Boca Raton, Florida

9 best neighborhoods for families in Boca Raton Florida

Palm Beach County’s Boca Raton is one little town with lots of options – amazing beaches, ample restaurants, and a beautiful setting. It is reasonably one of the best places to live in Florida with a vibrant culture and a lot of diversity. Indeed, this Sunshine State charm town offers an excellent setting to raise children – with numerous activities and amenities, as well as a secure environment to live and thrive in. 

In 2019, Boca Raton was ranked #5 on WalletHub’s list of 146 best beach cities in the country. Five miles of pristine beaches on the Atlantic Coast, highly rated public schools, great outdoor living, abundant economic growth, and vibrant art and sports culture are just a few of the many reasons why anyone would want to live in Boca Raton Fl. 

If you are considering moving to this part of Florida, this article explores the 8 best communities in Boca Raton for family living.  

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1. Centra

This is one of the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton Fl for family living. It is a newly developed community that is surrounded by an athletic field at the Countess de Hoernle Park. Centra is located in central Boca Raton and comprises about 200 townhomes. Some of the best schools in Boca Raton are located here, plus there are numerous opportunities for people who seek an active lifestyle. 

Central townhomes are typically upscale with sophisticated design and stylish features. Many homes here offer beautiful oversized islands, high-end cabinetry, and chef-inspired kitchens with stainless steel appliances. They also boast spacious open layouts and large master suites with custom closets. 

What’s more, the housing here was designed with green building standards for sustainability. Definitely one of the best communities in Boca Raton for family living, Centra has no shortage of amenities. Some of these include:

  • A luxurious spa
  • A manned guard gate
  • Scenic walking trails
  • Children’s playground
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Fitness center
  • Beautiful community clubhouse

2. Boca Verde

Boca Verde is located in area code 33496 and has a high medium income of over $97,000, compared to the city’s average of around $70,000. The housing here largely comprises single-family homes and 1 or 2 bedroom condos. Boca Verde is particularly popular with younger, working families. The medium age in Verde is around 42 years. There is an active clubhouse, great restaurants, pools, clubs, and multiple shopping locations close to this community. Boca Verde is definitely a great place to raise a family. 

3. Balboa point

Balboa Point is one of the best family neighborhoods in Boca Raton particularly for those who are looking for a large home (usually 3-bedroom with two garages). A house that has 1800 to 2000 square feet of space averages at $350,000. Plantation shutters and barrel roofs are quite a common feature in real estate here. What’s more, because Balboa Point is located close to Congress Avenue, it offers a convenient commute to other parts of Palm Beach County. 

4. Coronado

This is a small community within Boca Raton. Most of the homes here are either condos or townhouses with two bedrooms and two baths. These were built in the year 2000 and come with private garden views, crown molding, plantation shutters, and more. Amenities and facilities available for the residents of Coronado include a golf course, church, and school sites. Coronado is surrounded by various other neighborhoods, which typically constitute single-family homes. Shopping plazas located within the community offer a lot of convenience. 

5. Cambridge Park

This Boca Raton community has a manned gate and security patrols. The majority of homes in Cambridge Park are either 2 or 4 bedroom units with a view of the golf course. A typical Cambridge Park home is 2,500 square feet – or more – in size. If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood to bring up your children in, Cambridge Park is indeed an excellent choice. Other hot neighborhoods close to Cambridge Park include Northwest Boca Raton, Boca del Mar, Woodfield Country Club, Broken Sound, and Southeast Boca Raton. 

6. Meadow Lakes

This is one of the most charming Boca Raton communities, located just a couple of miles from the beach. Meadow Lakes encompasses about 286 homes and offers a lot of amenities for residents including a tennis court, a basketball court, children playgrounds, covered picnic area, and a gorgeous swimming pool. Most of the housing consists of single-family units with 3 or 4 bedrooms, granite countertops, marble floors, and other upgrades. 

7. Timberwalk

Timberwalk is a well-established community with close access to the town center. The majority of housing units here are midsized and were built in the 1980s but have since been remodeled. Residents of Timberwalk Boca Raton get to enjoy cycling and jogging tracks, a luxurious clubhouse, a desirable pool, and many other amenities. If you are looking for an average-sized Boca Raton home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, Timberwalk could be a great place for you to settle in. 

8. Peppertree

This is a country club neighborhood with gorgeous gardens and golf course views. Many homes have an enclosed patio that provides an additional living area. Peppertree Boca Raton residents can choose from condos or townhomes ranging from 2-bedroom to 3-bedroom floor plans. Community membership is required for access to the tennis courts, golf course, and other recreational amenities. Peppertree is also located close to Boca West, near the University and beaches. 

9. Vistazo

Vistazo is a well-featured community with large homes at very reasonable pricing. The community offers townhouses and condos. Amenities available include two pools and a gym. Most of the homes in Vistazo are townhouses and condos that were built around 2005. This Boca Raton neighborhood is located very close to the beach, as well as the Florida Atlantic University. The majority of housing units here have a 3 bedroom floor plan. 


Choosing a neighborhood to move into can be a laborious process. You not only have to bring in your personal preferences while also considering the affordability, economic opportunities, as well as availability of good schools and amenities for your children. Boca Raton is considered to be a beautiful place to live in, with ample amenities and activities to engage in for a healthy life. If you are looking for a home in this part of Florida, the list above highlights some of the best communities in Boca Raton with a family-friendly setting and crime-free environment.

Boca Raton, Florida

Pros and Cons of Living in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is an epicenter of romantic Florida beach living. Known as a treasure chest of beauty, unique culture, good food, and A-rated public schools, the town attracts many new residents, retirees, and visitors as well. Whether you are looking to move to Boca Raton for work, retirement or pleasure, this post highlights the town’s pros and cons.

Pros of living in Boca Raton

Awesome neighborhoods

Boca Raton offers a diverse range of neighborhoods with a variety of property choices – from high rise condos to gracious golf-course centered homes and mid-century houses. It’s easy to find the perfect home whether you’re moving to Boca Raton for work or for retirement. Some of the best neighborhoods for young professionals in the area include Coronado, Cambridge Park, Fairfield Gardens, Meadow Lakes, Peppertree, Santa Barbara, Timberwalk, and Vistazo. The city also offers many options for retirees. In fact, Boca Raton was ranked #3 among the top 10 best places to retire in 2017.

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Progressive economic growth

Over the past half-decade, Boca Raton’s vibrant economic climate has generated more than 8,000 jobs. This includes opportunities in the tech industry as the city aims to cement itself as a solid tech startup hub. Some of the leading employers in Boca Raton include education institutions, Office Depot’s corporate office, IBM, Jarden Consumer, Garda, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, ADP Payroll Services, and the city itself.

Access to good education

Boca Raton is home to some of the best schools in the Sunshine State. This is most evident in the four colleges that are situated here: Florida Atlantic and Palm Beach (public institutions), as well as Lynn University and Everglades University (private institutions). Together with other institutions, higher education attracts a student population of over 40,000. There are dozens of very well placed lower level education institutions in Boca Raton, which makes it a particularly attractive place to live for families with school going children.

Small town feel

Many people who visit Boca love the city’s small town feel. Boca Raton has a population of around 93,000 people, much less than the nearby cities of Fort Lauderdale (roughly 176,000) and Miami (430,000). This smaller population means that the city can offer the strengths of a large metropolitan area but without the congestion.

Outdoor living

Boca Raton is a lovely destination for outdoor living fanatics. The city has 46 parks, which occupy over 16,000 acres of trail. The north south trail routes that connect the Tri Rail system to FAU (Florida Atlantic University) means that students can live farther out and take a bike from the train station. Boca Raton also ahs 4 miles of excellent public beaches that are still in their pristine natural state. And if you are a dog owner, the city offers one of the only dog beaches in the entire county.

Gorgeous public beaches

One of the best things about living in Boca Raton are the miles of beaches located close to the neighborhoods. You’ll be in paradise every other day, with a quick drive to the beach whenever you need to take a stress-bashing morning or evening walk. What’s more, there are plenty of nature and recreational attractions in Boca Raton.

High quality of life

This is a major pro of living in Baton Rouge. Most of Boca Raton is beautifully landscaped with more open spaces and less commercial development. The city offers a small time vibe with fewer crowds, friendlier people and less traffic than surrounding cities. Whether you’re looking to move here for retirement or for work with your family – you’ll find the qualify of life in Boca Raton better than in other cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Famous gated communities

Boca Raton’s reputation as a home for the extravagantly wealthy is influenced by the many gated neighborhoods that characterize its skyline. The Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club in Boca Raton has been ranked 4th among the top 5 most exclusive gated communities. Two others were included in the Forbes list of top 10 most expensive gated communities.

Center for arts

Most of Southern Florida boasts a rich arts and cultural endeavor, and Boca Raton is no exception. If you are an art lover or learner, you’ll find a lot of appreciate in this city. The annual Festival of the Arts brings together leading performers, speakers, exhibits, and the entire art community in Palm Beach County. Another great festival is the Art Boca Raton, which is an annual fair that focuses on creativity and the works of emerging artists. The Boca Raton Children’s Museum shows interactive exhibits and is the place to be if you have little children. Perhaps the pinnacle of art culture in town, the Boca Museum of Art offers cultural services of national and international significance.

Great shopping

The Town Center in Boca Raton is a particularly valuable mall. This facility is located on Glades Road and offers an upscale shopping experience, complete with multiple luxury stores and national chains. Among the stores here are the Abercrombie and Fitch, Coach, Alex and Ani, Galleria Italia, Brooks Brothers, Bloomingdale’s, Papyrus, Pandora, Williams-Sonoma, Kate Spade, and Pottery Barn. If you’d love to catch a bite, the mall offers a number of eateries. Boca Raton’s Town Center is known for hosting multiple events all year round, and typical sales and discounts are available.

Superb restaurants

There’s no denying that Boca Raton has excellent restaurants for those who love a vibrant food scene. A farmers market runs each Saturday from October to May so you can stock up fresh and local produce. There’s also a farm-to-fork Farmer’s Table at Wyndham Hotel. Some of the local favorites include Max’s Grille in Mizner Park, Yard House, Rebel House, Gluttonous Goat, and others. Various high-end chains also have a presence in Boca Raton, including Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Strategic location

Boca Raton has a great geographic location, within an hour’s drive of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, 3 airports, and the Treasure Coast. The town somehow manages to keep within a reasonable driving distance of these locations without feeling absorbed into them.

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Cons of living in Boca Raton

  • If you’re coming from a low cost area in the rest of Florida or other parts of the country, you may find Boca Raton to be quite expensive.
  • Traffic can be awful at times, particularly the East/West flow during rush hour
  • Some Boca residents and visitors have complained about the rich snob syndrome in the city, where some of the rich self-absorbed people act like the own the place


Despite the few cons, Boca Raton is an overall great place to live in. The city’s residents enjoy great weather all year round. With many top rated schools, beaches close by, and multiple open public spaces, this is an excellent place as well for families. If you live in Boca Raton, or are considering to move here, share your opinions on the city’s pros and cons below.

Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton Living Cost

Are you considering moving to Boca Raton Florida? The cost of living is one of the most important factors to think about. Boca Raton is a town with a population of 93,964 located in Palm Beach County Florida. Boca Raton is widely known for its beaches and great year-round climate, but the town also offers its residents with a classic suburban feel. The area is home to lots of restaurants, parks, coffee shops, and other establishments. This page examines – in detail – how much it’d cost you to live in Boca Raton.

What is the cost of living in Boca Raton?

According to, Boca Raton has a cost of living index of 133.0, compared to a US average of 100. This index is computed using factors such as housing, goods and services, health care, transportation, and utilities.

Housing is the biggest factor in the town’s high cost of living. Median home prices here are $326,900. Compared to a Florida average of $222,000 and a national average of $216,000 – this is quite on the higher end. This is perhaps due to the high number of retired Baby Boomers who have settled in the area, creating a huge demand for real estate properties with a range of amenities such as pools housekeeping, landscape services, community centers, and more. However, if you are coming from a town or area where the cost of owning a home is higher, this will not be an issue.

Keep in mind also that there is a wide array of housing units available. Choosing fewer amenities can dramatically reduce the asking price of a certain property. Furthermore, the price of utilities, groceries, and other daily costs in Boca Raton is lower than the national average. So buying real estate here allows you to save on virtually every other aspect of the budget. Other things that you can do to lower the cost of housing in Boca Raton include

  • Choose a unit that is further from the beach
  • Go for a smaller unit

Boca Raton cost of living comparison

Costs of Living Boca Raton Florida National Average
Overall 133 111 100
Groceries 102.7 101.5 100
Housing 175 119 100
Health 96 98 100
Medium home cost $326,900 $222,000 $216,200
Transportation 147 130 100
Utilities 96 101 100
Miscellaneous 107 97 100

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Boca Raton living FAQs

Is Boca Raton expensive to live in?

Boca Raton is more expensive to live in than the rest of Florida. The city has a Cost of Living Index of 128, which is higher than the Florida average of 126.4% and national average of 100%. Typically, housing and transportation are the most expensive aspects of living in Boca Raton.

Is Boca Raton on the beach?

Boca Raton has lovely beaches that are connected to 3 city parks – Spanish River, South Beach, and Red Reef. These include amenities such as grills, picnic tables, and playgrounds. Most of the beaches here tend to be serene and isolated in the morning. If you’re looking to teach a kid how to snorkel, Red Reef Park is the best choice.

Where is Boca Raton airport?

The city of Boca Raton is served by 3 main airports. Fort Lauderdale Airport is located 20 miles south of the city, while you can also use Palm Beach Airport about 20 miles to the North of Boca Raton. Miami International Airport also serves as a hub for people who are visiting Boca. This airport is located about 45 miles away from Boca.

What to do in Boca Raton FL?

Boca offers a lot of attractions and fun activities to engage in. Among other things, you can visit the city’s Mizner Park, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Sugar Sand Park, Red Reef Park, Spanish River Park, South Inlet Beach Park, the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum, and more. Boca Raton’s town center is a fashionista’s paradise, offering a rich mix of upscale department stores and designer boutiques.

When is the Boca Raton boat parade?

The 2019 Annual Boca Raton Boat Parade will be on Saturday, 21st December. Register your boat for the parade to enjoy a unique holiday. The parade is also a great opportunity for food and drinks at the Red Reef Park, the Silver Palm Park and Wildflower Property viewing areas.

Boca Raton, Florida

17 Excellent Reasons for Moving to Florida

Thanks to beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery, family fun, amazing food and many other adorable traits, Florida is the second most visited state in the country (after California). The Sunshine State has especially become a popular retirement destination for baby boomers, with over 17% (the highest in the country) of its population aged over 65 years.

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Over 100 million people visit Florida for sports, history, arts and culture, watersports, shopping, and the beach life every year. For some of these, Florida eventually graduates from being a vacationing destination to being a home state. This page highlights the top 17 reasons why you might want to move to Florida.

1)     Winter Weather

Winter in Florida? No need to buy snow tires or a four-wheel drive vehicle. Instead, buy a boat!

One of the perks of living in Florida is that you get to enjoy better weather than people from nearly all other states. Surrounded by warm waters, Florida rarely gets cold, winter or not! The sun is almost always shining, and the state has recorded the highest average January temperatures in the nation.

While folks in northern states spend their winter dealing with the prolonged Polar Vortex, Floridians are just hanging out and enjoying temperatures between 60s and high 70s. It’s only in Florida where you’ll get away with wearing shorts and t-shirts 365 days a year. Even when it’s cool as you leave home in the morning, it gets seriously warm by lunchtime.

Out of the 15 cities that named as the best winter getaways, 6 are in Florida. When it comes to living in a state with all-time good weather, even Hawaii doesn’t come close to Florida.  Cities like our home town of Boca Raton have some of the most coveted winter weather in the United States.

2)     The Beach – Water Temps

With roughly 2,000 miles of coastline, there’s a massive abundance of beaches in Sunshine State. If you have been to one Florida beach, keep in mind that there’s still a wealth of beach life to explore. Some are great for surfing, while others are ideal for shelling. Others are just great for watching the sunset. All Florida beaches have direct access to sunshine, but each one of them comes with its unique range of advantages.

There’s a Florida beach for you whether you’re looking for powder-fine sands, crystal clear waters, or a kids’ friendly spots.

Here are a few pointers to help you identify the best beach spot in the Sunshine State:

    • Atlantic beaches usually have golden brown sands and waves that are ideal for surfing
    • Gulf of Mexico Florida beaches usually have white sand, and calmer waves that are ideal for kids and folks who’re timid about the waters.
  • The Florida Keys are excellent for scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling. Keep in mind that the Florida Keys are not renowned for their beaches, with the exception of the magnificent Bahia Honda. Many of the beaches in the Keys are manmade.

You may use the Florida Beach Finder tool at to identify a beach that matches your preferences.

3)     High Tech

Unmanned rockets launches continue at Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center like it’s everyday business! But that’s not even where Florida’s hi-tech boom caps. New research and innovation centers are cropping up all around the state. One of Florida’s biggest tech endeavor is the ICAMR (International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research). Located outside Orlando, this is an industry-led consortium that focuses on emerging technologies such as smart sensors. It brings together various business groups and universities in Florida.

The Florida High Tech Corridor is a 20-year old economic development initiative that promotes growth in high-tech clusters of innovation such as Optics and Photonics, Modeling and Simulation, Media and Medical Technologies.

This increasing whirlwind of activity in the hi-tech scene will thrust the Sunshine State into the global manufacturing industry and promises new capital, high-skill jobs, and the influence of a multibillion-dollar industry.

For people moving to Florida to work in the advanced-tech industry, Metro Orlando has the fastest-growing hi-tech sector in the state (worth $13.4 billion, and employs tens of thousands of people). And just to illustrate how well Florida-brewed technology can do on the global market, (a fast-growing ecommerce outlet) was recently bought by PetSmart for a record $3.35 billion.

4)     Nature – Birds – Manatees, Dolphins

Florida offers a lot of opportunities for nature lovers, whether it’s birds watching, viewing manatees, or swimming with dolphins. The Sunshine State is especially popular for its 700 freshwater springs (these are more than anywhere else on earth), where you can enjoy breathtaking natural views, spot exotic fish, and watch manatee floating nearby. These springs are also good for paddling, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and make a great idea for a family expedition.

And if you’re the kind of person who simply enjoys collecting seashells while enjoying a quiet time at the beach, Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast is a great bet. The island also offers plenty of biking paths, as well as the largest mangrove ecosystem in the entire country. Visit to explore some more nature activities to enjoy in the Sunshine State.

5)     Central Florida Springs

How about getting out of the swimming pool and enjoying some wild in Florida’s countryside. Scores of freshwater springs located in central Florida can turn a hot day into a chilly water adventure. Just northwest of Orlando is Orange County’s Kelly Park, home to crystal-clear, ice-cold water Rock Springs, and Rock Springs Run. These two springs are ideal if you’d love to enjoy a slow tube ride alone or with family. Still in Central Florida, Wekiwa Springs State Park offers awesome relaxation in a gorgeous natural setting. This particular spring is a hub for snorkelers, swimmers, and free-divers. On the northeastern side of Orlando, towards Daytona Beach, is Blue Spring State Park, which happens to be a winter-time refuge for hundreds of manatees. The spring is also popular with snorkelers, swimmers, and tubing fanatics. And this list barely scratches the natural springs wonders in central Florida. Other notable Sunshine State springs that make living in Florida fun include De Leon Springs, Silver Springs State Park, Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, and many more.

6)     Everglades National Park

Floridians have a beautiful and exciting natural resource to explore in the Everglades. A World Heritage Site, a Wetland of International Importance, an International Biosphere Reserve and a specially protected area, the Everglades National Park in Florida provides a habitat to rare and endangered species. With some luck, it’s possible to spot wading birds, some deer, or even the park’s most sought-after resident – the alligator.

Some of the popular activities to engage in while at the Everglades include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, and boat riding. You can also teach kids about wildlife, as well as take a tram ride through Shark Valley.

You can plan your trip to various attractions within the Everglades via the U.S. National Park Service website.

7)     No income taxes

Do you pay hefty income taxes in your state? If so, this is one more good reason why you should move to Florida. The Sunshine State is one of 7 states (others are Alaska, Nevada, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington) that do not impose income taxes. Basically, no income tax means that you keep more of the money you earn. People who move to Florida from high-tax states such as New York can save thousands of dollars in income taxes. And since the no-income-tax policy is part of the Florida Constitution, you can be sure that the Sunshine State won’t be imposing individual tax anytime soon.

8)     Boating

If there’s one thing you can’t get wrong in Florida, it’s boating. The Sunshine State is the boating capital of the world. There’s just no limit to how you can do your boating in Florida. You could do it in the Atlantic, or in any of the lakes, and rivers within the state. There are more registered boats in Florida than in any other U.S. state. Some of the most renowned boating destinations in Florida include Jacksonville (St. Augustine), Fort Lauderdale (Miami), the Florida Keys, Tampa, and Pensacola.

Anyone born after January 1st 1988 operating a boat that’s powered by an engine of at least 10 horsepower must undergo a boating safety course and carry identification issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Boaters from other states are allowed in as long as they have taken an approved boating safety course (or an equivalent course) in their state.

9)  Better Traffic – Learn The Grid System

Compared to similarly sized metro areas, South Florida’s traffic is not as bad as its reputation.

You probably have heard a few things about how driving in Miami can be incredibly frustrating. Or how the city’s bumper-to-bumper traffic and confusing roads can bewilder even the most patient of drivers. Well, while there have been instances where that were true, we actually think that Miami is one of the easiest cities to navigate. You only have to understand a few basic rules, and then you’ll find that South Florida’s grid system makes things easier for drivers.

Because the metro area is aligned North to South with the Atlantic ocean to the East, there are many major thoroughfares that make navigating easier.  If, for example, I-95 is backed up, there are parallel avenues you can use such as the Florida Turnpike to zip past the jammed up traffic.  Few other metro areas offer parallel freeways within close distance the way they are in South Florida.

10)  Summer is Hot, but Coastal Breezes help

Good climate is part of what makes Florida a year-round holiday destination. During the summer months though, it can get really hot, usually averaging between a low of 22°C, and a high of 33°C. July and August to be the two hottest months, but even so – the cool breeze from the sea makes Summer days in Florida tolerable and even fun. There’s also plenty of rainfall during the summer months, but the ground usually dries up very fast and you can go back to your favorite outdoor activities within an hour or so. With the rain comes increasing cloud cover, and thunderstorms occur on about 90% of all rainfall days.

On an average, hot summer day in Florida, you’re out there finding a new beach, getting creative with frozen treats, or trying out one of the many, awesome water-parks in the state. If you don’t have the time to venture out, you could just as well run a sprinkler in your own backyard!

11)  Disney, Orlando Theme Parks

Florida is home to some of the world’s best theme parks, and Orlando is the central hub of all this fanfare. If you’re especially keen on executing a solid plan when it comes to putting a smile on your kids’ faces, Florida theme parks are your best bet. These amusement parks are designed with kids of all ages in mind, and there’s a lot to offer for adults too. For kids, Florida is where dreams come true. There’s everything you can think about, from educational opportunities to roller coasters, nighttime parades, and fairy tale castles. At Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, you’ll find much of Disney World, and tons of recreational amenities for children. Kids can dine, shop, ride, and even parade. Other fantastic theme parks that contribute to Florida’s reputation as the play destination for kids include Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Seaworld, Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove, and Blizzard Beach!

12)  Camping – Florida State Parks – Amazing

If you consider yourself to be an outdoor enthusiast, then you have a pretty good reason to relocate to Florida here. Floridians enjoy some of the best camping spots and state parks in the country. Sometimes, winding out is all about forgetting AC and cable TV and going back to the basics. Florida’s state park systems make it easy for you or your family to camp with convenience. Blue Spring State Park in Orange City is a popular ground for campers. The park offers an opportunity to see manatees and other wildlife. A campsite will cost you less than $30 a night, and you can reserve a spot in advance. Bahia Honda State Park on Big Pine Key is another gem for camping aficionados. This beach park offers proximity to fishing, snorkeling, picnicking, and other recreations. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Hillsborough River State Park, Cayo Costa State Park, and Juniper Springs are a few more additions to a never-ending list of fantastic camping spots in Florida.

13)  Housing Costs are Low

Florida is by no means the most affordable state to live in. But compared to other states such as New York, California, Connecticut, Alaska, etc., housing costs are significantly lower. Currently, you’d spend much less procuring a house in areas such as Jacksonville, Orlando, and Treasure Coast compared to similar-standard areas in high cost-of-living states such as New York. The Floridian real estate market is steadily warming up, which definitely improves the prospect of being a homeowner in the state.  A pretty simple rule of thumb: the farther inland you go, the more affordable housing will be.  That said, you can find luxury communities like Weston (Broward County) and Wellington (Palm Beach County) that break this rule: there are multi-million dollar homes quite a distance from the sea.

14) New Master Planned Communities

A significant number of people who move to Florida prefer to live in master planned communities. These residential clusters offer an optimal mix of residential homes, businesses, and parks. Since roads are planned in advance, there’s also good traffic flow and often great natural surroundings. Florida has no shortage of master planned communities, but to cater for the ever-increasing demand, new constructions are springing up in areas such as Wellington, Parkland, and Weston!

15) Rich in Sports

If you love sports, you’ll feel at home in Florida. The Sunshine State is rich in sporting talent and success. We have three NFL teams, two NBA teams, two MLB teams, two NHL teams, and one MLS team. The Florida Gators athletic program has been honored as one of the best across the country. There are lots of sporting events organized all year round for aspiring teenagers, and lots of teams to support for hardcore sports buffs.

16) Cultural Amenities

Florida’s rich cultural flair starts at the coast and extends all the way to the most inland areas. Take, for instance, Indian River County, which is located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. A world-class culture that’s set in the heritage of Old Florida can be found here, from opera to ballet, performing and visual arts, to theater. You can admire world-class collections in an expansive museum, or just stroll a botanical garden that looks like it’s been frozen back in time. Daytona Beach is another example of the many areas that offer a rich cultural experience to Floridians.

17) Live the Pirate Life

Yes, Florida used to be a pirate haven, and the history behind Florida’s pirates (which goes back to the 16th century) is quite interesting. The state used to be a ‘staging convoy’ for Spain and her ‘pirate fleets’ that would sail all the way up to the Florida Keys. There are pirate festivals to celebrate this history in various Floridian cities. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can wear an eye patch and join an expedition to find hidden treasures off the coast.

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Thinking about moving to Florida but repelled by the ultra-hot summers? Summer days in the Sunshine State are far from unbearable. And the benefits of living in Florida far outweigh any negatives. While planning your move to Florida, it’s important to talk to people who’ve been perennial residents in the state. This way, you can learn as much as you need about what permanently living in Sunshine State looks like! Do you have any additional thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on relocating to Florida? Please share in the comments section below.

Boca Raton, Florida

Top 5 Non-Equity Golf Communities in Boca Raton

Boca Raton, located in South Florida, is known for some of the finest golf and country club communities in the country. You will find many of the communities here to have hefty equity fee memberships but don’t fright just yet – we have found the top 5 communities that require no equity or membership fees for the same country club living lifestyle!

1. Boca Greens – What’s not to love at this 24 hour manned gated community in the heart of Boca Raton. Close to major highways, A rated schools, parks, restaurants, shopping, beaches and more! Click here to learn more about this fabulous community.

2. Boca Pointe – With over four decades of construction there is something for virtually anyone here in Boca Pointe. Located in the heart of Boca Raton here you will find a variety of estates, high rise condos, town-homes and more! Click hereto learn more about this beautiful community.

3. Woodfield Hunt Club – Centrally located with a 24-hour manned gated entrance, here you will find a smaller community of 320 single family estate homes. Woodfield offers a variety of amenities for their residents to enjoy! Click here to learn more about Woodfield Hunt Club.

4. Boca Lago Country Club – 55+ active adult community in Central Boca Raton. Enjoy country club lifestyle without the mandatory equity fees! Featuring 8 distinct subdivisions with a variety of luxury condos, garden villas and over-sized townhouses. Click here to learn more about Boca Lago.

5. Country Club at Boca Raton (also known as Boca Country Club)– Non-equity country club located in the heart of Boca Raton. 24 hour manned gated community featuring 12 villages of single family homes, villas, coach homes and condominiums. Click here to learn more about Boca Country Club.