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Almost the last chance for a beautiful Manor lot in Somes Village of Acadia! Don’t miss your opportunity! This homesite is flat and ready to built on. All lots around it are sold, which means most construction immediately around this lot will be complete.Customize your own floor plan or choose from one of ours. Acadia is known for our wealth of amenities already in place. With most every sport, hobby and distraction available to homeowners, it’s no wonder we all prefer to stay and play in Acadia: Pavilion for concerts & BBQ’s; Pool House for concessions, aerobics, yoga, fencing & weight training; Swimming Pools for all ages, including our upcoming Villagers Swim Team, along with an Adult’s Only Pool and Cabana; Basketball and Tennis Courts; Soccer Fields; RiverHouse for parties & receptions; Miles of hiking and biking trails; Greenhouse and Meeting House/Chapel; Community vegetable and flower gardens…and even more amenities available in Acadia. The HOA dues are $1550 per year. All of this, only 7 miles from Downtown Greenville
9 Jordan Pond Road
Pool in Subdivision
WOW, WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME WITH PRIVACY, A GREAT LOCATION, AND A CUSTOM BUILD. This beautiful private lot at 232 Saluda Run, is one of the last Estate lots left in Acadia and it could be yours!! ACADIA has become a Greenville TREASURE, with its abundant walking trails, beautiful common areas, athletic fields, outdoor pavilion, River clubhouse, kayak storage, and access to the Saluda River. Only minutes to Downtown and Prisma Hospital, Lot 66 is a 1/2 acre corner lot with green space on 3 sides. Building options are limitless. Bring your own plan or speak to an Acadia approved builder about several options!! Dont miss this opportunity to have your custom home built just the way you want it with privacy and convenience!
232 Saluda Run Drive
Pool in Subdivision

Acadia Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
213 Abenaki Way$725,00010357142.86%18 days
217 Saluda Run Road$791,00011300000.00%18 days
100 Cassique Road$750,00010714285.71%11 days
9 Adulas Drive$82,0001025000.00%undefined days
47 Adulas Drive$889,00011112500.00%26 days
221 Saluda Run Trail$93,0001033333.33%24 days
116 Fathers Drive$415,00010375000.00%3 days
229 Saluda Run Drive$95,0001055555.56%21 days
513 Forever Lane$171,00017100000.00%24 days
403 Forever Lane$158,00015800000.00%24 days
35 Adulas Drive$675,00011250000.00%6 days
201 Abenaki Way$590,00011800000.00%18 days
505 Forever Lane$174,00017400000.00%4 days
38 Adulas Drive$82,0001025000.00%undefined days
100 Riverlook Lane$820,00010250000.00%18 days
113 Fathers Drive$470,00011750000.00%25 days
216 Abenaki Way$94,0001044444.44%16 days
202 Saluda Crest Lane$224,00011200000.00%21 days
7 Jordan Pond Drive$102,00010200000.00%19 days
501 Forever Lane Lot 3077$162,00016200000.00%5 days
8 Village Mews Road$525,00010500000.00%1 days
46 Adulas Drive$98,0009800000.00%2 days
124 Saluda Run Drive$94,0001044444.44%29 days
2 Jordan Pond Drive$132,00013200000.00%8 days
4 Jordan Pond Drive$130,00013000000.00%8 days
216 Saluda Run Drive$111,10011110000.00%19 days
212 Abenaki Way$527,50010550000.00%9 days
209 Abenaki Way$630,00010500000.00%19 days
213 Abenaki Way$642,00010700000.00%12 days
501 Acadia Avenue$634,90010581666.67%20 days
10 Village Mews Road$508,00010160000.00%4 days
206 Cindys Gate Court$760,00010857142.86%24 days
104 Cassique Road$450,00011250000.00%30 days
113 Acadia Avenue$715,00010214285.71%29 days
108 Fathers Drive$384,00012800000.00%21 days
42 Ardulas Drive$88,0001100000.00%20 days
503 Forever Lane$162,00016200000.00%15 days
509 Forever Lane$182,00018200000.00%15 days
115 Fathers Drive$464,50011612500.00%16 days
14 Cushing Street$339,00011300000.00%17 days
101 Fathers Drive$750,00010714285.71%7 days
5 Marys Gate Court$650,00010833333.33%9 days
9 Village Mews Road$486,50012162500.00%29 days
46 Adulas Drive$94,0001044444.44%6 days
50 Adulas Drive$94,0001044444.44%26 days
609 Acadia Avenue$82,0001025000.00%17 days
205 Abenaki Way$92,0001022222.22%10 days
2 Cassique Road Lot 115$80,0001000000.00%12 days
6 Cassique Road$80,0001000000.00%undefined days
154 Fathers Drive$475,00011875000.00%29 days
158 Fathers Drive$538,00010760000.00%12 days
31 Adulas Drive$637,00010616666.67%21 days
116 Acadia Avenue$455,00011375000.00%undefined days
139 Fathers Drive$425,00010625000.00%7 days
100 Riverlook Lane$750,00010714285.71%6 days
114 Fathers Drive$398,00013266666.67%10 days
204 Abenaki Way$94,0001044444.44%15 days
108 Fathers Drive$399,00013300000.00%23 days
35 Adulas Drive$528,53910570780.00%2 days
109 Acadia Avenue$517,00010340000.00%20 days
18 Adulas Drive$80,0001000000.00%1 days
111 Fathers Drive$399,0009975000.00%7 days
220 Saluda Run Drive$830,00010375000.00%7 days
229 Saluda Run Drive$95,0001055555.56%0 days
112 Saluda Run Drive$122,00012200000.00%25 days
116 Riverlook Lane$127,50012750000.00%15 days
5 Village Mews Road$535,00010700000.00%29 days
141 Fathers Drive Lot 214$405,99013533000.00%6 days
120 Saluda Run Drive$120,00012000000.00%25 days
118 Fathers Drive$405,00010125000.00%3 days
412 Acadia Avenue$89,0001112500.00%18 days
232 Saluda Run Drive$120,00012000000.00%5 days
4 Village Mews Road$436,84910921225.00%11 days
10 Adulas Drive$80,0001000000.00%0 days
6 Village Mews Road$470,98411774600.00%5 days
34 Adulas Drive Lot 150$80,0001000000.00%0 days
23 Adulas Drive$80,0001000000.00%5 days
132 Saluda Run Drive Lot 76$117,00011700000.00%23 days
229 Saluda Run Drive$94,0001044444.44%2 days
2 Kellers Gate Court$535,00010700000.00%8 days
225 Abenaki Way Lot 97$132,50013250000.00%2 days
116 Acadia Avenue$436,00010900000.00%2 days
2 Village Mews Road$450,97011274250.00%28 days
127 Riverlook Lane$122,00012200000.00%20 days
8 Village Mews Road$415,79210394800.00%11 days
15 Village Mews Road$437,41710935425.00%29 days
208 Saluda Run Drive$840,00010500000.00%1 days
9 Village Mews Road$428,83110720775.00%28 days
124 Saluda Run Drive$120,00012000000.00%2 days
10 Village Mews$424,18210604550.00%0 days
5 Village Mews Road$543,00013575000.00%25 days
221 Abenaki Way Lot 96$130,00013000000.00%19 days
116 Riverlook Lane$112,90011290000.00%29 days
260 Abenaki Way Lot 120$97,0001077777.78%18 days
2 Cushing Lane$70,0001000000.00%8 days
10 Kellers Gate Court$725,00010357142.86%0 days
113 Fathers Drive$361,70012056666.67%13 days
224 Saluda Run Trail$117,00011700000.00%16 days
108 Fathers Drive$300,00010000000.00%2 days
115 Fathers Drive$405,19513506500.00%10 days
136 Saluda Run Drive$116,00011600000.00%0 days
Private Address$96,0001066666.67%23 days
260 Abenaki Way$95,0001055555.56%5 days
Private Address$95,0001055555.56%3 days
105 Riverlook Lane$97,5001083333.33%19 days
18 Cushing Street$420,50010512500.00%29 days
301 Abenaki Way$114,00011400000.00%26 days
117 Fathers Drive$362,00012066666.67%3 days
155 Fathers Drive$65,0001083333.33%0 days
116 Acadia Avenue$73,0001042857.14%18 days
212 Abenaki Way$93,0001033333.33%17 days
206 Cindys Gate Court Lot#7$83,5001043750.00%4 days
407 Acadia Avenue$84,0001050000.00%22 days
10 Cushing Street$370,00012333333.33%17 days
6 Riverlook Lane$565,00011300000.00%27 days
265 Abenaki Way$117,00011700000.00%28 days
112 Acadia Avenue$385,00012833333.33%6 days
108 Fathers Drive$284,00014200000.00%17 days
240 Abenaki Way$105,00010500000.00%21 days
111 Fathers Drive$329,00010966666.67%23 days
Private Address$101,00010100000.00%16 days
Private Address$400,00010000000.00%24 days
100 Riverlook Lane$73,5001050000.00%25 days
6 Kellers Gate$621,00010350000.00%27 days
100 Fathers Drive$290,00014500000.00%19 days
125 Acadia Avenue$400,00010000000.00%14 days
Private Address$83,000922222.22%5 days
111 Fathers Drive$409,90097.34%45 days
100 Riverlook Lane$750,000100.00%129 days
109 Acadia$549,50094.09%108 days
501 Acadia Avenue$624,900101.60%52 days
213 Abenaki Way$650,00098.77%41 days
213 Abenaki Way$650,00098.77%41 days