Weatherly Court$252,00012600000.00%12 days
1109 Farming Creek Drive$307,50010250000.00%21 days
504 Wild Horse Creek Drive$226,00011300000.00%1 days
206 Farming Creek Drive$289,00014450000.00%28 days
5 Red Gate Court$223,00011150000.00%24 days
501 Farming Creek Drive$264,80013240000.00%7 days
616 Neely Farm Drive$266,00013300000.00%23 days
235 Deer Spring Lane$188,00018800000.00%12 days
219 Neely Crossing Lane$244,90012245000.00%2 days
5 Elias Court$219,00010950000.00%13 days
216 Wild Horse Creek Drive$200,00010000000.00%6 days
4 Whiffletree Drive$218,00010900000.00%25 days
5 Dapple Gray Court$260,00013000000.00%29 days
24 Whiffletree Drive$265,00013250000.00%22 days
413 Neely Farm Drive$235,60011780000.00%26 days
4 Cutting Horse Court$252,50012625000.00%9 days
222 Deer Spring Lane$231,00011550000.00%3 days
302 Quail Ridge Drive$264,00013200000.00%28 days
3 Huntsman Court$230,00011500000.00%20 days
317 Deer Springs Lane$295,00014750000.00%27 days
213 Quail Ridge Drive$253,00012650000.00%19 days
7 Saddle Club Court$232,00011600000.00%19 days
402 Worchester Place$235,00011750000.00%9 days
324 Neely Crossing Lane$206,00010300000.00%10 days
5 Wandflower Court$245,00012250000.00%30 days
601 Worchester Place$265,00013250000.00%7 days
122 Whiffletree Drive$224,50011225000.00%1 days
1002 Farming Creek Drive$259,90012995000.00%10 days
17 Whiffletree Drive$238,50011925000.00%26 days
344 Neely Crossing Lane$222,00011100000.00%19 days
22 Dapple Gray Court$195,0009750000.00%28 days
Private Address$219,50010975000.00%14 days
8 Windchime Court$206,50010325000.00%2 days
6 Indian Laurel Court$186,00018600000.00%15 days
3 Moss Spring Court$181,25018125000.00%1 days
4 Braywood Court$264,00013200000.00%5 days
803 Farming Creek Drive$248,00012400000.00%18 days
205 Worchester Place$299,00014950000.00%23 days
328 Neely Crossing Lane$213,00010650000.00%0 days
312 Deer Spring Lane$264,50013225000.00%27 days
603 Farming Creek Drive$279,50013975000.00%7 days
207 Quail Ridge Drive$262,00013100000.00%23 days
106 Deer Spring Lane$230,00011500000.00%12 days
3 Farming Creek Drive$246,50012325000.00%1 days
111 Whiffletree Drive$238,50011925000.00%1 days
11 Huntsman Court$265,00013250000.00%24 days
814 Worchester Place$273,00013650000.00%23 days
211 Wild Horse Creek Drive$180,00018000000.00%7 days
3 Atchison Way$255,00012750000.00%27 days
508 Farming Creek Drive$213,00010650000.00%23 days
2 Deer Spring Lane$269,00013450000.00%1 days
414 Farming Creek Drive$219,00010950000.00%15 days
223 Neely Crossing Lane$214,90010745000.00%5 days
1201 Farming Creek Drive$217,00010850000.00%19 days
8 Southbridge Court$214,00010700000.00%19 days
506 Neely Farm Drive$223,90011195000.00%12 days
304 Wild Horse Creek Drive$215,50010775000.00%26 days
505 Wild Horse Creek Drive$192,00019200000.00%7 days
806 Worchester Place$265,00013250000.00%20 days
106 Farming Creek Drive$240,00012000000.00%6 days
507 Worchester Place$269,00013450000.00%30 days
228 Neely Crossing Lane$192,50019250000.00%22 days
Private Address$188,00018800000.00%20 days
2 Hidden Fawn Place$225,00011250000.00%2 days
305 Neely Farm Drive$267,00013350000.00%30 days
8 Whitehurst Way$242,00012100000.00%28 days
10 Hedgefield Court$187,70018770000.00%24 days
9 Cutting Horse Court$220,00011000000.00%15 days
102 Deer Spring Lane$202,00010100000.00%5 days
301 Worchester Place$256,50012825000.00%28 days
808 Worchester Place$259,50012975000.00%14 days
209 Worchester Place$268,00013400000.00%24 days
308 Neely Farm Drive$225,50011275000.00%21 days
602 Farming Creek Drive$280,00014000000.00%10 days
408 Worchester Place$274,80013740000.00%18 days
303 Wild Horse Creek Drive$190,00019000000.00%21 days
21 Crowsnest Court$261,00013050000.00%2 days
1112 Farming Creek Drive$269,50013475000.00%17 days
7 Whiffletree Drive$217,50010875000.00%6 days
306 Farming Creek Drive$235,00011750000.00%15 days
6 Woodbluff Place$238,50011925000.00%9 days
22 Crowsnest Court$224,90011245000.00%7 days
324 Neely Crossing Lane$142,00014200000.00%17 days
3 Wandflower Court$259,90012995000.00%15 days
609 Neely Farm Drive$253,00012650000.00%30 days
506 Wild Horse Creek Drive$205,00010250000.00%15 days
412 Farming Creek Drive$263,00013150000.00%7 days
402 Worchester Place$235,00011750000.00%6 days
305 Deer Spring Lane$275,90013795000.00%6 days
10 Hammel Court$135,00013500000.00%1 days
220 Neely Crossing Lane$225,00011250000.00%25 days
5 Red Gate Court$215,00010750000.00%8 days
102 Whiffletree Drive$228,00011400000.00%1 days
205 Farming Creek Drive$255,00012750000.00%26 days
7 Moss Spring Court$176,00017600000.00%0 days
803 Worchester Place$274,00013700000.00%19 days
412 Wild Horse Creek$161,00016100000.00%26 days
14 Crowsnest Court$240,00012000000.00%19 days
605 Farming Creek Drive$248,00012400000.00%22 days
312 Deer Spring Lane$267,70013385000.00%21 days
410 Wild Horse Creek Drive$170,65017065000.00%24 days
411 Farming Creek Drive$230,00011500000.00%26 days
2 Weatherly Court$236,20011810000.00%20 days
209 Worchester Place$242,44412122200.00%17 days
406 Wild Horse Creek Drive$160,04216004200.00%8 days
304 Quail Ridge Drive$263,00013150000.00%11 days
335 Neely Crossing Lane$222,00011100000.00%28 days
119 Deer Springs Lane$148,00014800000.00%8 days
106 Wild Horse Creek Drive$182,00018200000.00%9 days
815 Worchester Place$236,94511847250.00%29 days
3 Whiffletree Drive$204,00020400000.00%21 days
21 Dapple Gray Court$230,50011525000.00%27 days
508 Wild Horse Creek Drive$155,00015500000.00%29 days
20 Crowsnest Court$225,00011250000.00%27 days
219 Neely Crossing Lane$222,50011125000.00%3 days
206 Farming Creek Drive$279,00013950000.00%25 days
Private Address$236,50011825000.00%5 days
616 Neely Farm Drive$248,00012400000.00%26 days
223 Deer Spring Lane$259,90012995000.00%11 days
2 Elias Court$175,00017500000.00%28 days
613 Neely Farm Drive$245,00012250000.00%0 days
701 Farming Creek Drive$250,00012500000.00%0 days
5 Glen Hawk Court$331,75011058333.33%19 days
6 Woodbluff Place$227,20011360000.00%15 days
11 Southbridge Court$190,00019000000.00%2 days
702 Farming Creek Drive$266,80013340000.00%24 days
405 Farming Creek Drive$204,50010225000.00%21 days
114 Whiffletree Drive$246,00012300000.00%9 days
705 Farming Creek Drive$242,40312120150.00%23 days
4 Huntsman Court$225,00011250000.00%2 days
Private Address$278,50013925000.00%15 days
7 Treecrest Court$270,00013500000.00%7 days
Private Address$229,00011450000.00%27 days
101 Worchester Place$195,0009750000.00%28 days
5 Crested Owl Place$200,00020000000.00%16 days
340 Neely Crossing Lane$195,00019500000.00%25 days
715 Neely Farm Drive$252,45012622500.00%5 days
513 Worchester Place$242,50012125000.00%17 days
305 Wild Horse Creek Drive$192,50019250000.00%26 days
109 Neely Crossing Lane$212,00010600000.00%27 days
101 Quail Ridge Drive$249,00012450000.00%19 days
9 Hedgefield Court$164,90016490000.00%8 days
411 Worchester Place$244,00012200000.00%8 days
5 Treecrest Court$259,90012995000.00%30 days
215 Quail Ridge Drive$289,00014450000.00%24 days
707 Farming Creek Drive$243,00012150000.00%24 days
216 Neely Crossing Lane$183,75018375000.00%24 days
6 Cutting Horse Ct.$205,00010250000.00%14 days
328 Neely Crossing Lane$184,00018400000.00%21 days
1004 Farming Creek Drive$270,00013500000.00%7 days
305 Quail Ridge Drive$235,50011775000.00%29 days
218 Deer Spring Lane$258,00012900000.00%8 days
2 Windchime Court$169,00016900000.00%4 days
11 Crowsnest Court$290,00014500000.00%23 days
5 Red Gate Court$202,00010100000.00%6 days
3 Red Gate Court$269,00013450000.00%4 days
207 Wild Horse Creek$85,0008500000.00%1 days
511 Worchester Place$240,00012000000.00%8 days
14 Crowsnest Court$235,00011750000.00%12 days
2 Hidden Fawn Place$214,50010725000.00%2 days
Private Address$227,00011350000.00%7 days
5 Dapple Gray Court$215,00010750000.00%8 days
4 Glen Hawk Court$265,00013250000.00%3 days
14 Indian Laurel Court$233,00011650000.00%3 days
412 Farming Creek Drive$260,00013000000.00%4 days
18 Whiffletree Drive$235,00011750000.00%16 days
8 Braywood Court$245,00012250000.00%11 days
112 Whiffletree Drive$207,00010350000.00%19 days
6 Braywood Court$261,00013050000.00%5 days
412 Worchester Place$287,90014395000.00%30 days
210 Quail Ridge Drive$264,00013200000.00%undefined days
109 Neely Crossing Lane$138,88813888800.00%3 days
400 Wild Horse Creek Drive$180,00018000000.00%26 days
408 Worchester Place$260,00013000000.00%21 days
401 Neely Farm Drive$228,00011400000.00%23 days
Private Address$262,50013125000.00%18 days
805 Farming Creek Drive$232,50011625000.00%25 days
201 Worchester Place$264,00013200000.00%1 days
3 Huntsman Ct.$196,5009825000.00%22 days
303 Wild Horse Creek Drive$152,00015200000.00%28 days
6 Elias$172,50017250000.00%15 days
7 Dapple Gray Court$222,00011100000.00%26 days
212 Quail Ridge Drive$229,00011450000.00%14 days
5 Red Gate Court$146,50014650000.00%5 days
509 Farming Creek$250,00012500000.00%29 days
6 Weatherly Court$190,00019000000.00%21 days
410 Wild Horse Creek Dr$163,25016325000.00%28 days
6 Treecrest Ct.$204,00010200000.00%29 days
602 Farming Creek Drive$252,90012645000.00%10 days
808 Worchester Place$205,00010250000.00%10 days
4 Sparrow Point Ct$225,00011250000.00%9 days
407 Wild Horse Creek Dr.$184,50018450000.00%6 days
801 Farming Creek Drive$216,00010800000.00%13 days
19 Whiffletree Drive$190,0009500000.00%9 days
509 Worchester Place$247,50012375000.00%10 days
6 Bright Leaf Court$224,00011200000.00%18 days
3 Dapple Gray Ct$205,00010250000.00%1 days
113 Deer Spring Ln$213,21510660750.00%undefined days
604 Wild Horse Creek Dr$160,00016000000.00%24 days
17 Hammel Court$162,00016200000.00%26 days
408 Wild Horse Creek Dr$193,00019300000.00%8 days
7 South Bridge Ct.$176,40017640000.00%15 days
409 Wild Horse Creek Drive$165,00016500000.00%5 days
4 Wingfoot Ct$230,00011500000.00%26 days
305 Deer Spring Ln$260,00013000000.00%30 days
3 Crowsnest$238,00011900000.00%18 days
Private Address$220,00011000000.00%19 days
9 Whiffletree Drive$245,00012250000.00%4 days
3 Sparrow Point Court$236,00011800000.00%5 days
2 Dapple Gray Ct.$228,90011445000.00%21 days
8 Bridlestone Court$252,20012610000.00%27 days
Private Address$220,50011025000.00%28 days
8 Windchime Court$171,00017100000.00%25 days
3 Huntsman Ct$148,00014800000.00%20 days
219 Quail Ridge Drive$225,00011250000.00%25 days
Private Address$168,90016890000.00%19 days
4 Chestnut Hill Place$262,00013100000.00%11 days
407 Worchester Place$232,00011600000.00%5 days
207 Farming Creek Dr$193,00019300000.00%3 days