Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club is a private, by invitation only country club located on Federal Highway and 18th Street (also known as Royal Palm Way). This exclusive 450 acre country club has around 700 estates, many on deep-water and golf course lots. Notable features include a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, full-service marina with dock master on staff, state of the art fitness center, variety of dining options, clay tennis courts, yacht club and much more. 

Estates are found to range between $800,000 for older original homes and up to over $20 million for newer luxurious estates. This community is manned by guards but it is not considered gated since the streets are public and anyone can enter.                                                                                  

While membership is exclusive and new members are only considered after being nominated by at least two existing members, membership in Royal Palm Yacht Club is not limited to residents of the community. There are 2 levels of membership in Royal Palm;Full, Golf, Social, and each level of membership offers a Junior and Legacy membership for those between 24 and 39 years old. 

This established community has definitely lived up to its reputation as one of the most exclusive and beautiful neighborhoods in South Florida. Not only is it extravagant by looks but location also plays a key part living in this luxury abode. Grocery stores,gas stations, high-end shopping, multiple restaurants, bars, plazas, doctors,banks, Mizner Park, beach– you name it you have it all just minutes from your door step!

Royal Palm Yacht And Country Club in Boca Raton

Royal Palm Yacht And Country Club Recently Sold Listings

PhotoAddressSold DateSold PriceRatioDOM
283 Sabal Palm Terrace$1,705,00085.46%undefined days
333 E Key Palm Road$9,000,00075.31%42 days
144 W Coconut Palm Road$24,500,00094.59%69 days
2275 Areca Palm Road$6,900,00099.28%385 days
2244 Queen Palm Road$3,700,00097.37%4 days
2124 W Maya Palm Drive$3,495,00094.59%24 days
2295 E Silver Palm Road$4,850,00097.10%414 days
2280 W Silver Palm Road$4,184,30087.26%25 days
2310 E Silver Palm Road$3,800,00086.40%54 days
2362 W Maya Palm Drive$3,450,00088.58%68 days
282 Princess Palm Road$3,632,50066.11%85 days
1928 Thatch Palm Drive$5,650,00099.12%13 days
1936 Royal Palm Way$10,250,000100.00%12 days
311 E Key Palm Road$12,000,00093.02%26 days
2388 Queen Palm Road$2,475,00099.04%281 days
239 S Maya Palm Drive$2,042,50093.05%63 days
429 E Alexander Palm Road$9,600,00097.22%334 days
251 W Coconut Palm Road$10,475,00095.27%34 days
215 Royal Palm Way$4,180,00099.52%566 days
428 E Camino Real$2,475,000100.00%14 days
289 W Coconut Palm Road$9,000,000101.12%52 days
252 S Silver Palm Road$6,764,25098.75%11 days
320 S Maya Palm Drive$15,000,000100.33%11 days
499 Royal Palm Way$7,150,00092.26%718 days
248 W Alexander Palm Road$9,250,00094.87%39 days
2148 W Maya Palm Drive$3,475,00099.43%22 days
1329 Thatch Palm Drive$4,025,00094.71%87 days
148 Thatch Palm Cove$6,703,00091.88%324 days
283 Fern Palm Road$4,750,00097.94%90 days
2151 Cherry Palm Road$3,650,00091.36%187 days
471 Royal Palm Way$3,200,00091.43%0 days
2355 E Silver Palm Road$3,300,00094.42%78 days
270 Sabal Palm Terrace$3,995,000100.00%8 days
1862 Sabal Palm Drive$3,600,000100.00%52 days
2324 Date Palm Road$5,300,000100.09%328 days
1655 Royal Palm Way$4,250,00094.87%1 days
1871 Thatch Palm Drive$6,125,00089.42%476 days
191 W Key Palm Road$12,825,00095.04%98 days
336 E Camino Real$4,950,00090.83%107 days
1159 Royal Palm Way$5,900,00090.84%91 days
225 W Alexander Palm Road$12,510,00096.30%343 days
170 Royal Palm Way$6,995,00095.89%170 days
2361 W Silver Palm Road$5,100,00095.33%776 days
246 Princess Palm Road$6,700,00095.78%451 days
484 Royal Palm Way$4,223,62581.22%130 days
2350 Areca Palm Road$3,550,00097.26%1364 days
260 W Key Palm Road$7,400,00078.93%309 days
1430 Sabal Palm Drive$4,450,00090.91%122 days
299 Royal Palm Way$3,500,00092.23%378 days
2352 Acorn Palm Road$4,845,00088.17%458 days
1919 Thatch Palm Drive$2,750,00088.85%175 days
1241 Royal Palm Way$5,600,00073.20%451 days
341 E Alexander Palm Road$13,400,00094.04%335 days
1964 Royal Palm Way$11,250,00088.24%637 days
1356 Sabal Palm Drive$5,100,00087.93%141 days
2199 W Maya Palm Drive$3,495,000100.00%17 days
2220 E Silver Palm Road$5,200,00094.63%639 days
1739 Royal Palm Way$7,825,00092.11%519 days
401 E Coconut Palm Road$5,750,00098.29%5 days
2405 Date Palm Road$2,062,50094.83%75 days
293 Princess Palm Road$3,400,00097.28%4 days
303 E Alexander Palm Road$6,200,00089.21%117 days
327 E Alexander Palm Road$12,820,00091.60%252 days
404 E Camino Real$2,800,00093.49%39 days
252 S Silver Palm Road$5,250,00080.21%620 days
378 E Alexander Palm Road$12,950,00097.92%3925 days
160 W Key Palm Road$13,936,00092.94%1 days
1220 Thatch Palm Drive$6,000,00081.14%332 days
239 W Coconut Palm Road$10,600,00094.22%228 days
295 W Alexander Palm Road$3,883,923.877.76%964 days
151 W Alexander Palm Road$12,000,00085.74%492 days
468 E Alexander Palm Road$7,225,00095.13%91 days
2333 Acorn Palm Road$5,625,00080.65%461 days
444 E Alexander Palm Road$5,500,00091.74%0 days
444 E Coconut Palm Road$15,850,00096.09%252 days
348 E Coconut Palm Road$5,580,00069.79%187 days
2083 Thatch Palm Drive$2,500,00079.37%162 days
2310 E Silver Palm Road$2,735,00091.32%342 days
261 W Alexander Palm Road$9,400,00076.73%791 days
369 S Maya Palm Drive$1,997,00087.02%192 days
2212 Acorn Palm Road$2,100,00084.85%56 days
1889 Sabal Palm Drive$5,500,000100.00%4 days
2160 E Silver Palm Road$3,800,00076.08%221 days
1880 Sabal Palm Drive$5,150,00080.62%492 days
2314 W Maya Palm Drive$2,000,00080.81%21 days
2161 Acorn Palm Road$2,375,00095.19%147 days
356 S Silver Palm Road$3,725,00082.87%265 days
1560 Sabal Palm Drive$4,000,00088.99%97 days
310 E Alexander Palm Road$11,122,11282.42%224 days
2171 E Silver Palm Road$1,732,50099.00%0 days
2150 E Maya Palm Drive$7,750,000100.00%0 days
2398 Areca Palm Road$2,050,00094.25%192 days
1992 Royal Palm Way$6,000,00090.91%75 days
311 E Key Palm Road$10,000,00097.56%1350 days
2124 W Maya Palm Drive$2,717,50097.23%4 days
2314 W Maya Palm Drive$2,175,00092.55%16 days
285 W Alexander Palm Road$3,875,000100.00%18 days
1717 Sabal Palm Drive$5,750,00088.53%192 days
1430 Fan Palm Road$1,600,00086.49%0 days
250 Fan Palm Road$2,450,00082.35%493 days
293 Sabal Palm Terrace$3,650,00093.71%18 days
1788 Royal Palm Way$16,750,00090.54%210 days
2350 Cherry Palm Road$3,800,00095.00%12 days
1371 Royal Palm Way$2,400,00096.00%4 days
320 S Maya Palm Drive$12,600,00088.42%606 days
1798 Sabal Palm Drive$5,400,00086.40%340 days
2082 Thatch Palm Drive$1,575,00090.00%5 days
2314 W Maya Palm Drive$1,843,00092.20%257 days
292 Fern Palm Road$2,800,00077.46%660 days
1544 Thatch Palm Drive$2,552,659.3786.53%255 days
1815 Sabal Palm Drive$6,900,00093.24%868 days
2266 W Maya Palm Drive$2,120,00093.19%659 days
484 S Maya Palm Drive$11,500,00088.80%1323 days
404 E Coconut Palm Road$4,580,00095.42%257 days
104 E Camino Real$1,270,00083.28%442 days
415 E Alexander Palm Road$4,500,00092.31%6 days
249 W Alexander Palm Road$13,000,00092.89%319 days
2151 Cherry Palm Road$3,014,48886251.44%0 days
461 S Maya Palm Drive$5,500,00094.91%879 days
293 Sabal Palm Terrace$3,375,00092.47%80 days
133 W Coconut Palm Road$11,450,00095.46%677 days
2352 Date Palm Road$2,000,00090.95%272 days
293 Fern Palm Road$3,332,00089.45%151 days
2398 Areca Palm Road$1,980,00093.18%0 days
1440 Thatch Palm Drive$7,450,00090.91%240 days
324 Fern Palm Road$5,550,00089.59%640 days
324 E Coconut Palm Road$6,175,00091.48%122 days
1857 Sabal Palm Circle$5,944,00090.40%33 days
300 E Key Palm Road$12,105,00082.35%164 days
1836 Sabal Palm Drive$1,750,00087.72%163 days
2177 Areca Palm Road$1,700,00091.89%9 days
1655 Royal Palm Way$3,280,00089.86%4 days
2380 Date Palm Road$1,900,00098.70%13 days
2280 W Silver Palm Road$3,475,00087.42%218 days
360 E Coconut Palm Road$8,250,00092.70%192 days
170 Royal Palm Way$1,500,00090.36%858 days
1229 Thatch Palm Drive$5,200,00083.20%178 days
2121 E Maya Palm Drive$4,700,00094.47%23 days
1720 Thatch Palm Drive$3,780,00092.31%1398 days
160 W Key Palm Road$4,100,00086.32%223 days
184 Royal Palm Way$1,630,00086.24%222 days
2380 Acorn Palm Road$1,725,00098.85%42 days
2222 W Maya Palm Drive$2,500,00094.34%27 days
1289 Thatch Palm Drive$4,500,00078.26%699 days
1461 Sabal Palm Drive$2,200,00087.13%143 days
2362 W Maya Palm Drive$2,719,50092.19%315 days
1160 Royal Palm Way$12,603,00088.44%587 days
304 S Maya Palm Drive$5,550,00081.68%133 days
2351 Cherry Palm Road$3,500,00084.34%0 days
2323 Areca Palm Road$3,750,00093.87%12 days
336 E Alexander Palm Road$3,600,00080.09%396 days
1803 Sabal Palm Circle$3,750,00087.31%68 days
2405 E Maya Palm Drive$2,135,00085.40%190 days
2156 Date Palm Road$1,700,00091.89%35 days
271 W Coconut Palm Road$11,000,00091.70%500 days
1220 Thatch Palm Drive$1,700,00083.95%161 days
229 S Maya Palm Drive$1,700,00075.56%352 days
1323 Fan Palm Road$2,825,00088.28%130 days
384 E Coconut Palm Road$4,200,00091.30%106 days
372 E Coconut Palm Road$4,600,00095.83%1 days
2391 Areca Palm Road$1,750,00087.54%130 days
2275 Areca Palm Road$1,550,000100.00%0 days
146 E Camino Real$1,325,00065.59%238 days
2244 W Maya Palm Drive$1,500,00092.31%43 days
280 E Camino Real$3,999,00072.52%20 days
239 W Coconut Palm Road$10,795,00094.49%537 days
2100 Queen Palm Road$1,785,00090.41%259 days
251 W Coconut Palm Road$7,250,00077.55%416 days
2401 Areca Palm Road$1,750,00076.09%201 days
327 E Alexander Palm Road$8,550,00094.31%510 days
1377 Sabal Palm Drive$2,450,00074.27%292 days
1401 Royal Palm Way$2,700,00084.05%60 days
2199 W Maya Palm Drive$2,775,00080.43%259 days
1824 Royal Palm Way$7,200,00091.67%6 days
2221 Cherry Palm Rd.$1,795,00085.75%94 days
2296 Date Palm Road$2,395,00096.78%29 days
2324 Date Palm Road$1,300,00088.14%255 days
450 S Maya Palm Drive$8,390,00090.53%146 days
1440 Thatch Palm Drive$1,775,000100.00%0 days
434 S Maya Palm Drive$6,750,00094.81%58 days
360 E Coconut Palm Road$5,995,00083.63%207 days
1857 Sabal Palm Circle$1,695,00087.02%2 days
444 E Coconut Palm Road$5,990,00075.96%231 days
2165 E Maya Palm Drive$6,225,00097.34%112 days
2249 E Maya Palm Drive$5,200,00099.05%686 days
379 S Maya Palm Drive$4,250,00090.43%14 days
2384 W Silver Palm Road$1,650,00098.41%0 days
380 E Coconut Palm Road$7,700,00084.15%572 days
333 S Maya Palm Drive$2,695,000100.00%0 days
290 S Maya Palm Drive$11,995,00090.04%214 days
312 E Coconut Palm Road$12,150,000100.91%362 days
2424 Queen Palm Road$4,195,00095.35%422 days
100 E Camino Real$1,500,00095.67%0 days
1899 Royal Palm Way$8,995,000105.96%438 days
368 S Silver Palm Road$4,400,00097.78%1 days
2405 Date Palm Road$1,451,000100.07%370 days
1949 Royal Palm Way$7,195,00091.06%746 days
252 S Silver Palm Road$6,295,00093.73%259 days
2221 Acorn Palm Road$2,025,00079.41%521 days
2361 W Silver Palm Road$1,400,000100.00%1 days
151 W Alexander Palm Road$3,209,37584.46%538 days
1340 Royal Palm Way$6,495,00094.69%176 days
2244 W Maya Palm Drive$1,375,00099.27%1 days
1693 Sabal Palm Drive$1,995,00072.73%152 days
1720 Sabal Palm Drive$4,660,00084.80%703 days
1717 Sabal Palm Drive$1,600,00091.43%85 days
2352 Acorn Palm Road$1,500,00096.67%113 days
2315 Date Palm Road$1,750,00089.04%190 days
2405 Acorn Palm Road$4,200,000101.20%535 days
160 E Camino Real$2,650,00079.25%709 days
1160 Royal Palm Way$4,200,000110.12%9 days
144 W Coconut Palm Road$4,950,00084.85%28 days
470 S Maya Palm Drive$4,750,00092.63%3 days
450 S Maya Palm Drive$5,950,00092.16%214 days
2343 Date Palm Road$1,320,00090.74%265 days
260 W Coconut Palm Road$3,700,00089.16%305 days
361 E Alexander Palm Road$4,200,00090.00%84 days
2398 E Silver Palm Road$2,395,00079.78%78 days
404 E Coconut Palm Road$3,950,00091.97%1292 days
1798 Sabal Palm Drive$1,545,00084.14%136 days
320 S Maya Palm Drive$4,600,00089.13%370 days
1889 Sabal Palm Drive$4,170,00083.48%1144 days
1900 Sabal Palm Drive$7,145,00088.17%428 days
2362 W Silver Palm Road$1,900,00095.00%17 days
324 E Alexander Palm Road$4,300,00086.87%88 days
1685 Royal Palm Way$4,095,00092.80%353 days
280 Royal Palm Way$3,195,00092.64%496 days
117 Thatch Palm Cove$2,300,00096.74%1 days
353 E Coconut Palm Road$5,660,00088.58%211 days
420 S Maya Palm Drive$8,950,00094.97%30 days
1771 Thatch Palm Drive$6,197,500103.38%323 days
283 Fern Palm Road$3,350,00095.85%28 days
500 E Alexander Palm Road$6,995,00082.92%47 days
2124 W Maya Palm Drive$2,725,00094.13%259 days
300 E Key Palm Road$12,420,000103.54%448 days
311 Fan Palm Road$2,500,00068.49%620 days
2295 E Silver Palm Road$4,450,00098.31%16 days
2165 E Maya Palm Drive$1,416,250100.00%0 days
1824 Sabal Palm Drive$2,375,00091.35%134 days
324 Fern Palm Road$1,425,00085.07%75 days
2133 E Silver Palm Road$1,550,00097.58%3 days
1412 Thatch Palm Drive$3,697,00092.44%87 days
133 W Coconut Palm Road$3,000,00068.26%2353 days
505 E Alexander Palm Road$8,000,00086.49%291 days
1871 Thatch Palm Drive$1,395,000108.24%1 days
391 E Coconut Palm Road$3,935,00090.46%208 days
1430 Sabal Palm Drive$3,425,00095.27%191 days
2082 Thatch Palm Drive$1,275,00094.44%149 days
456 E Alexander Palm Road$5,000,00089.29%126 days
1370 Royal Palm Way$4,850,00087.63%0 days
1779 Sabal Palm Drive$2,000,000100.00%0 days
236 W Key Palm Road$8,400,00088.89%8 days
231 Fan Palm Road$3,250,00092.86%38 days
2155 W Silver Palm Road$3,750,00098.81%694 days
2299 W Silver Palm Road$2,350,000100.00%0 days
1906 Thatch Palm Drive$2,400,00085.87%473 days
1661 Sabal Palm Drive$1,375,00095.82%87 days
2190 E Silver Palm$1,450,00093.55%101 days
291 S Silver Palm Road$1,180,00084.29%57 days
2362 W Silver Palm Road$1,900,00084.44%122 days
2061 Thatch Palm Drive$3,600,00093.51%129 days
165 W Alexander Palm Road$8,100,000103.18%700 days
312 E Coconut Palm Road$3,600,000100.00%1 days
1387 Fan Palm Road$2,400,00096.00%65 days
281 Fan Palm Road$2,850,00086.36%222 days
1492 Thatch Palm Drive$5,200,00095.41%688 days
264 Fern Palm Road$1,425,00087.69%31 days
263 Fern Palm Road$2,300,00088.63%45 days
2345 W Silver Palm Road$1,300,00086.72%281 days
1000 Royal Palm Way$4,600,00092.93%659 days
1797 Sabal Palm Circle$3,325,00086.36%undefined days
333 S Maya Palm Drive$1,935,00080.63%66 days
292 Fan Palm Road$4,400,00097.89%undefined days
273 W Alexander Palm Road$8,000,00086.49%undefined days
2184 Acorn Palm Road$3,900,00098.73%644 days
252 S Silver Palm Road$1,450,00090.63%4 days
434 Areca Palm Road$2,575,000100.00%96 days
1750 Royal Palm Way$8,597,50072.86%undefined days
236 W Key Palm Road$8,700,00099.43%undefined days
2351 Cherry Palm Road$1,175,000100.00%undefined days
401 E Coconut Palm Road$4,575,00092.42%undefined days
1806 Sabal Palm Circle$4,200,00096.55%undefined days
461 S Maya Palm Drive$5,825,00093.20%undefined days
239 W Key Palm Road$3,750,00093.75%undefined days
2095 Royal Palm Way$3,100,00095.38%undefined days
2361 W Silver Palm Road$1,425,00090.48%354 days
1668 Sabal Palm Drive$2,400,00095.05%undefined days
2166 W Silver Palm Road$1,860,00094.18%undefined days
1639 Sabal Palm Drive$2,625,00095.45%4 days
1928 Thatch Palm Drive$3,500,000100.00%undefined days
1400 Royal Palm Way$4,250,00095.51%4 days
430 Royal Palm Way$3,737,00089.51%300 days
224 W Coconut Palm Road$3,000,000100.00%2 days
2249 E Maya Palm Drive$1,400,00090.32%undefined days
2460 Queen Palm Road$2,435,00097.44%undefined days
1387 Fan Palm Road$2,300,00092.00%2 days
407 Thatch Palm Drive$1,895,00086.14%1 days
1200 Thatch Palm Drive$1,950,00090.70%164 days
2364 E Maya Drive$3,600,000100.00%undefined days
263 S Maya Palm Drive$1,280,00092.35%undefined days
2401 Areca Palm Road$1,700,00098.55%9 days
1229 Thatch Palm Drive$1,750,00097.22%undefined days
1388 Sabal Palm Drive$2,500,00096.23%undefined days
1330 Sabal Palm Drive$2,600,00093.22%14 days
2244 Acorn Palm Road$1,750,00097.49%22 days
2208 Queen Palm Road$3,180,00095.64%548 days
2355 E Silver Palm Road$2,375,00089.62%undefined days
2221 Cherry Palm Road$1,450,00096.73%139 days
1370 Fan Palm Road$2,650,00088.33%undefined days
1301 Thatch Palm Drive$5,395,000100.00%undefined days
2800 Date Palm Road$3,425,00080.59%undefined days
2220 E Silver Palm Road$1,275,00096.23%40 days
1329 Thatch Palm Drive$2,850,00086.39%106 days
2323 E Silver Palm Road$3,100,00091.31%undefined days
284 W Coconut Palm Road$3,500,00095.89%626 days
315 Royal Palm Way$3,450,00089.61%undefined days
248 W Alexander Palm Road$4,125,00095.93%undefined days
1240 Thatch Palm Drive$2,425,00089.98%undefined days
299 Royal Palm Way$2,375,00091.52%undefined days
2265 Queen Palm Road$1,200,00087.27%80 days
1888 Sabal Palm Drive$3,700,00096.10%undefined days
324 Fan Palm Road$3,740,00093.97%undefined days
2399 Cherry Palm Road$2,550,00094.48%undefined days
1771 Thatch Palm Drive$1,304,14498.80%undefined days
382 E Camino Real$1,015,00082.86%undefined days
2267 E Silver Palm Road$2,943,00094.94%564 days
215 Royal Palm Way$2,525,00084.17%undefined days
356 S Silver Palm Road$4,025,00097.58%undefined days
342 S Silver Palm Road$1,875,00093.98%200 days
1300 Sabal Palm Drive$5,625,00095.36%545 days
2367 Queen Palm Road$1,100,00078.85%6 days
292 Fan Palm Road$1,100,00084.62%undefined days
1685 Royal Palm Way$3,000,000100.00%0 days
468 E Alexander Palm Road$5,800,00085.31%56 days
1200 Royal Palm Way$3,725,00093.71%undefined days
1803 Sabal Palm Circle$3,530,00098.19%undefined days
2128 Acorn Palm Road$2,400,00084.21%undefined days
202 Royal Palm Way$3,735,00095.89%386 days
2199 E Silver Palm Road$2,000,00093.02%undefined days
2299 W Silver Palm Road$1,325,00096.36%undefined days
252 S Silver Palm Road$1,200,00096.00%1 days
2401 W Silver Palm Road$3,700,00092.62%undefined days
250 Fan Palm Road$2,075,00091.21%382 days
212 S Maya Palm Drive$8,080,00096.77%375 days
360 E Coconut Palm Road$3,600,00082.89%undefined days
177 Royal Palm Way$1,300,00093.19%489 days
315 Royal Palm Way$3,000,00081.19%3 days
484 S Maya Palm Drive$4,744,00090.36%undefined days
379 S Maya Palm Drive$1,150,00088.80%undefined days
495 E Alexander Palm Road$3,250,00092.46%undefined days
369 S Maya Palm Drive$1,546,00091.75%undefined days
1899 Sabal Palm Drive$5,500,00091.74%undefined days
2424 Date Palm Road$1,025,00093.18%6 days
324 Fan Palm Road$3,690,00092.83%undefined days
359 S Maya Palm Drive$1,700,00094.71%undefined days
2160 E Silver Palm Road$3,370,00093.74%452 days
311 E Key Palm Road$5,000,00052.91%91 days
2291 Date Palm Road$2,105,00087.89%73 days
2244 Queen Palm Road$2,250,00090.91%undefined days
1744 Thatch Palm Drive$1,753,00097.39%3 days
1300 Thatch Palm Drive$4,750,00095.10%undefined days
1388 Sabal Palm Drive$2,345,00094.75%undefined days
215 W Coconut Palm Road$3,400,00088.31%170 days
290 S Maya Palm Drive$2,600,00093.19%undefined days
2400 Acorn Palm Road$2,730,00091.76%undefined days
236 W Key Palm Road$2,590,00097.74%undefined days
230 S Maya Palm Drive$6,700,00091.84%87 days
2384 W Silver Palm Road$1,050,00087.57%10 days
2350 Cherry Palm Road$3,550,00093.54%undefined days
450 E Coconut Palm Road$9,000,00082.57%undefined days
152 W Alexander Palm Road$10,000,00086.96%undefined days
356 S Silver Palm Road$910,000100.00%undefined days
1251 Thatch Palm Road$1,130,00090.47%undefined days
484 South Maya Palm Drive$4,700,00089.52%undefined days
1900 Sabal Palm Drive$1,845,00090.00%undefined days
500 E Alexander Road$5,500,00088.00%81 days
1694 Sabal Palm Drive$3,000,000100.00%1 days
202 E Camino Real$2,200,00089.80%142 days
1772 Sabal Palm Drive$3,825,00095.74%undefined days
2323 E Silver Palm Road$3,100,00089.73%80 days
2124 W Maya Palm Drive$2,100,00084.03%undefined days
242 Royal Palm Way$1,239,00088.82%14 days
315 S Maya Palm Drive$1,500,00090.91%21 days
2380 Acorn Palm Road$950,00095.48%11 days
434 Areca Palm Road$2,050,00091.11%35 days
242 Royal Palm Way$1,100,00096.07%452 days
2265 Queen Palm Road$4,750,000--
215 W Alexander Palm Road$5,650,000--
237 W Alexander Palm Road$5,750,000--
1681 Sabal Palm Drive$2,375,000--
246 Princess Palm Road$1,759,500--
2299 Acorn Palm Road$1,595,000--
137 Royal Palm Way$1,750,000--
166 W Alexander Palm Road$10,250,000--
2299 W Maya Palm Drive$4,940,000NaN%1 days
2166 W Silver Palm Road$2,375,000NaN%19 days
1732 Sabal Palm Drive$3,750,000NaN%95 days
1711 Royal Palm Way$3,495,000--
261 W Alexander Palm Road$NaNNaN%218 days
377 E Coconut Palm Road$NaNNaN%875 days
310 E Alexander Palm Road$3,795,000--
231 Thatch Palm Drive$3,749,000--
1387 Fan Palm Road$8,995,000--
312 E Coconut Palm Road$12,950,000--
260 W Alexander Palm Road$3,200,000--
1908 Royal Palm Way$7,495,000--