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Under Contract
A chance that doesn’t come around often—an OG Sugar Creek GEM for sale! The original owners of 122 Woody Creek are ready to bid adieu their home of 40+ years, and this house is ready for its new chapter! So much potential in this home, and many items completed already! Fantastic outdoor spaces, ready for entertaining, including the newly installed patio (complete with lighting) and screened porch. Eat-in kitchen open to cozy den with fireplace and built-ins. Formal living & dining rooms and walk-in laundry also on main level. Upstairs you’ll find four large bedrooms including the primary suite. Additional improvements include primary bathroom update, engineered hardwoods throughout living spaces, and more! Pre-inspected, repairs completed! Don’t miss your chance to see this home today!
122 Woody Creek Road
Screened Porch, Hardwood Floors, Natural Gas, Natural Gas, Brick
Under Contract
SUGAR CREEK- 4 BR/3 BA home located in one of Greenvilles most sought-after neighborhoods! Offering main-level living, this classic brick ranch home is a staple floor plan. The foyer, invites you into fantastic living spaces including: A formal living room, den with vaulted ceilings, and dining room off the spacious kitchen! Admire built-in cabinet features, a cozy fireplace, and access to huge sunroom! The Kitchen features ample cabinet space, walk-in pantry and peninsula to the breakfast nook all offering effortless entertainment options! The Owners Suite boasts an ensuite Bathroom and his and her closets! This neighborhood is zoned for award-winning schools, as well as having a neighborhood pond, paths , three separate pools, clubhouses and tennis courts. Located centrally in the Eastside with easy access to many shopping, dining, medical facilities and entertainment & recreational venues, as well as being only a short drive to downtown Greenville or Greer and the GSP International Airport. Schedule your showing quick because this home wont last long!
216 Briar Creek Road
Single Level, Master on Main, Sun Room, Fireplace, Hardwood Floors, Brick

Sugar Creek Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
100 White Water Court$280,00014000000.00%11 days
109 Cherrywood Trail$477,90011947500.00%26 days
111 E Shallowstone Road$516,00010320000.00%7 days
409 Sweetwater Road$550,00011000000.00%undefined days
103 Grey Stone Court$445,00011125000.00%4 days
103 Scattershot Lane$437,50010937500.00%9 days
111 Cliffwood Court$415,00010375000.00%23 days
311 S Wingfield Road$501,50012537500.00%undefined days
311 Hunting Hill Circle$585,00011700000.00%1 days
202 S Lady Slipper Lane$450,00011250000.00%4 days
212 Sun Meadow Road$628,05512561100.00%2 days
102 Autumn Road$650,00013000000.00%8 days
211 S Lady Slipper Lane$465,00011625000.00%8 days
205 Sugar Creek Lane$530,00010600000.00%6 days
312 Silver Creek Road$626,00010433333.33%26 days
106 N Wingfield Road$600,00012000000.00%6 days
111 Sugar Creek Lane$479,50011987500.00%26 days
106 Sandy Creek Court$566,00011320000.00%2 days
202 Oak Ridge Court$502,60010052000.00%24 days
119 Cherrywood Trail$434,50010862500.00%18 days
408 Hunting Hill Circle$470,00011750000.00%21 days
101 Cliffwood Lane$300,00010000000.00%23 days
210 Sugar Creek Road$335,00011166666.67%14 days
115 W Shallowstone Road$480,00012000000.00%6 days
403 Sugar Creek Lane$296,00014800000.00%6 days
309 Silver Creek Road$415,00010375000.00%11 days
302 Sweetwater Road$445,00014833333.33%2 days
100 Sandy Creek Court$496,00012400000.00%11 days
111 Cliffwood Lane$455,00011375000.00%9 days
322 S Wingfield Road$518,00010360000.00%29 days
313 S Wingfield Road$473,00011825000.00%8 days
114 Cherrywood Trail$455,00011375000.00%3 days
115 Cherrywood Trail$502,90010058000.00%23 days
120 Woody Creek Road$440,00011000000.00%4 days
421 Sweetwater Road$381,00012700000.00%1 days
217 S Lady Slipper Lane$310,00010333333.33%13 days
305 Hunting Hill Circle$285,00014250000.00%11 days
107 Shady Creek Court$360,00012000000.00%30 days
104 Stone Ridge Road$300,00015000000.00%25 days
112 Sugar Creek Road$335,00011166666.67%12 days
101 Winterwood Court$375,00012500000.00%11 days
215 Silver Creek Road$540,00010800000.00%14 days
100 Sugarfield Court$415,00010375000.00%4 days
206 Woody Creek Road$336,93111231033.33%11 days
409 Silver Creek Road$445,00011125000.00%11 days
302 Hunting Hill Circle$355,00011833333.33%23 days
207 E Shallowstone Road$380,00012666666.67%21 days
405 Hunting Hill Circle$410,00010250000.00%12 days
103 Winterwood Court$455,00011375000.00%16 days
108 Sugar Cane Court$315,00010500000.00%15 days
212 White Water Court$300,00010000000.00%21 days
203 Briar Creek Road$340,00011333333.33%10 days
210 Middle Brook Road$317,50010583333.33%3 days
221 Silver Creek Road$380,50012683333.33%2 days
118 Sun Meadow Road$420,00010500000.00%15 days
208 Briar Creek Road$310,00010333333.33%13 days
220 Briar Creek Road$514,00010280000.00%3 days
102 Sugar Lake Court$450,73211268300.00%26 days
111 E Shallowstone Road$369,00012300000.00%5 days
106 Grey Stone Court$440,00011000000.00%18 days
100 Woody Creek Road$400,00010000000.00%11 days
205 E Shallowstone Road$430,00010750000.00%2 days
200 Sugar Creek Lane$287,50014375000.00%undefined days
117 Woody Creek Road$291,11314555650.00%10 days
229 Briar Creek Road$350,00011666666.67%undefined days
127 Sugar Creek Lane$277,50013875000.00%26 days
116 N Wingfield Road$435,00010875000.00%10 days
603 Stone Ridge Road$388,00012933333.33%12 days
100 Sweetwater Court$307,00010233333.33%13 days
102 Stonecrest Road$366,00012200000.00%11 days
125 Woody Creek Road$412,00010300000.00%15 days
108 Stone Hill Court$295,00014750000.00%5 days
106 Sugar Cane Court$315,00010500000.00%14 days
102 Silver Pine Court$328,00010933333.33%21 days
201 Sugar Creek Lane$266,00013300000.00%6 days
103 Sugar Cane Court$407,00010175000.00%1 days
511 Sugar Valley Court$330,00011000000.00%11 days
208 White Water Court$300,00015000000.00%15 days
200 Autumn Road$365,00012166666.67%26 days
114 Shady Creek Court$350,00011666666.67%1 days
313 Hunting Hill Circle$435,00010875000.00%undefined days
312 Silver Creek Road$415,00010375000.00%17 days
140 Sun Meadow Road$525,00010500000.00%4 days
313 S Wingfield Road$335,50011183333.33%5 days
102 Cliffwood Court$305,00015250000.00%10 days
107 Cliffwood Lane$305,00010166666.67%27 days
103 Stone Creek Road$320,00010666666.67%23 days
6 Running Springs Court$444,00011100000.00%24 days
107 Silver Pine Court$423,64010591000.00%14 days
125 Sugar Creek Lane$280,00014000000.00%24 days
118 Woody Creek Road$315,00010500000.00%27 days
303 Sugar Creek Lane$335,00011166666.67%27 days
213 Briar Creek Road$382,00012733333.33%6 days
209 Sugar Creek Road$285,50014275000.00%11 days
111 Cliffwood Lane$355,00011833333.33%6 days
102 Sugar Lake Court$335,00011166666.67%19 days
106 Sugar Creek Road$399,00013300000.00%12 days
109 Sugar Cane Court$265,00013250000.00%28 days
322 S Wingfield Road$411,00010275000.00%2 days
101 Silver Pine Court$410,00010250000.00%18 days
102 Sweetwater Court$434,98810874700.00%3 days
103 Sugarfield Court$410,00010250000.00%21 days
500 Sugar Valley Court$400,00010000000.00%10 days
224 Sugar Creek Road$235,00011750000.00%29 days
102 Winterwood Court$350,00011666666.67%17 days
112 Creekside Road$335,10011170000.00%28 days
106 Sugar Creek Road$355,00011833333.33%6 days
101 Sugar Creek Court$259,00012950000.00%19 days
315 Hunting Hill Circle$341,00011366666.67%6 days
119 Sun Meadow Road$476,00011900000.00%7 days
108 Creekside Road$289,50014475000.00%17 days
125 Woody Creek Road$380,00012666666.67%11 days
306 Hunting Hill Circle$265,00013250000.00%2 days
109 W Shallowstone Road$305,00010166666.67%15 days
119 Sugar Creek Lane$339,90011330000.00%14 days
207 Stone Ridge Road$300,00010000000.00%1 days
119 Cliffwood Lane$380,0009500000.00%15 days
104 Sandy Creek Court$348,00011600000.00%20 days
107 N Wingfield Road$365,00012166666.67%20 days
104 Silver Creek Road$288,00014400000.00%16 days
106 Sugar Cane Court$296,00014800000.00%26 days
101 Stone Ridge Court$320,00010666666.67%7 days
409 Silver Creek Road$373,00012433333.33%27 days
205 S Lady Slipper Lane$313,61510453833.33%13 days
103 Cherrywood Trail$287,50014375000.00%20 days
2 Running Springs Court$462,50011562500.00%0 days
210 Oak Ridge Court$343,00011433333.33%20 days
202 Oak Ridge Court$290,00014500000.00%4 days
102 Sun Meadow Road$342,00011400000.00%12 days
214 Briar Creek Road$370,00012333333.33%12 days
109 Cherrywood Trail$327,90010930000.00%9 days
202 S Lady Slipper Lane$285,00014250000.00%18 days
415 Sweetwater Road$338,50011283333.33%18 days
111 Sugar Creek Lane$385,00012833333.33%26 days
203 Sugar Lake Court$290,00014500000.00%29 days
118 Sun Meadow Road$394,00013133333.33%7 days
138 Sun Meadow Road$450,00011250000.00%18 days
102 Sugar Creek Court$370,00012333333.33%15 days
102 Autumn Road$350,00011666666.67%8 days
304 Hunting Hill Circle$365,00012166666.67%7 days
309 Hunting Hill Circle$344,00011466666.67%22 days
103 E Shallowstone Road$275,00013750000.00%3 days
110 Stone Creek Road$355,00011833333.33%22 days
403 Sugar Creek Lane$178,0008900000.00%11 days
104 Silver Pine Court$325,00010833333.33%21 days
110 Silver Creek Court$305,50010183333.33%13 days
116 Woody Creek Road$266,00013300000.00%7 days
107 Sugar Cane Court$360,00012000000.00%30 days
217 Briar Creek Road$404,50010112500.00%7 days
102 Berrywood Court$318,00010600000.00%23 days
110 Stone Creek Road$230,00011500000.00%27 days
112 Sugar Cane Court$397,90013263333.33%21 days
105 Summer Creek Court$309,50010316666.67%11 days
113 Sun Meadow Road$295,00014750000.00%0 days
111 Creekside Road$347,00011566666.67%3 days
309 Hunting Hill Circle$300,00010000000.00%17 days
223 E Shallowstone Road$375,00012500000.00%24 days
105 Grey Stone Court$216,00010800000.00%29 days
410 Hunting Hill Circle$305,00015250000.00%21 days
212 White Water Court$332,30011076666.67%2 days
107 Middle Brook Road$406,70013556666.67%20 days
104 Sugar Cane Court$322,50010750000.00%15 days
114 Cherrywood Trail$313,00010433333.33%20 days
123 Cliffwood Lane$375,00012500000.00%8 days
704 Stone Ridge Road$350,00011666666.67%1 days
105 Berrywood Court$275,00013750000.00%21 days
111 Cliffwood Lane$333,40011113333.33%23 days
100 Woody Creek Road$295,0009833333.33%4 days
214 Briar Creek Road$315,00010500000.00%8 days
122 Sun Meadow Road$407,00010175000.00%18 days
122 Sun Meadow Rd$407,000105.44%5 days
410 Sweetwater Road$313,00010433333.33%18 days
220 Sugar Creek Road$255,00012750000.00%20 days
107 Stonecrest Road$352,00011733333.33%3 days
600 Stone Ridge Road$270,20013510000.00%27 days
107 Sandy Creek Court$216,50010825000.00%24 days
114 Cherrywood Trail$305,00010166666.67%4 days
405 Silver Creek Road$349,50011650000.00%19 days
114 Sun Meadow Road$329,00010966666.67%10 days
122 Cliffwood Lane$379,00012633333.33%20 days
101 Sugarfield Court$342,50011416666.67%6 days
114 W Shallowstone Road$380,00012666666.67%14 days
202 Oak Ridge Court$289,90014495000.00%23 days
102 Silver Creek Road$253,50012675000.00%5 days
302 Sweetwater Road$245,00012250000.00%26 days
209 Grey Stone Court$312,00010400000.00%9 days
108 Shady Creek Court$339,00011300000.00%17 days
415 Sweetwater Road$315,00010500000.00%1 days
229 Sugar Creek Road$374,90012496666.67%25 days
220 Briar Creek Road$350,00011666666.67%28 days
203 S Lady Slipper Lane$297,0009900000.00%7 days
207 White Water Court$281,00014050000.00%5 days
207 Sugar Creek Lane$224,90011245000.00%19 days
102 Cherrywood Trail$299,90014995000.00%26 days
302 Hunting Hill Circle$240,00012000000.00%23 days
204 Grey Stone Court$242,00012100000.00%8 days
123 Woody Creek Road$260,00013000000.00%23 days
319 South Wingfield Road$247,00012350000.00%11 days
112 W Shallowstone Road$320,00010666666.67%0 days
210 S South Lady Slipper Lane$302,50010083333.33%6 days
105 Sun Meadow Road$371,00012366666.67%22 days
223 E Shallowstone Road$350,00011666666.67%13 days
207 Oak Ridge Court$283,00014150000.00%21 days
116 Sugar Cane Court$365,00012166666.67%4 days
108 Woody Creek Road$290,00014500000.00%6 days
229 Sugar Creek Road$308,00010266666.67%27 days
113 Sweetwater Court$250,00012500000.00%6 days
109 Cliffwood Court$299,00014950000.00%13 days
213 S Ladyslipper Lane$222,50011125000.00%15 days
104 Oak Ridge Court$358,00011933333.33%2 days
200 Stone Ridge Road$340,00011333333.33%29 days
117 Creekside Road$260,00013000000.00%23 days
109 Cherrywood Trail$280,00014000000.00%21 days
119 Woody Creek Road$285,00014250000.00%3 days
100 Sugar Creek Road$240,00012000000.00%23 days
108 Sweetwater Court$310,00010333333.33%26 days
206 White Water Court$260,00013000000.00%27 days
107 N Wingfield Road$365,00012166666.67%4 days
111 Silver Pine Court$270,00013500000.00%8 days
111 Sugar Creek Road$320,00010666666.67%22 days
204 Sugar Creek Lane$317,00010566666.67%29 days
109 Sugar Creek Rd.$225,00011250000.00%6 days
702 Stone Ridge Road$317,00010566666.67%9 days
210 S Lady Slipper Lane$287,00014350000.00%4 days
105 Cherrywood Trail$249,00012450000.00%19 days
103 White Water Court$284,90014245000.00%0 days
207 Woody Creek Road$290,0009666666.67%22 days
113 Sugar Creek Road$259,90012995000.00%10 days
105 E Shallowstone Road$315,00010500000.00%5 days
101 Briar Creek Road$220,00011000000.00%2 days
127 Sugar Creek Lane$265,00013250000.00%6 days
605 Stone Ridge Road$292,0009733333.33%9 days
115 Woody Creek Road$312,90010430000.00%9 days
125 Cherrywood Trail$230,00011500000.00%7 days
225 Briar Creek Road$304,50010150000.00%5 days
121 Sugar Creek Lane$223,00011150000.00%29 days
118 Woody Creek Road$269,50013475000.00%4 days
Private Address$325,00010833333.33%12 days
208 Autumn Road$342,00011400000.00%15 days
203 White Water Court$265,00013250000.00%12 days
105 Stone Hill Court$300,00010000000.00%18 days
104 Oak Ridge Court$315,00010500000.00%22 days
140 Tanager Circle$29,0001450000.00%4 days
102 Silver Creek Road$235,00011750000.00%1 days
233 Briar Creek Rd$140,00014000000.00%9 days
210 Briar Creek$180,00018000000.00%19 days
214 Sugar Creek Road$183,00018300000.00%6 days
121 Cherrywood Trail$175,00017500000.00%11 days
104 N. Lady Slipper Lane$272,50013625000.00%17 days
217 Briar Creek Rd$226,00011300000.00%8 days
316 Hunting Hill Circle$268,00013400000.00%8 days
102 Woody Creek Road$222,50011125000.00%14 days
102 Winterwood Ct$239,25011962500.00%16 days
211 Grey Stone Court$275,25813762900.00%6 days
111 Cliffwood Ln$274,20013710000.00%14 days
106 Stone Ridge Court$305,00010166666.67%9 days
402 Hunting Hill Circle$220,00011000000.00%14 days
112 Creekside Road$275,00013750000.00%28 days
101 Sugar Cane Court$185,00018500000.00%22 days
100 Grey Stone Court$293,00014650000.00%20 days
317 S Wingfield Road$279,50013975000.00%undefined days
216 S Lady Slipper Lane$195,0009750000.00%26 days
109 Sugar Creek Court$260,00013000000.00%10 days
102 Scattershot Lane$332,50011083333.33%4 days
111 Cliffwood Ln.$176,00017600000.00%27 days
111 Woody Creek Road$275,00013750000.00%13 days
106 Creekside Road$315,00010500000.00%18 days
108 Woody Creek Road$297,50014875000.00%29 days
200 S Lady Slipper Lane$206,00010300000.00%21 days
202 Stone Ridge Road$258,00012900000.00%9 days
107 Shady Creek Court$288,05014402500.00%22 days