Things to Consider When Buying Equestrian Properties: Property Layout

When you’re planning to buy an equestrian property in Wellington, you’ll find that there are many different factors to consider. From the property size to the features included in the stable, you’ll have a lot to think about.

One of the first factors you’ll notice is the property’s layout. While you can make changes to the property such as creating new paddocks or building new structures, it’s hard to make major changes to the property’s existing layout. Before you look at properties, think about how the following factors can affect your daily work and enjoyment of the property.

Barn Location

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The barn’s location on the property is one of the most significant layout factors to consider. Ideally, you will want the barn to be located close enough to the house to be convenient, but also far enough away from the house so that you can maintain your privacy.

For safety purposes, it is often best if your house is located closer to the road than your barn is. By setting the barn back past the house, visitors must drive past the house in order to access the barn, which can allow you to better monitor who is coming onto and leaving the property.

The ideal location for your barn partially depends on your intended use for the property. If you will be running a large training business out of the barn, then you may wish to have it more distanced from the house so that you aren’t disrupted by clients and trainers coming and going. If your barn will be solely for personal use, then having it a bit closer to the house may be ideal.

Access Roads

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The barn’s location will partially determine the position of access roads. When viewing the property, look for roads which are well-maintained and which are designed to be easily navigated by large vehicles, including hay delivery wagons and horse trailers. Are the roads gently curved so that drives can easily make the trip without damaging the landscaping? And is the parking lot easily accessible by these large vehicles so that deliveries can go seamlessly?

For improved privacy and navigation, it’s best if your home has a driveway which is separate from the barn access roads.

Perimeter Property Design

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The design of the property’s perimeter can affect both your property’s overall privacy and safety. Many equestrian property owners prefer to have a perimeter fence and gate. A perimeter fence can be an attractive landscaping addition, but it can also help to keep your horses a safe distance from visitors and passers-by, especially if the pastures run near the road. The presence of a perimeter fence can keep your horses contained on the property even if they get loose from a handler or from their pastures.


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Don’t forget to take notice of the property’s topography and how the layout works with (or against) the land’s topography. For instance, look to see if there are any hills or grades which end in a pasture or other important area. If so, rain may run off of those areas and create a muddy area during the summer. If rain runoff empties into a riding arena, this could be a significant issue. Has the property been designed with the land’s topography in mind?

Pasture Design

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Pay attention to the pasture design of the property. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to what makes up an ideal pasture. If you’re looking for a particular fencing type, for a large pasture size, or for a specific design such as curved corners for safety, keep these ideals in mind as you look at a property. Pasture design is something that you can change, but it’s certainly easier if the existing pasture design is close to what you want the end result to be.

The overall layout of property is just one of many factors that you will want to consider when envisioning your ideal equestrian property. I’ll be sharing additional things that you should consider when buying equestrian properties in the future, and, of course, I’m always available to answer any questions that you may have as you look for your new home in Wellington.

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