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Drone Photography Sells Boca Raton Homes for More Money, Here’s Why.

Photographs of important real estate have been taken from the sky forever.  High impact photos of skyscrapers and massive ranches and estates were the purview of a niche industry of helicopter and small aircraft pilots since at least the 1950s.  Then something changed.

About three years ago, aerial photos began cropping up on listings that were outside of the parameters where it made sense to pay the high cost of a helicopter flyover.  These weren’t particularly unique listings, and weren’t priced high enough to warrant potentially thousands in aerial photography.  Instead, these were photos taken by some of the first pioneering real estate agents with drones.

Fast forward to 2016, and drone photography is an important addition to any listing of even minor significance.  By giving potential buyers and their agents a bird’s eye view of the home, its surroundings, and community amenities the listing comes alive in ways that may surprise you.

Take this home, for example: NW 39th Drive, Millpond.  You may not have even noticed the outdoor gazebo, but once you see an aerial shot on a sunny day, it really starts to pop.  In Florida we’re lucky to have year round days of sunny weather when a listing can be shot in bright sun and show off the gorgeous landscaping and surrounding fauna of a home, especially in leafy suburbs with nice lawns.

Accentuating Water Features

If you’re located on any sort of water, like this one in Weston: – a shot taken from the water looking back on the home can be awesome.

The feeling of freedom one feels from looking at that skyline is hard to put into words!

Putting Large Homes and Estates in Perspective

Another great use of drone photography is with large properties.  In Florida especially, it can be hard to get the scope/scale of a flat property from the ground. A larger property really stands out when viewed from a bird’s eye perspective.  Here’s a large equestrian property in Boca Raton that shows well from any angle, but especially from the sky:

Check out that lake behind the property, an important detail that would be missed from a curb photo

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