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If you are looking for a newer home with amenities galore, look no further!! This home is a custom built home on wonderful private lot overlooking beautiful woods that will never be developed. The lot is fenced,designed and approved for a pool if your heart desires. Beautiful front doors welcome you to this very spacious great room with gas fireplace and bookcases, screened porch, awesome kitchen and dining room. 10 ft ceilings, vaulted ceilings and Acacia wood floors throughout!! Master bedroom is on the main, with gorgeous bathroom and walk in closet. The kitchen island is oversized, and features marble countertops. A walk in pantry with lots of built in cabinets and drawers is amazing as well as the huge laundry and mud room. So many wonderful windows across the entire back of this home give you amazing views of the woods. On lower level you will find an additional family entertainment area plus 3 more bedrooms, and two full baths. How about a wet bar, your own wine cellar that holds 1000 bottles of wine , and its own dedicated air cooling system. Walk out to a covered patio and even a separate patio with a cool firepit for relaxing evenings and entertaining! There is a gas line in place if your to to firepit and make it gas.The OVERSIZED three car garage with workshop table is great. The garage also includes a motorized lift that can hold 500 lbs to move whatever you like to the attic!! If all these wonderful features at home are not enough, you will be amazed at all the neighborhood amenities, such as pool, clubhouse, exercise, tennis and pickleball courts, walking path, dog park and river access for kayaking! This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Greenville area; and yet minutes from downtown Greenville, Prisma and Bon Secours hospital systems, interstate access and 15 minutes from GSP. Doesnt get any better than this!!
120 Saluda Run Road
Master on Main, Screened Porch, Hardwood Floors, Full Finished Basement, Natural Gas

Acadia Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
10 Adulas Drive$660,56511009416.67%13 days
15 Adulas Drive Lot 169$82,0001025000.00%19 days
19 Adulas Drive$82,0001025000.00%19 days
10 Kellers Gate Court$1,295,000129500000.00%4 days
111 Fathers Drive$572,30011446000.00%16 days
9 Jordan Pond Road$110,00011000000.00%2 days
200 Saluda Crest Lane$245,00012250000.00%4 days
213 Abenaki Way$725,00010357142.86%18 days
217 Saluda Run Road$791,00011300000.00%18 days
100 Cassique Road$750,00010714285.71%11 days
9 Adulas Drive$82,0001025000.00%undefined days
47 Adulas Drive$889,00011112500.00%26 days
221 Saluda Run Trail$93,0001033333.33%24 days
116 Fathers Drive$415,00010375000.00%3 days
229 Saluda Run Drive$95,0001055555.56%21 days
513 Forever Lane$171,00017100000.00%24 days
403 Forever Lane$158,00015800000.00%24 days
35 Adulas Drive$675,00011250000.00%6 days
201 Abenaki Way$590,00011800000.00%18 days
505 Forever Lane$174,00017400000.00%4 days
38 Adulas Drive$82,0001025000.00%undefined days
100 Riverlook Lane$820,00010250000.00%18 days
113 Fathers Drive$470,00011750000.00%25 days
216 Abenaki Way$94,0001044444.44%16 days
202 Saluda Crest Lane$224,00011200000.00%21 days
7 Jordan Pond Drive$102,00010200000.00%19 days
501 Forever Lane Lot 3077$162,00016200000.00%5 days
8 Village Mews Road$525,00010500000.00%1 days
46 Adulas Drive$98,0009800000.00%2 days
124 Saluda Run Drive$94,0001044444.44%29 days
2 Jordan Pond Drive$132,00013200000.00%8 days
4 Jordan Pond Drive$130,00013000000.00%8 days
216 Saluda Run Drive$111,10011110000.00%19 days
212 Abenaki Way$527,50010550000.00%9 days
209 Abenaki Way$630,00010500000.00%19 days
213 Abenaki Way$642,00010700000.00%12 days
501 Acadia Avenue$634,90010581666.67%20 days
10 Village Mews Road$508,00010160000.00%4 days
206 Cindys Gate Court$760,00010857142.86%24 days
104 Cassique Road$450,00011250000.00%30 days
113 Acadia Avenue$715,00010214285.71%29 days
108 Fathers Drive$384,00012800000.00%21 days
42 Ardulas Drive$88,0001100000.00%20 days
503 Forever Lane$162,00016200000.00%15 days
509 Forever Lane$182,00018200000.00%15 days
115 Fathers Drive$464,50011612500.00%16 days
14 Cushing Street$339,00011300000.00%17 days
101 Fathers Drive$750,00010714285.71%7 days
5 Marys Gate Court$650,00010833333.33%9 days
9 Village Mews Road$486,50012162500.00%29 days
46 Adulas Drive$94,0001044444.44%6 days
50 Adulas Drive$94,0001044444.44%26 days
609 Acadia Avenue$82,0001025000.00%17 days
205 Abenaki Way$92,0001022222.22%10 days
2 Cassique Road Lot 115$80,0001000000.00%12 days
6 Cassique Road$80,0001000000.00%undefined days
154 Fathers Drive$475,00011875000.00%29 days
158 Fathers Drive$538,00010760000.00%12 days
31 Adulas Drive$637,00010616666.67%21 days
116 Acadia Avenue$455,00011375000.00%undefined days
139 Fathers Drive$425,00010625000.00%7 days
100 Riverlook Lane$750,00010714285.71%6 days
114 Fathers Drive$398,00013266666.67%10 days
204 Abenaki Way$94,0001044444.44%15 days
108 Fathers Drive$399,00013300000.00%23 days
35 Adulas Drive$528,53910570780.00%2 days
109 Acadia Avenue$517,00010340000.00%20 days
18 Adulas Drive$80,0001000000.00%1 days
111 Fathers Drive$399,0009975000.00%7 days
220 Saluda Run Drive$830,00010375000.00%7 days
229 Saluda Run Drive$95,0001055555.56%0 days
112 Saluda Run Drive$122,00012200000.00%25 days
116 Riverlook Lane$127,50012750000.00%15 days
5 Village Mews Road$535,00010700000.00%29 days
141 Fathers Drive Lot 214$405,99013533000.00%6 days
120 Saluda Run Drive$120,00012000000.00%25 days
118 Fathers Drive$405,00010125000.00%3 days
412 Acadia Avenue$89,0001112500.00%18 days
232 Saluda Run Drive$120,00012000000.00%5 days
4 Village Mews Road$436,84910921225.00%11 days
10 Adulas Drive$80,0001000000.00%0 days
6 Village Mews Road$470,98411774600.00%5 days
34 Adulas Drive Lot 150$80,0001000000.00%0 days
23 Adulas Drive$80,0001000000.00%5 days
132 Saluda Run Drive Lot 76$117,00011700000.00%23 days
229 Saluda Run Drive$94,0001044444.44%2 days
2 Kellers Gate Court$535,00010700000.00%8 days
225 Abenaki Way Lot 97$132,50013250000.00%2 days
116 Acadia Avenue$436,00010900000.00%2 days
2 Village Mews Road$450,97011274250.00%28 days
127 Riverlook Lane$122,00012200000.00%20 days
8 Village Mews Road$415,79210394800.00%11 days
15 Village Mews Road$437,41710935425.00%29 days
208 Saluda Run Drive$840,00010500000.00%1 days
9 Village Mews Road$428,83110720775.00%28 days
124 Saluda Run Drive$120,00012000000.00%2 days
10 Village Mews$424,18210604550.00%0 days
5 Village Mews Road$543,00013575000.00%25 days
221 Abenaki Way Lot 96$130,00013000000.00%19 days
116 Riverlook Lane$112,90011290000.00%29 days
260 Abenaki Way Lot 120$97,0001077777.78%18 days
2 Cushing Lane$70,0001000000.00%8 days
10 Kellers Gate Court$725,00010357142.86%0 days
113 Fathers Drive$361,70012056666.67%13 days
224 Saluda Run Trail$117,00011700000.00%16 days
108 Fathers Drive$300,00010000000.00%2 days
115 Fathers Drive$405,19513506500.00%10 days
136 Saluda Run Drive$116,00011600000.00%0 days
Private Address$96,0001066666.67%23 days
260 Abenaki Way$95,0001055555.56%5 days
Private Address$95,0001055555.56%3 days
105 Riverlook Lane$97,5001083333.33%19 days
18 Cushing Street$420,50010512500.00%29 days
301 Abenaki Way$114,00011400000.00%26 days
117 Fathers Drive$362,00012066666.67%3 days
155 Fathers Drive$65,0001083333.33%0 days
116 Acadia Avenue$73,0001042857.14%18 days
212 Abenaki Way$93,0001033333.33%17 days
206 Cindys Gate Court Lot#7$83,5001043750.00%4 days
407 Acadia Avenue$84,0001050000.00%22 days
10 Cushing Street$370,00012333333.33%17 days
6 Riverlook Lane$565,00011300000.00%27 days
265 Abenaki Way$117,00011700000.00%28 days
112 Acadia Avenue$385,00012833333.33%6 days
108 Fathers Drive$284,00014200000.00%17 days
240 Abenaki Way$105,00010500000.00%21 days
111 Fathers Drive$329,00010966666.67%23 days
Private Address$101,00010100000.00%16 days
Private Address$400,00010000000.00%24 days
100 Riverlook Lane$73,5001050000.00%25 days
6 Kellers Gate$621,00010350000.00%27 days
100 Fathers Drive$290,00014500000.00%19 days
125 Acadia Avenue$400,00010000000.00%14 days
Private Address$83,000922222.22%5 days
111 Fathers Drive$409,90097.34%45 days
100 Riverlook Lane$750,000100.00%129 days
109 Acadia$549,50094.09%108 days
501 Acadia Avenue$624,900101.60%52 days
213 Abenaki Way$650,00098.77%41 days
213 Abenaki Way$650,00098.77%41 days
501 Acadia Avenue$624,900101.60%52 days
100 Riverlook Lane$750,000100.00%129 days
111 Fathers Drive$409,90097.34%45 days
109 Acadia$549,50094.09%108 days