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Enjoy the Outdoor Fireplace
Welcome to the prestigious golf-course subdivision of Willow Creek where this traditional yet very elegant home sits with 4 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. As you drive into the property, you will be greeted with a circular paved driveway decorated with a well-maintained landscaped yard. As you walk up the stoned steps, and enter the foyer, you will be amazed with the chandelier and the grand curved stairway elegantly designed with wrought-iron balusters. To the right is an office with its very own fireplace. To the left is a show stopper chandelier that blends elegantly with the well-designed crown moldings in the dining room. As you continue in, the living room with a nice fireplace sits across the foyer guiding you into the spacious primary, master bedroom to the right with its own sitting area, and its very own balcony looking out into the backyard. The primary bathroom is spacious with two separate vanities and a jetted tub. The walk-in closet has been customized with plenty of shelving and storage space. To the left of the living area, you will find the kitchen, a great room and the second bedroom with its very own full bathroom. The kitchen is very well equipped with double ovens, a gas top range, wine chiller and plenty of granite countertop space. The breakfast room has such a beautiful elegance with a marble floor inlay right in the middle where you can sit and enjoy the view from the large windows. The great room is beautifully displayed with a stoned fireplace and beautiful crown molding that leads out into the sun-room where the large picture windows allow you to enjoy the beautiful golf-course at 4th Tee Box, a pond and listen to the water fountain beautifully decorated with rocks on the side of the house. Keep going out to the backyard and you will be surprised to find a gorgeous outdoor living space with a stamped concrete patio, gas fire pit with a sitting area, an outdoor kitchen that is fully equipped with all of your outdoor entertaining needs and plenty of space! The list just keeps going and going with this astonishingly large property that also includes an extra-large bonus room with a wet-bar and its very own full bathroom allowing you to use the additional space as a 5th bedroom, should you wish to do so. Two additional bedrooms and full bathrooms are also included on the second floor. Throughout the house you will find plenty of storage with large closets, a walk-in large pantry, built-in bookshelves, and a 3-car garage. An intercom system is included with a surround sound system. As mentioned, the house is amazing, gorgeous and spacious! Its a few minutes from I-85 and just right down the street from BMW and GSP airport! Dont miss it and schedule your showing today!
164 Tupelo Drive
Master on Main, Bonus Room, Sun Room, Fireplace, Natural Gas, Natural Gas, Brick

Willow Creek Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
374 Crepe Myrtle Drive$615,00010250.00%62 days
543 Live Oak Court$835,00010121.00%43 days
519 Live Oak Court$585,0009750.00%35 days
394 Crepe Myrtle Drive$985,00010103.00%60 days
404 Crepe Myrtle Drive$625,0009259.00%109 days
6 Pepper Bush Drive$645,0009699.00%110 days
654 Driftwood Drive$705,0009805.00%76 days
11 Pepper Bush Drive$799,90010000.00%77 days
146 Tupelo Drive$750,00010000.00%83 days
183 Tupelo Drive$730,00010657.00%41 days
653 Driftwood Drive$965,00010000.00%66 days
393 Crepe Myrtle Drive$860,00010424.00%54 days
677 Driftwood Drive$820,0009658.00%195 days
346 Crepe Myrtle Drive$920,0009892.00%138 days
422 Crepe Myrtle Drive$715,00010214.00%43 days
130 Tupelo Drive$661,00010248.00%45 days
122 Tupelo Drive$540,0009643.00%59 days
707 Sugar Pine Court$675,00010150.00%70 days
00 Sugar Pine Court$105,0008140.00%37 days
673 Driftwood Drive$875,00010000.00%59 days
518 Live Oak Court$585,0009750.00%59 days
925 Wax Myrtle Court$749,90010000.00%49 days
114 Tupelo Drive$690,0009237.00%228 days
933 Wax Myrtle Court$558,9009894.00%74 days
443 Crepe Myrtle Drive$565,0009658.00%270 days
245 Sandy Run Drive$1,000,0009407.00%204 days
681 DRIFTWOOD Drive$675,00010150.00%44 days
167 Tupelo Drive$615,50010008.00%41 days
143 Tupelo Drive$626,00010016.00%54 days
673 DRIFTWOOD Drive$754,92010067.00%74 days
118 Tupelo Drive$505,0009921.00%43 days
921 Wax Myrtle Court$660,0009524.00%177 days
625 Driftwood Drive$715,0009883.00%155 days
374 Crepe Myrtle Drive$479,00010000.00%67 days
126 Tupelo Drive$550,0009571.00%146 days
915 Wax Myrtle Court$856,00010072.00%38 days
551 Live Oak Court$455,00010000.00%31 days
314 Crepe Myrtle Drive$394,9009875.00%358 days
939 Wax Myrtle Court$660,0009567.00%62 days
371 Crepe Myrtle Drive$600,0009525.00%423 days
236 Sandy Run Drive$367,5009697.00%39 days
397 Crepe Myrtle Drive$545,0009270.00%59 days
130 Indigo Court$489,90010000.00%38 days
648 Driftwood Drive$629,0009844.00%69 days
436 Crepe Myrtle Drive$556,5009448.00%64 days
135 Tupelo Drive$570,0009915.00%290 days
629 Driftwood Drive$640,0009698.00%64 days
224 Sandy Run Drive$565,0009417.00%49 days
109 Tupelo Drive$715,4009808.00%83 days
632 DRIFTWOOD Drive$71,0008886.00%235 days
244 Sandy Run Drive$622,0009745.00%50 days
126 Tupelo Drive$488,0009760.00%111 days
130 Tupelo Drive$490,00010020.00%46 days
947 Wax Myrtle Court$535,0009729.00%41 days
909 Wax Myrtle Court$605,0009605.00%131 days
314 Air Park Drive$417,5009510.00%106 days
905 Wax Myrtle Court$480,0009600.00%43 days
394 Crepe Myrtle Drive$655,0009705.00%153 days
199 Tupelo Drive$409,7509758.00%159 days
711 Sugar Pine Court$630,0009754.00%189 days
925 Wax Myrtle Court$632,5009732.00%97 days
422 Crepe Myrtle Drive$530,0009515.00%52 days
200 Tupelo Drive$470,0009594.00%152 days
621 Driftwood Drive$375,00010000.00%49 days
151 Tupelo Drive$608,0009808.00%41 days
551 Live Oak Court$400,0009547.00%125 days
379 Crepe Myrtle Drive$437,9769248.00%129 days
401 Crepe Myrtle Drive$500,0009806.00%135 days
329 Crepe Myrtle Drive$408,0009740.00%215 days
364 CREPE MYRTLE Drive$478,5009572.00%104 days
233 Sandy Run Drive$119,0009520.00%43 days
117 Tupelo Drive$465,0009300.00%52 days
947 Wax Myrtle Court$505,0009808.00%62 days
130 Tupelo Drive$408,0009717.00%64 days
343 Crepe Myrtle Drive$425,0009661.00%177 days
449 CREPE MYRTLE Drive$340,0009717.00%133 days
365 Crepe Myrtle Drive$585,0009752.00%153 days
539 Live Oak Court$352,0009780.00%59 days
255 Sandy Run Drive$540,0009820.00%356 days
236 Sandy Run Drive$325,0009559.00%61 days
393 Crepe Myrtle Drive$575,000100.00%21 days
151 TUPELO Drive$587,0009394.00%110 days
934 Wax Myrtle Court$440,0009567.00%310 days
654 Driftwood Drive$395,5009532.00%58 days
408 CREPE MYRTLE Drive$515,00010002.00%102 days
240 Sandy Run Drive$510,0009109.00%133 days
139 Tupelo Drive$115,0009583.00%49 days
382 Crepe Myrtle Drive$395,0009636.00%66 days
518 LIVE OAK Court$368,90010250.00%74 days
199 Tupelo Drive$375,0009871.00%117 days
418 CREPE MYRTLE Drive$523,0509688.00%48 days
519 Live Oak Court$352,0008482.00%80 days
925 Wax Myrtle Court$605,0009837.00%625 days
543 Live Oak Court$92,5009546.00%952 days
326 Crepe Myrtle Drive$70,00010000.00%3 days
645 Driftwood Drive$475,0009794.00%224 days
132 Indigo Court$382,0009922.00%267 days
731 Sugar Pine$80,0008899.00%534 days
922 Wax Myrtle Court$75,0009387.00%44 days
704 Sugar Pine Court$345,0009860.00%49 days
669 Driftwood Drive$95,0009596.00%181 days
680 Driftwood Drive$390,0009750.00%168 days
538 Live Oak Court$87,5008794.00%531 days
114 Tupelo Drive$560,0009333.00%148 days
645 Driftwood Drive$288,7506453.00%245 days
123 INDIGO Court$247,0009427.00%467 days
122 Tupelo Drive$380,0009512.00%62 days
624 Driftwood Drive$380,0009091.00%171 days
950 Wax Myrtle Court$434,0009655.00%62 days
314 Air Park Drive$50,0008347.00%387 days
382 CREPE MYRTLE Drive$389,5009523.00%100 days
164 Tupelo$517,0009402.00%43 days
127 Indigo Court$367,0009535.00%185 days
371 Crepe Myrtle Drive$510,0009533.00%129 days
136 Tupelo Drive$370,0009252.00%44 days
217 Sandy Run$67,0008933.00%611 days
905 Wax Myrtle Court$450,0009474.00%114 days
129 Tupelo Drive$440,0008889.00%86 days
135 Tupelo Drive$365,00010429.00%123 days
147 TUPELO Drive$325,0009288.00%50 days
918 Wax Myrtle Court$66,0009565.00%1018 days
526 Live Oak Court$37,28410653.00%226 days
681 Driftwood Drive$399,50010000.00%88 days
208 Tupelo Drive$395,0008797.00%250 days
164 Tupelo Drive$500,0009093.00%214 days
648 Driftwood Drive LOT 134$66,0009103.00%382 days
Lot 210 Wax Myrtle Court$45,0006923.00%462 days
105 Leatherwood Court$525,0009146.00%314 days
255 Sandy Run Drive$479,5009592.00%57 days
118 Tupelo Drive$365,0009608.00%412 days
224 Sandy Run Drive$360,0009002.00%620 days
674 DRIFTWOOD DR$47,5009519.00%187 days