South Carolina

Best Small Towns in South Carolina 2019

South Carolina has it all: scenic beauty, local color, history, a beautiful Atlantic coastline and character. It is among the original 13 colonies. Many American families choose to vacation in the South’s charming towns thanks to the amazing climate, good food, beaches, mountains, country hospitality, and other appealing qualities. After reading reviews from visitors, checking out authority rankings, and interviewing residents, here is our list of the most gorgeous and charming small towns to live in South Carolina 2019.

1.    Beaufort, South Carolina

This is one of the best small towns to live in the South. Beaufort is located on the southern side of the Palmetto State. It was founded in 1711 by the British, where it later became a destination for plantation owners before the civil war – a shipbuilding center as well. Beaufort is the second-oldest city in South Carolina after Charleston. This beautiful town is well known for its well preserved early to mid-19th and 18th century building.

According to the U.S. Census and expert insight, Beaufort is ranked among the best places for retirees, the best city for outdoor activities, the healthiest city in South Carolina.

The main attractions in this city include the beautiful waterfront and a cultural scene known for hosting a large variety of water sports and lots of festivals annually. The National Geographic recently listed Beaufort among the greatest waterfront adventure towns. This southern town is also home to the Penn Center, a former school for freed slaves which is now a culture and history  attraction. Visit Beaufort and make sure you spare enough time to truly take advantage of the lovely things in this city.

2.    Greenville SC

Greenville is a great city with numerous activities that you can engage in with friends and family. The city has one of the fastest growing population and economy. It boasts a great downtown with numerous natural and cultural attractions. The low cost of living and a mild temperatures are just a few of the many things that make Greenville a desirable place to live by many. Greenville South Carolina is located just a few miles away from the mountains which make it ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Greenville has a lot of parks, shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Majority of its residents are young professionals who tend to have moderate political views. Whether you’re looking for a place to visit, retire, or live in with your family, Greenville SC is no doubt one of the best hubs for charming southern living.

3.    Georgetown

Georgetown is the third oldest town in South Carolina. It began as a Spanish colony in 1526, before being named ‘Charles Town’ by English colonists in 1670. It later became Georgetown in 1729 after plans were drawn for a city laid out of the grid system. Majority of historic sites in the town are awash with heritage buildings.

Golf, water sports, antiques, art galleries, festivals, and nature are some of the best getaway activities here. Whatever your pleasure is, Georgetown has it all. Many families have been vacationing along the Hammock Coast. Georgetown is constantly adding to new business and growing. It also has a beautiful and a great little downtown square, and schools here are among the best in this side of South Carolina.

According to the U.S Census and expert insights, Georgetown is rated among the best places to retire, live and raise a family. The best place to be in Georgetown is the downtown area, which features a waterfront and oaks that provide shades and create a peaceful environment. Walk around the city and get a feel for the 18th century Kaminski House Museum.

4.    Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach is a very affluent community that is among the best to live in South Carolina. It is a bedroom town mostly for travelers headed to nearby Charleston. Edisto Beach comes across as an excellent coastal vacation destination, and is laden with parks, coffee shops, stores, bars and restaurants. Most of the residents here are retirees and own their own homes. The city has continued to grow since Spanish colonialists settled here in the 16th century.

This Southern town has State parks for camping and hiking, and the area also has accessibility to biking and walking trails to accommodate different outdoor preferences. You can visit the Bay Creek Park to enjoy the art and craft fair.

5.    Newberry

Newberry is a city in South Carolina located just a few miles northwest of Columbia. It is known for its rural beauty and great history that is beautifully preserved. Newberry has about thirty five properties that contribute to its history. The historic real estate here includes the Old Courthouse and Newberry Opera House – where famous and popular local organizations, theater companies, and popular artists offer live performances.

Newberry also has a popular and beautiful park adjacent to the Opera House. The historic downtown district in Newberry is a center for local trade, culture, and government. Neighbors meet regularly for enjoyment, business, the community festivals and events.

6.    Landrum

Landrum city was founded in 1880 and incorporated in 1883. The town is located near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Residents here tend to lean conservative. According to U.S Census, Landrum is ranked among the best places to buy a house and raise a family in South Carolina – among other things. This is also one of the cheapest places to live in the south. Local public schools are ranked among the best, and the city is considered to be a very safe area to live in.  

Dining in the city’s quaint eateries, shops, as well as unique antiques are some of the things most residents and visitors here enjoy. Landrum city offers many events where they sponsor activities such as carriage rides, horseback riding, hiking, and cycling. There are plenty of golfing opportunities within this Southern town. Water enthusiasts can have a good time at Lake Bowen and Lake Lanier.

Landrum is home to charming historical sites, friendly people, great attractions, and beautiful scenery. Residents enjoy a great quality of life, and have a variety of housing options to choose from!

7.    Hilton Head Island

Also known as Hilton Head, this town is a great place to visit in the South. If offers many different types of sports including tennis, volleyball, polo, championship golf, and more.  If you’re a sporting buff, this is no doubt the best Southern town for you to live in.

There’s a Disney Vacation Club Resort within Hilton Head Island, and the town also offers a variety of wildlife including manatees, sea turtles, as well as dolphins. The Coastal Discovery Museum in Head Island is the place to be if you’re looking to learn more about the region’s biodiversity. For people who would like to bike, walk, or sit in the sun on sand, Coligny Beach Park is the place to be.

8.    Walhalla

Walhalla is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains within Oconee County, South Carolina. The city is few miles from Clemson University in Clemson. It was founded by the German settlers in the 1800s. Public schools here are above average, and majority of residents tend to lean conservative.

Walhalla city is ranked among the best places to live in the south – with a low cost of living and numerous amenities. The schools here are not as crowded as with other parts of South Carolina.

9.    Clover

Located in York County, Clover is among the best places to live in South Carolina. This town has a population of about 5,731 people, with the majority of residents owning their homes. For parents with school going children, the schools here are highly rated.

Clover is also among the most diverse Suburbs in South Carolina, with peaceful neighborhoods, shopping options, restaurants, bars, entertainment, as well as dining opportunities. If you’re looking to settle down in a Southern town with a historic ambiance and numerous antique shops, Clover is the place to be.

Clover has a popular Nature Center which acts as a gateway for the McDowell Nature Preserve. This center is also used for education programs on the fauna, flora and natural communities, and as a research center. Visitors get to enjoy various recreational activities inside the preserve such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing, among other things. Visit Clover and enjoy the natural beauties around you at the National Wildlife Federation certified Backyard Habitat Garden.

10. Aiken

Aiken is a beautiful small town with iconic oak canopies, equestrian culture and a historic trolley tour down the streets. Aiken became a popular destination thanks to wealthy Northeasterners who spent their winters here around the end of the 19th century.

Visit Aiken and walk in Hitchcock Woods – spanning over 2000 acres of suburban forest. Horse riders are popular in this town due to well-equipped equestrian training facilities. The streets are tree-lined and feature many other charms. The environment is safe for families and neighborhoods are very friendly.

Aiken is a great place to live since it is quiet and peaceful. There are plenty of opportunities and activities for kids to do as well.


Have you lived or visited any of the South Carolina small towns on this list? Let us know what town appealed most to you!

Greenville, SC, South Carolina

Greenville Tourism is Hitting a Home Run – Get in the Game!
Infographic of statistics related to Greenville, SC tourism and short-term stay rentals.

Business travel and tourism is booming in Greenville, SC – and for good reason.  Greenville has a charm unlike anywhere else. There is something for everyone, from nature lovers and history buffs to foodies and families.  Greenville is showing continuous growth, so it’s a great time to think about owning a short-term rental property in the area.

According to, Greenville, SC outperformed the Nation, Southeast and the State in hotel occupancy in 2017, with 75% occupancy compared to the national average of 66%. 

While traditional hotels are filling rooms, many travelers are turning to apps like Airbnb to find a unique place to stay. Travelers want to live like the locals do, so it’s easier than ever before to rent out your home – or even just a room in your home!

Apps like Airbnb make it easy to become a host and list your property and even give you an idea of earning potential.  According to Airbnb (based on hosting 2 guests), renting your entire home in Greenville, SC can earn you an average of $2,187 per month. Renting a room of your home can earn you over $1,000/month.

Visit our website to get started on your search for the perfect short-term rental property or a home of your own.

Greenville, SC, South Carolina

21 Amazing Things to do in Greenville SC

One of South Carolina’s fastest growing urban areas, Greenville offers a long list of fun activities to try. From riding at the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail to sampling liquor at the Dark Corner Distillery, the city will entertain you, your friends, and the whole family. This is our well placed list of the best things to do in Greenville SC 2019.

1. Visit Falls Park on the Reedy

Located in the heart of downtown, Falls Park is essentially the ‘Central Park’ of Greenville, SC. This park is one of Greenville’s greatest treasures – a true oasis in the heart of the city. It’s well maintained with green urban spaces, a selection of fascinating stonework, public art and sculptures. The Liberty Bridge, a beautiful walkway constructed above the park, offers splendid views of the area.

A visit to Falls Park is definitely one of the best things to do in downtown Greenville SC. The park is popular with both locals and visitors, most of whom consider it to be the best downtown park they’ve ever experienced. Falls Park is centered on the many rapids and waterfalls that make up the Reedy River.

You’ll be greeted by inviting trails and gardens the moment you set foot here.

2. Venture Outdoors on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail provides a wonderful escape from the urban environment that surrounds it – and is no doubt one of the best things to do in Greenville SC. This is a 28.6 mile long multi-use trail system that meanders along the Reedy River. The GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail connects multiple sections of the city and offers a multitude of recreational and outdoors opportunities. Many visitors love to rent a bike in downtown Greenville (for as low as $5) and hit the trail right away. Riding along the GHS is very fascinating, and you might even come across a Blue Heron or some other animals.

If you’re not exactly a biker, you can walk the trail and experience instant solitude while you take in the forest/stream landscape. Other outdoor activities available at this Greenville attraction include jogging, running, geocaching, wildlife and bird watching.

3. Explore Arts & Culture at Greenville County Museum of Art

Often ranked among the best art museums in the country, the Greenville County Museum of Art (GCMA) is a not-to-be-missed stop in Greenville. This museum is part of the Heritage Green complex that also houses the Upcountry History Museum, the Children’s Museum of the Upstate, the Hughes Main Library, and the Greenville Little Theater. It features American art with special focus on Southern American and South Carolina-based artists. You get to enjoy great historical southern art and memorable Andrew Wyeth paintings. In fact, GCMA hosts the world’s largest public collection of watercolors by Wyeth. Other interesting collections include Jasper Johns and the carving work of Grainger McKoy.

4. Take your kids to Runway Park at GMU

This is a great park for kids to run, play, swing and enjoy themselves. Because Runway Park is located close to a functioning small airport, kids get some extra entertainment by watching the planes landing and taking off. The area is enclosed so you don’t have to worry about safety and offers a lot of fun equipment for young children to have a great time. There’s also at least one picnic pavilion where you can sit down in the shade and enjoy some snacks if you want. If you are bringing children along on your visit, this is one of the top Greenville SC things to do.

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5. See Old Master Paintings at the Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery

The Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery is a great place to visit if you love ancient religious paintings and artifacts. This museum has one of the largest collections of old master paintings in the country, including 14th19th century work by Tintoretto, Rubens, van Dyck, and other artists. Bob Jones Museum also features the Bowen Collection of Antiquities – showing artifacts from ancient Hebrew, roman, and Egyptian cultures. Many visitors are thrilled by the sheer size of the museum’s collection – and there are discounts for kids and seniors.

Note that Bob Jones University Museum is closed through 2019 for renovation work. You can check for updates on their official newsroom at

6. Taste Great Liquor at the Dark Corner Distillery

For nearly two centuries the northeastern corner of Greenville County has been known as the ‘Dark Corner’ – thanks to its association with moonshiners. Dark Corner Distillery is a craft micro distillery situated in downtown Greenville that pays homage to this history.

The distillery produces small batches of the world’s top moonshine, aged whiskey, gin, and other special distilled spirits while informing both locals and tourists about their vibrant Appalachian heritage.

The liquor here is carefully crafted and tastes nothing like the generic brands. Many visitors who visit the Dark Corner Distillery for a quick tasting end up buying multiple bottles. They also have great ideas for cocktails in case you are planning to stage a little party soon.  

7. Family Fun at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is located in downtown Greenville (on the Heritage Green cultural campus). This facility offers a wonderful interactive environment where kids of all ages can have hours of unbridled fun. They have a lot of interesting exhibits and the experience is great for the whole family. Kids can play guitar at the Garage Rock exhibit, or build flat toy ducks in the Reedy River bend. There’s also a construction zone, and a broadcasting studio.

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is one of the best experiences for children in the entire stage of South Carolina. Story hours, crafts, science classes, and changing interactive displays will certainly give your little ones a memorable time here.

8. Visit the Paris Mountain State Park

For outdoor enthusiasts who’d love to catch a little more fun outside downtown Greenville, Paris Mountain State Park is located just 5 miles North of Greenville. The park offers campsites, picnic shelters, a playground, camp store, a swimming area, and a 15-acre lake with canoe, kayak, fishing and pedal boat rentals. There is a selection of trails with varying levels of difficulty, and the signage is clear and interesting. You can spend a wonderful afternoon hiking the trails at the base of Paris Mountain, or take your kids to the swimming area. This Greenville attraction is terrific for families with kids and pets.

9. Watch a Concert at the Peace Center

The Peace Center is a performing arts center located right in the heart of downtown Greenville. This is one of the most popular entertainment spots in the city. It features a 2,100 set concert venue, a 400-seat theater, as well as an outdoor amphitheater.  This is a great place to visit, and the quality of shows is excellent. The beating heart of Greenville, Peace Center hosts comedy, dance, Broadway shows, and musical performances. It is also the home to two ballet companies, the Greenville Symphony Orchestra, the Greenville SC Chorale, as well as South Carolina Children’s Theater. Many shows sell out fast, so it’s important to plan ahead for your visit.

10. Visit the Home of a Legend at the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

The Shoeless Joe Jackson museum is a bucket list destination for all basketball fans. You get to visit the actual house where Jackson spent his final years. Greenville County simply relocated the house to a more prominent location on Field St., across from the Fluor Field. In honor of the baseball legend, the Museum’s house number is 356. This represents the .356 lifetime batting average by Joe, which is the third highest in baseball history after Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby. A not-for-profit facility, the museum displays artifacts, photographs, records, film and other items of interest in the career of Shoeless Joe Jackson. The volunteers here will entertain you with interesting stories as you stroll through the very rooms in which Shoeless Joe lived and died.

11. Learn at the Roper Mountain Science Center

© SouthCarolinaETV

The Roper Mountain Science Center is a one-of-a-kind learning center dedicated to fueling an interest in science. Conveniently owned by the Greenville County School District, this is an excellent places for both adults and kids to learn about life and natural sciences, as well as space and physical sciences. There are a number of faculty buildings at the Roper Mountain Science Center, including a planetarium, a living history farm, an arboretum, a butterfly world, and an observatory. The living history farm is a particularly ideal opportunity for kids to see how things were in the past. A mile long nature trail that winds through the pine forests takes visitors to a butterfly garden and a pond where they can see aquatic and insect life. This is definitely the place to be for an interactive field learning experience.

12. Tour Downtown Greenville on a Segway at Greenville Glides

Greenville Glides offers educational and entertaining small-group Segway tours so you can experience the downtown area like never before. While you can take a bus or walking tour of the fast-growing city, a Segway adds a new perspective to it all. The tour starts with a basic training in the parking lot to make sure that you can handle the Segway safely and confidently. Then the group will embark on a 1 hour (up to 1.5 hours) tour to explore the booming business district, lush parks, and famed greenways. As you cruise through the Historic West End and Falls Park, you’ll be able to explore the bustling energy of the city. You may also opt to take the Haunted Segway Tour that takes you through the haunted paths of the Springwood cemetery, the hotels, buildings, and mills along the banks of the Reedy River.

Most visitors who take a Segway tour with Greenville Glides find the tour guides to be highly knowledgeable, entertaining and funny.

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13. Meet Artists at the Artisphere in May

This is a great festival held in downtown Greenville in mid-May. It brings together over 100 artists from all over the country. You get to see and buy all sorts of media, from pottery, glass, fine art, jewelry, and more. Music is everywhere and the exhibits by colleges can be particularly enticing. Because it showcases local and international talent through a series of demonstrations, performances, and exhibits, the Artisphere attracts thousands of visitors to Greenville each year.

There are also craft beer exhibits, technology, science, culinary arts demos, engineering displays, and an exhibition center for kids known as the Kidsphere. If you happen to be in Greenville around this time, the artisphere is an excellent opportunity to explore very fine works of art. Although some visitors find the pricing to be above what they expected, they all agree that the quality justifies the pricing.

14. Support Local Talent at the Center Stage

Centre Stage is a small venue that showcases local talent. Located off River Street Greenville in the Smith Barney building, they present current Broadway and off-Broadway comedies, musicals, and dramas. This is a great place to visit if you’d like to catch some entertainment while supporting the talented local folks. You can enjoy the well-done entertainment while you drink a beer, wine or soda.

15. Grab Some Tasty Food at the TD Saturday Market

Every Saturday morning between May and October, the downtown Greenville area comes to live with the bustling TD Saturday Market. Dozens of vendors sell the season’s local produce – sourced exclusively from the Greenville region. This popular market offers an opportunity for both locals and visitors to catch some fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, flowers, cheeses, and more. There are lots of places to listen to street musicians, eat fresh baked goods, and more. Local artists sell their arts and crafts, and handcrafted jewelry.

16. Walk at the Cleveland Park

A part of the Greenville Park System, Cleveland Park is located on the far end of the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is an excellent place to walk while enjoying waterfalls, river views, flowers, and beautiful nature. Cleveland Park is a great place for family and friends who’d love to have some quality outdoors time in an excellent environment. There’s a Zoo located inside the park, war memorials, tennis courts, an airplane, as well as biking and running trails. There are also playgrounds for children. You can take a joyous stroll right here in the park, read, sit, play, or jog. It’s no wonder the Park has plenty of visitors during all hours of daylight.

17. See Lions at the Greenville Zoo

The Greenville Zoo is located right inside Cleveland Park at 150 Cleveland Park Drive. This is a small, beautifully-set Zoo that hosts a wide variety of animals, from red pandas to leopards and giraffes. There’s lovely greenery on site with a stone path that leads to all the animals. You can get very close to the animal enclosures to take a good look. This Zoo is an excellent opportunity to see birds, turtles, lions, monkeys, and even a gorgeous orangutan. They have a petting zoo, as well as a reptile house with snakes and lizards. Greenville Zoo has a place to grab some food and a gift shop available to visitors.

18. Catch Local Sports Events at Fluor Field

Located on Greenville’s beautiful West End, Fluor Field is a small ballpark with a big league feel. The stadium is modelled after Fenway Park, and has its own version of the ‘Green Monster’ (a 30-foot high wall in left field that’s equipped with a manual scoreboard). Fluor Field is home to over 70 Drive home games that fans come to enjoy every season. The facility also hosts civic functions, and numerous special sporting events. If you are in Greenville and would like to get close to the action, this is the place to be.

19. Tour the BMW Factory  

The BMW plant tour is a #1 must-do for all car buffs who find themselves in the Greenville region. You’ll need to make reservations first before you head there. During busy times of the year (e.g. summer), you may have to book a few weeks in advance. Keep in mind that children under 12 years are not allowed and there are no babysitting services here. There’s a small museum onsite where you can see vintage BMW cars and motorcycles while you wait for your factory tour to start.  

The factory tour is an opportunity to see first-hand how cars are made at a multi-billion dollar BMW manufacturing facility. The only one of its kind in North America, this plant is truly wondrous. Visitors are required to wear glasses and a headset (all provided), after which they can witness the complicated process of making BMW X-series vehicles. If you want, you can pay roughly 100 bucks to drive a new BMW around their track. You have to call in advance though to find out if this is available.

20. Go Bird Watching at Lake Conestee

If you are into bird watching, Lake Conestee Nature Park is the place to be. The Lake occupies roughly 400 acres of natural habitat on the Reedy River just 6 miles south of downtown Greenville. This Park is rated by many visitors as one of the best birding sites in Upstate South Carolina. It is also a part of a global network of habitats recognized for their outstanding value to bird conservation. Lake Conestee is home to a variety of wildlife species, including deer, raccoon, fox, beaver, and river otters. You can take a family friendly walk here while you enjoy numerous species of birds. The Greenville County Bird Club also conducts a guided tour through the Park every third Saturday of the month.

21. Sample the Food Scene

Your visit to Greenville would never be complete without a thorough sampling of the town’s robust food scene. You can sip a wonderful cocktail at the seductive rooftop lounge, or enjoy true southern cuisine at one of the many restaurants. Soby’s is one of Greenville’s most popular restaurants. It offers traditional American food blended with Southern ingredients, as well as an award-winning list of over 500 wine bottles.

Larkin’s on the River is another premium dining spot famed for its super-fresh seafood, premium cut steaks, and fine boutique wines. Passerelle Bistro – located at the base of the Liberty Bridge – is a casual French-style bistro that serves French fare with a local twist. Other fine dining spots include Grill Marks and The Lazy Goat.

What is the best time to visit Greenville SC?

Most visitors agree that the best time for a trip to Greenville is between September to November, and from March to May. During this time, temperatures are mild without the intense humidity that characterizes summer. The attraction sites are also less crowded. Bikers and hikers may want to visit in Fall – when the foliage at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains bursts into color.

South Carolina

13 Inviting Sustainable Communities in South Carolina

Sustainable communities create an environment where humans and nature can mutually thrive for generations to come. They emphasize walkability, energy efficiency, and open spaces. If you’re looking to settle in the Palmetto State, this page highlights 13 awesome communities with Green Homes for sale.

What is a sustainable community?

Green communities are neighborhoods that increase resource efficiency, protect the environment, and yield long term reduction in operating expenses. Benefits to community members include improved comfort and energy efficiency, a healthier indoor and outdoor environment, easier maintenance requirements and increased durability. Sustainable communities have an innovative approach to enhancing the quality of life for their residents.

Green Community Checklist/Infographic

13 prime green communities in South Carolina

Looking to live and thrive in a Palmetto Stage sustainable community? Start your search for a green home in these South Carolina communities.

1. Hartness in Greenville, South Carolina

Hartness is a new home green community located in one of Greenville’s most pristine natural environments. It is characterized by natural beauty, vastness and a rich landscape. Residents get to enjoy miles of existing trails and over 180 acres of nature preserves surrounded by lakes and streams. Community members can bike, hike or walk in a serene natural environment right within the neighborhood.

There’s a village center where residents can enjoy dinner at the rooftop restaurant, catch some ice cream for the kids, or get dry cleaner services.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices in Hartness range from $400,000 to $1 million.

2. Greenville City Area

The Greenville City area offers multiple opportunities for residents who are looking for a green home. Years of strategic planning and supportive city policies have helped make Greenville one of the Greenest cities in the nation. More so, authorities actively encourage real estate builders to build homes that meet rigorous ‘green’ standards.

In 2011, the Greenville City Council did establish the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee. This body advises city staff on the development of sustainable programs and initiatives. Their main goal is to reduce Greenville’s environmental impact and distinguish it as a national leader in sustainability. To encourage use of low-emission vehicles, Greenville is installing no-charge electric vehicle charging stations in many parking facilities. The city emphasizes green transportation, bike lanes, and other features that have help make it one of the most livable destinations countrywide. Thanks – in part – to these municipal led efforts, there are many green homes cropping up within and around the city of Greenville, SC.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”phone” wrap=”i”] Contact Palmetto Park Realty on 1-844-414-2000 for Green Home Inquiries in Greenville

3. The Cliffs Communities

The Cliffs are a collective of seven self-sustaining communities located on the foothills South Carolina and North Carolina – with over 2,800 residences. Located minutes away from the charming southern cities of Greenville SC, Asheville, and Clemson, The Cliffs offer residents endless ways to explore the great outdoors and enjoy a great quality of life.

Known to be some of the most sustainable and successful communities in the Carolinas, The Cliffs have managed to conserve an idyllic, breathtaking scenery! Residents have the opportunity to enjoy amenities in all 7 communities. There are ample outdoor and recreational activities in the area. In 2015, the “The Cliffs Organic Farm” was launched. This is a community based organic farm that is dedicated to growing farm produce for residents. Community members can savor the bounty at any of the chef run restaurants in the area. Part of what makes The Cliffs such as successful case of green living is a collective culture of environmental responsibility.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices in The Cliffs range from $500,000 to $4 million.

4. Baxter Village, Fort Mill

Baxter Village is a planned community with quaint homes and a family-friendly atmosphere. Over the last 15 years, the area has grown to become a sustainable green community surrounded by acres of open space, as well as miles of sidewalks and trails. One of Fort Mill’s most established communities, Baxter Village has more than 1,500 homes. About 450,000 square feet in the community is space dedicated to shopping, dining, and working. Residents get to enjoy the small town feel, easy access to the Charlotte metropolitan area, and ample outdoor recreational activities. For parents who have school going children, it helps that the Fort Mill School District was ranked #2 Best School District in South Carolina in 2018.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices here range between $300,000 to $700,000.

5. North Charleston

Thanks to ongoing sustainability efforts, North Charleston is arguably the lowcountry’s greenest city. After it’s experience with runaway development, the community has been working to put its house in order. Green businesses, event spaces, and new parks are becoming the order of day. In the town’s Oak Terrace Preserve, bioswales are used to naturally clean stormwater. The town’s historic city hall is now heated and cooled by a geothermal system. More than two thirds of all solar power in South Carolina is now generated in North Charleston. These green credentials have helped North Charleston attract new businesses to the region, and make sustainable living an achievable goal for residents.

Charleston was ranked #1 by National Geographic on the list of small cities with good green spaces.

Members get to enjoy the ample amenities available here, as well as the truly breathtaking Riverfront Park. The farm to table trend is also catching steam in this part of South Carolina, bringing fresh produce closer to residents’ doorstep.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices in North Charleston range from $85, 000 to $250,000.  

6. Carnes Crossroads, Charleston

This is a master-planned community located near Charleston and the downtown Summerville area. Community residents enjoy sightly parks, lakes, open green spaces, tree-lined streets. The vibrant downtown area offers all types of modern amenities for residents. The Green Barn is a historic open air space that is used by residents for everything from special events to seasonal farmers’ market, wine tasting and fitness training. Homes here feature traditional southern-style architecture and tend to be very popular with families and retirees who want to be closer to the coast.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices here range from $200, 000 to $500,000.

7. Southbury, Myrtle Beach

Located close to Myrtle Beach, the small sustainable development of Southbury is known for its green homes. All homes here are LEED and Energy Star Certified, which essentially means that they are extremely energy efficient. Residents can enjoy the blend of southern charm, sprawling greenery, and efficient modern amenities. Trees are a common feature in this neighborhood, and open spaces leave a lot of space for nature and outdoor activities.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices in Southbury average $200,000 – $250,000.

8. Myrtle Beach SC

One of the most popular tourist destinations in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is also an eco-friendly community that’s showing potential for smart growth. Myrtle Beach was ranked as the second best beach in America by Travel Channel. Still, the beach is not the only thing this area has to offer. The city’s planning division is working on bringing together neighborhoods and connecting them with pedestrian and bike friendly transportation. The Myrtle beach community offers residents lots of opportunities for fine dining, leisurely strolls, and beach attractions. The city’s business community also works to ensure that the coast is well taken care of so it remains healthy and lucrative.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices in Myrtle Beach range $100,000 – $190, 000.

9. Celadon in Beaufort, SC

Located on one of the most picturesque Sea Islands in Beaufort, Celadon is a wellness-centered sustainable living community. Walking trails, community parks, ponds and picnic areas characterize life at Celadon. The community boasts a serene setting, moss-draped live oaks, and modern amenities that emphasize wellness for mind, body, and soul. The environment encourages families to go out and interact with neighbors, as well as pursue healthy living.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices range between $300, 000 and $600, 000.

10. Coosaw Point in Beaufort, SC

This is a sustainable living community in Beaufort that is set in 400 acres of lowcountry woodlands and wetlands. Coosaw Point is characterized by a great location just 10 minutes from Beaufort and about an hour from Hilton Head. Lowcountry cottage homes overlook vast green lawns and live oak trees. About 130 acres of its space remains open for nature. The riverfront, wetlands, and abundance of lowcountry wildlife provides ample opportunities for nature lovers. Amenities available for residents here include crab docks, a community dock, tennis courts, walking trails, open nature areas, a pool complex and clubhouse. Known to be one of the most peaceful retirement communities on Lady’s Island, Coosaw Points offers an incredible environment for both retirees and family residents.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices range between $475,000 and $1.5 million.

11. Hilton Head Plantation

This master-planned sustainable living community is located on the northern tip of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Many property owners are attracted to this neighborhood due to its immense natural beauty. Hilton Head Plantation is characterized by manicured areas, golf courses, and open spaces.  The community boasts more than 10 miles of leisure paths where residents can walk or bike. There’s also a very active farm club here, where residents can grow crops for own personal consumption. Farmers often collaborate to grow blueberries and other fruits, and there’s a beekeeper to help with pollination and honey harvesting.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices range from $200,000 to $500,000

12. Hampton Lake in Bluffton, SC

This is a South Carolina lakefront community located close to Hilton Head Island. Residents get to enjoy a relaxed way of life that is centered around the 165-acre fresh water lake that was created to promote a sustainable population of aquatic life. Popular outdoor activities include swimming, boating, and fishing. There’s also an award-winning amenity village at Hampton Lake that includes a boat house, a lake house, a large outdoor pool, a restaurant, children’s playground area, tennis courts, a fitness facility, spa, and many other offerings.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home prices range from $300,000 all the way to $1.8 million.

13. I’on Village, Mount Pleasant

I’on Village is a 243 acre Mount Pleasant community that is centered around sustainability, walkability, and efficiency. Located about 10 minutes (by car) away from Charleston and the beaches, this community features traditional Charleston-style homes with double chimneys, copper roof accents and triple porches. Ample green spaces and unbeatable amenities make I’on village the go-to community for people who are looking to settle in a relaxing sustainable community. Amenities available here include an Olympic size swimming pool, club houses, tennis courts, fitness facilities, boat ramps, dock facilities, and children’s play area.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”home-2″ wrap=”i”] Home values here range from $270, 000 up to $2 million.

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9 Amazing Reasons for Moving to Greenville SC

Does everyone seem to be moving to Greenville SC? Well, after interviewing both residents and visitors, we present the top 9 reasons why people are drawn to the magic of this southern town.

Great weather, ample outdoor activities, an incredible music scene, town festivals and excellent schools. These are just a few of many attractions that highlight Greenville’s charm. Tucked in northwest South Carolina, the town has made it to the top of one national list after the other.

Overnight sensation?

Thanks to an overflow of media praise, many people tend to think of Greenville as an overnight sensation. But the city’s success has been in the making for decades. Its leaders deliberately worked to make the Greenville downtown area a destination that appeals to the best and brightest. The city, for instance, embraced use of green spaces before most other towns in the country. Its downtown makeover has helped attract multinational companies, paving the way for expanded manufacturing activity across the stage.

Across the nation, many big cities and small towns are studying Greenville as they try to reinvent their own central business districts.

Reasons to move to Greenville SC

15 years ago, there would be no chance of Greenville making it to anybody’s top list. Today the downtown Greenville area is one of the most popular small towns in the country. The city is known for its favorable business climate, and is generally considered as a great place to live in. Whether you’re planning to change jobs or just looking for a great place to retire – here is some of the top reasons why many Americans are relocating to Greenville.

1. Strong economy with promising projections

Greenville is home to a wide range of business interests. Despite being small in size, the downtown Greenville area has a higher concentration of corporate headquarters than any other city in the region. The city boasts low taxation rates, market accessibility, and availability of skilled workforce. It’s no surprise that marquee multinationals and fortune 500 companies such as BMW, Michelin, Lockheed, 3M and GE have set up camp in greenville county. The Greenville area can be described as one of South Carolina’s foremost economic engines.

A 2017 report by the U.S. Census Bureau ranked Greenville as the fourth fastest-growing city in the country. Thanks to steady investment in infrastructure, and surpluses in tax revenues, Greenville is expected to accommodate further growth. The unemployment rate in the town fell by 4.5% and the job growth went up by 2.82%. Over the next 10 years, future growth is predicted to be 41.15%. Individuals looking to move to Greenville SC for business have more than enough reasons to settle here.

Already a concentrated center for automotive research, Greenville has real potential of becoming a hub for aviation research and development in the coming years.

F-16 Production Moving to Greenville South Carolina

Lockheed Martin plans to relocate production of the F-16 Viper (a 4th generation fighter jet) from Fort Worth, Texas to Greenville, SC. The defense contractor is modifying their 16-hangar facility at the South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center (which is just 8 miles from downtown Greenville) to be able to handle more business.

The U.S recently approved sale of 19 F-16 Vipers to the government of Bahrain. Lockheed will hire at least 160 people at the Greenville facility through the 3rd quarter of 2018 to support this production. It’s highly likely that their Greenville center will be seeing busier days as the contractor anticipates new orders from Colombia and Indonesia.

2. Affordable housing and cost of living

Greenville, and most other charming towns in South Carolina, are known for their pocket-friendliness. For a city of its caliber, Greenville offers a pretty decent cost of living. Housing costs in Charleston, SC are 25% higher than those in Greenville. According to an article published on Greenville today, the town is also slightly more affordable than Charlotte (NC), Asheville (NC), and Atlanta (GA).

Generally, the cost of living in this part of South Carolina is 13% lower than the national average. You can save up some vacation money quicker than you would in other cities. And not to forget, Greenville itself offers a mighty mix of places to go and things to do.

3. Ample sports and outdoor activities

A modern, urban environment is one of the reasons why a lot of people are relocating to Greenville SC. When your backyard is made up of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and mountains, you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors.

The town’s Falls Park is quite the nature lover’s paradise. It offers unsurpassed views of the waterfalls from the Liberty Bridge, from where you can always take iconic photos.

Along the Reedy River is a 20-mile, multiple use trail system known as the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail. It offers paved surfaces for bikers, skaters and walkers. There’s an extra rubberized surface for runners, and amenities such as lighting, benches, water fountains, picnic areas, restrooms and signage along the way.

4. One of the south’s best food scenes

Any highlight of Greenville’s would be incomplete without a mention of the city’s bustling food scene. If you are a foodie looking for a thriving restaurant scene, you have more than enough reasons to move to Greenville, SC.  The dining scene in Greenville is always heating up. Over 100 restaurants occupy a mile radius in the downtown Greenville area, offering more than enough culinary delights for food enthusiasts. Visitors here have ample opportunities to treat their taste buds to a variety of traditional southern dishes and modern cuisines.

Larkin’s on the River is one of the local favorites. Here, diners can enjoy delicious seafood and great steaks while viewing fall foliage. The joint radiates a casual, family-friendly vibe, and is a must try for your Greenville outdoor dining experience.

Along Greenville’s Main Street is the Soby’s New South Cuisine, which serves braised beef short rib with bourbon bacon in a storied century-old building. This is a great place to dine while you take in some of the town’s rich history. And that’s not all there is to this community favorite. A wine menu with over 500 items has won awards for years.

The Halls Chophouse on Main Street is one of the best spots for fine dining. You can enjoy great shrimp and grits while listening to magnificent jazz music. Often hailed as one of the best steakhouses in the upstate, the Chophouse offers a thrilling experience for seafood lovers.

These and many other food joints have helped make Greenville the next big southern food city!

5. Vibrant art and entertainment scene

Greenville SC has a vibrant art scene that reflects the city’s growing diversity. It’s not unusual for venues here to attract nationally-acclaimed talent. Greenville’s museums often house works by master artists such as Botticelli, and the many small studios serve to nurture budding artists to keep the town’s talent pipe flowing.

On any night, residents can choose between a country music concert, a symphony, or a Broadway show at The Peace Center or the Bon Secours Wellness Arena.

The Peace Center is a nerve center for art and entertainment in the city, where pleasing performances are provided in an architecturally sound environment. You can catch dramatic plays, comedic acts, and light hearted musicals after a hard day’s work here.

It features a 2,000 seat concert to accommodate guests for a wide variety of events. The center also has the more intimate 400-seat Gunter Theatre.

Check Upcoming Events at the Peace Center

Greenville’s nightlife is very different from what it used to be about 20 years ago. Residents and tourists can now choose between mega-entertainment sites and smaller venues where house bands and visiting groups run the show.

More: 21 Amazing Things to do in Greenville

6. Great people and a family-friendly environment

One of Greenville’s biggest charms is the people that live there. The laidback, sophisticated atmosphere is something of a thrill for out-of-town visitors. Within the downtown Greenville area, local entrepreneurs have blended a world-class business culture into small-town businesses. It’s common to hear people speaking in all sorts of languages while they enjoy the tree covered streets. Hotels have a small town feel with modern amenities, and the city generally radiates a beautiful vibe.

Few southern cities (if any) embrace families as well as Greenville does. Kids can quench their curiosity at the Smithsonian Affiliated Upstate Children’s Museum, or enjoy an entire block dedicated to them at the Fall for Greenville Festival. Older kids can try cycling, walking tours, and limitless other activities in any of the city’s recreational parks.

7. Convenient, prime location

Greenville is conveniently located close to other major towns and just about everything else many people would need to keep going. The city is just a few hours’ drive away from major metropolitan centers such as Atlanta, Knoxville, Charlotte, and Charleston. A few minutes’ drive will take you to mountains, lakes, and other natural attractions. This great location makes it super easy for the town’s residents to move for either business or pleasure.  

The city of Greenville is located halfway between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. The convenient placing on the northwest of the state offers access to the mountains in less than an hour, and access to the coast in just over 3 hours by car.

8. Excellent school system

For families with school aged children, the state of the education system is always a major consideration. Many parents ask about the quality of the education system and schools in Greenville before they relocate here. Well, the city happens to have some of the best schools in South Carolina. Various institutions within the city and surrounding areas of Mauldin, Taylors and Simpsonville have very good ratings at

The Greenville County public school district is the largest in South Carolina. Up to 63.1% of the 5,200 teachers in the district hold a master’s degree or higher qualification. The town also has a number of good private and religious schools (e.g. the St. Mary’s Catholic School and the Camperdown Academy for kids with learning disabilities).

Furman University in Greenville is one of the nation’s top private liberal arts colleges. This institution has a Division 1 athletic program, having produced several national stars. Other notable institutions of higher learning in the area include the North Greenville University, and the Clement University International Center for Automotive Research.

9. Generally great weather through the year

Greenville is certainly not Florida, but if offers generally good weather. The city gets an average of 3 inches of snow per year compared to a national average of 26 inches of snow. Greenville boasts about 221 sunny days per year, higher than the US average of 205 sunny days.  The warm, sunny climate means that you have more time to catch up with the town’s parks and other attractions within and outside town.

Considering moving to Greenville SC? We can help

Moving to a new city can be an exciting adventure for your whole family – particularly when that city is Greenville, SC. Palmetto Park Realty has proudly served the Greenville community and actively works to help out-of-state customers find great homes in this magnificent town.