Greenville, SC, South Carolina

Greenville Tourism is Hitting a Home Run – Get in the Game!

Infographic of statistics related to Greenville, SC tourism and short-term stay rentals.

Business travel and tourism is booming in Greenville, SC – and for good reason.  Greenville has a charm unlike anywhere else. There is something for everyone, from nature lovers and history buffs to foodies and families.  Greenville is showing continuous growth, so it’s a great time to think about owning a short-term rental property in the area.

According to, Greenville, SC outperformed the Nation, Southeast and the State in hotel occupancy in 2017, with 75% occupancy compared to the national average of 66%. 

While traditional hotels are filling rooms, many travelers are turning to apps like Airbnb to find a unique place to stay. Travelers want to live like the locals do, so it’s easier than ever before to rent out your home – or even just a room in your home!

Apps like Airbnb make it easy to become a host and list your property and even give you an idea of earning potential.  According to Airbnb (based on hosting 2 guests), renting your entire home in Greenville, SC can earn you an average of $2,187 per month. Renting a room of your home can earn you over $1,000/month.

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